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Oil Rubbed Bronze Kitchen Faucets

Oil rubbed bronze is a unique color which adds a nice finishing touch to the kitchen interior. The producers of plumbing equipment offer some elegant and sophisticated faucets which look gorgeous with this finish.

We have created carefully selected list of top rated appliances in this category that will blend seamlessly in the design of your house and serve for an extended period of time without need for expensive maintenace.


First-Class Oil Rubbed Bronze Faucets For Your Kitchen

Venetian Bronze Kitchen Faucet Delta Leland 9178-RB-DST With Pull-Down MagnaTite Docking Spray Head

Venetian bronze Delta Leland 9178-RB-DST pull-down single handle kitchen faucet

Delta 9178-RB-DST Leland is a medium-priced faucet with an original teapot-like design that has made it a top-seller. The line up of these taps has earned its name for high quality of oil rubbed finish. The faucet is equipped with a 59 inch hose that reaches nearly anywhere in the kitchen. The spout swivels 360° to give more space in the sink if needed.

The escutcheon in this model supports three hole mounting. The stream is moderate (1,8 gpm) but efficient in terms of water conservation. The head is multi flow type which means it offers spray and stream modes with high power output. What is great, the faucet is equipped with InnoFlexPex lines which keep water inside in order to prevent metal impurities.


Moen Arbor Motionsense 7594EORB Touchless Kitchen Faucet With Oil Rubbed Bronze Finish

Oil rubbed bronze Moen Arbor Motionsense 7594EORB touchless faucet for kitchen

The finish of Moen Arbor 7594EORB Motionsense faucet has light and dark shades of oil rubbed bronze. It is equipped with a flexible hose and spray head for easy operating.

What is special, this kitchen tap has a hands-free MotionSense feature. A hand movement activates a Wave Sensor on the top and a Ready Sensor on the base of the faucet. There is also a hydrolock system that prevents leaking.

The Moen Arbor Motionsense is both stylish and functional. Its high arch spout makes dishwashing easy. According to the reviews the consumers admire trouble-free motion sensors and other operation features.

You should draw your attention that the faucet requires one or three hole mounting with an escutcheon included. The Arbor requires AA batteries or AC adapter.


Delta Addison 9192T-RB-DST Single Handle Pull-Down Kitchen Faucet With Touch2O Technology And Venetian Bronze Finish

Delta Addison 9192T-RB-DST kitchen faucet with Touch2O technology and Venetian bronze finish

Addison 9192T-RB-DST faucet from Delta looks outstanding with smooth bronze finish. There are many colors available for this tap but oil bronze finish is the most popular.

The consumers can choose between 1,5-2 gpm to adjust the flow power. The special docking system prevents spray head from drooping after repeated use while a magnet pulls the sprayer into place keeping it there till it is needed.

Another distinctive feature of this oil rubbed kitchen faucet is Touch20 system that provides the water stream activation or switch-off just after a slight touch. It is very convenient to use a finger or elbow or whatever you wish to turn on the faucet if your hands are dirty.

By the way Addison 9192T-RB-DST brushed bronze faucet has one more additional advantage – a special indicator which shows water temperature.


Oil Rubbed Bronze Sink Faucet Kohler K-780-2BZ Cruette

Oil rubbed bronze pull down kitchen faucet Kohler K-780-2BZ Cruette

Kohler’s oil rubbed bronze is a bit darker, than those on the list. It looks chocolate and very noble. The spout is 16 inch height with a 360° movement capability. Therefore it can be put away if you need to fill big container. An escutcheon is optional and helps with 1 or 3 hole mounting.

The traditional style of this faucet matches modern or classic kitchens. The solid construction of metal offers a flow rate of 1,8gpm.

The spray wand has a pause function, stream and sweep modes. All the options are accessible due to the buttons on the top of the faucet. Magnetic system holds the sprayer in place when it is not used. This feature is completely reliable and lasts for the lifetime of the faucet.

Overall, Kohler Cruette K-780-2BZ can be rightly called one of the most advanced and high-tech bronze oil rubbed faucets in the market today.


Moen Brantford 7185ORB Brushed Bronze Pulldown Faucet For Kitchen

Moen Brantford 7185ORB oil rubbed bronze kitchen sink faucet

Brantford 7185ORB by Moen is a beautiful faucet for kitchen basin. It has one of the most beautiful oil rubbed bronze finish with a deep shade.

