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Best Mouthwash for Braces

Braces are a great invention for achieving a perfect smile, but while solving one problem they can create some other. The plaque often gathers around brackets along with food debris and their removal might appear a tricky task. Unless removed plaque can cause infections and result in the formation of cavities, while people who have braces need to clean their teeth more often and more thoroughly. For this reason, a good mouthwash might appear a great and useful addition to tooth brushing and flossing. A proper mouthwash will wash out food debris and prevent the growth of bacteria. Dental professionals also recommend picking a mouthwash containing fluoride for better dental care results. In this review, we’ve picked the best mouthwashes that will be most suitable for braces.

Colgate Fluorigard Daily Rinse

Colgate Fluorigard Rinse mouthwash for braces

Colgate Fluorigard will protect your enamel and strengthen it with its unique triple action formula. 0.05% of fluoride in its composition and other active ingredients combat plaque acids, prevent mineral loss and provide for remineralization of your teeth. With this rinse, your teeth will suffer from the plaque acids less and will get stronger. While ensuring additional protection for the health of your mouth, this mouthwash won’t burn and overdry it as it contains no alcohol.


Act Total Care Anticavity Fluoride Mouthwash


This product by Act is rated among the best currently available mouthwashes. Act brand is renowned for its high-quality rinses while this very mouthwash shines out for containing 0.05% of sodium fluoride. This active ingredient contributes to the teeth strengthening and helps to prevent the formation of cavities. With its fresh mint taste is doesn’t simply leave a pleasant aftertaste, but also ensures fresh breath and overall oral health. Such effect is reached through killing germs, so it eliminates infections and is also claimed to rebuild enamel. Being that effective in refreshing the mouth and removing bacteria it doesn’t contain any alcohol so that you won’t experience any burning. This mouthwash received the highest ratings and is among top recommended.


Colgate Phos-Flur Ortho Defense Fluoride Rinse

Mouthwash for braces Colgate phos flur ortho defens fluoride rinse

It will perfectly do if you are wearing braces. It’s suitable for everyday use and should be used after you’ve brushed your teeth. If regularly used it will efficiently combat cavities and spare you of white spots as you take off your braces. Its effect is explained by the presence of fluoride in its formula as an active ingredient. It will make your teeth much stronger and prevent them from decay caused by plaque and food debris.



Colgate Phos-Flur Anticavity Fluoride Rinse

Colgate phos flur anti-cavity fluoride rinse for braces

This fluoride rinse is most frequently recommended by orthodontists. It has a unique formula designed specifically to prevent cavities and enamel damage. The formula contains Acidulated Phosphate Fluoride reducing the risk of cavity formation and penetrating into teeth in the course of daily rinsing. Phosphate strengthens teeth while fluoride which content is 4.4 mg helps to avoid decalcification. As a result, you will get stronger enamel and lower risks to obtain white spots and cavities. For better care for sensitive teeth, the formula is alcohol-free, so you needn’t be afraid of burning sensations. This mouthwash comes in several flavors so that you can choose either gushing grape or cool mint or bubblegum.


We strongly recommend you not to ignore mouthwashes, especially if you are wearing braces. They will help you to make sure no food debris are left on your braces, as even if you brush your teeth thoroughly some particles and plaque may be left still. Besides mouthwashes will help you to saturate your teeth with useful minerals and strengthen your enamel. To achieve better results and get better protection against cavity formation, we suggest you to choose mouthwashes with fluoride content. The products with the best formulas containing fluoride were reviewed above.