The faucet is equipped with a reflex system, which solves the problem of handling with a long hose. It never becomes a burden even if stretched to the maximum length. Duralock connect system handles installation quick and effortless. It’s a real keepsake from Moen brand.

Escutcheon is optional, but most buyers recommend it for the best appearance. And of course it is required when mounting a 3 hole system.

A Power Clean spray tech is another perfect feature of Moen Brantford 7185ORB model. This option intensifies the stream of water and provides a heavy-duty cleaning minimizing splash back at the same time.


Delta 21996LF-OB Windemere Bronze Oil Rubbed Kitchen Faucet With Sprayer

Oil bronzed Delta 21996LF-OB Windemere faucet with side spray for kitchen sink

Delta Windemere 21996LF-OB faucet combines affordable price and a range of special features. This water tap has two handles and a side sprayer. Its flow rate is rather powerful but it doesn’t splash water. The swivelling spout rotates 360° and ensures comfortable dishwashing. The hose is long enough to provide a good reach around the basin. The flow rate is 1,8 gpm and is sufficient for effective cleaning. The faucet’s design is somewhat subdued but it has its own charm.

On the whole, Windemere 21996LF-OB from Delta is ultimate choice for a classic kitchen design, especially with bronze finish.


Single-Handle Delta 4353-RB-DST Linden Pull-Out Kitchen Faucet With Venetian Bronze

Pull-out Delta 4353-RB-DST Linden faucet with Venetian bronze finish

The design of Delta Linden 4353-RB-DST faucet was inspired by nature. Many customers appreciate it for its exceptional appearance. Furthermore the faucet boasts really competitive price.

One of the most outstanding features is its multi flow which can be adjusted between 1,5 and 2 gpm according to your requirements. One can choose water conserving mode or high performance.

The installation is very simple with a 10 inch escutcheon. The 10-inch spout has a very original look, which distinguishes it from similar models. If you need to move around the kitchen a lot, a 59-inch hose is a blessing for you. The finish of Venetian bronze makes this piece of plumbing equipment extremely attractive.


Moen 7545ORB Camerist Kitchen Faucet With Pullout Spout And Oil Rubbed Bronze

Oil rubbed bronze faucet Moen 7545ORB Camerist

Moen Camerist 7545ORB faucet has a magnificent oil rubbed bronze finish with light and dark shades, which conquers the attention of even the most exact customer. This model is equipped with Duralock quick installation system, offering a completely hassle free connection without tools or a plumber.

There is also an ergonomic pause button, which temporarily stops the water flow. The Camerist tap matches both retro and modern kitchen styles.

In addition, Moen offers a LifeShine warranty for oil rubbed finish of Camerist 7545ORB, thus there are no troubles with corrosion, tarnishing or flaking off.


The Advantages of Oil Rubbed Kitchen Faucets

Oil rubbed bronze faucets has certainly aesthetic look. It gives the feeling of something exclusive even to the simplest design. The bronze faucets especially match the kitchens of warm and dark tones. The finish can blend with other fixtures and furniture as well as be brighter in order to catch the eye. Anyway, it will give an elegant look to your kitchen.

Besides, bronze taps usually have a lifetime warranty, therefore it is a good investment. These fixtures have solid metal foundation and will serve you for decades. They will not disturb you with fingerprints like chrome and steel models do. You forget about polishing the spots every time you touch the surface.



Without doubt, oil rubbed bronze faucets are considered to be one the most expensive fixture types on the market. Some authentic taps retail from $600 to $1000 depending on the features available. That is why so many customers buy the plumbing equipment with bronze finish instead of original solid taps.

A good faucet with bronze finish can be found for about $350 on Amazon. The offer will most likely include a lifetime finish warranty and a number or perfect options.


Strengths & Weaknesses


  • Scratch-resistant;
  • Matches a wide range of designs (classic, rustic, Mediterranean etc.);
  • Finish lifetime warranty;
  • Fingerprint resistant.


  • Dark bronze finish can clash with some colors;
  • Very expensive, as compared to other finishes.


Final Thought

Oil rubbed bronze faucets boast a striking exterior which makes customers ready to pay extra money. A plumbing fixture of bronze shades gives a touch of luxury and charm to your kitchen. You don’t need to put a lot of effort in maintaining its noble beauty either.