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What is the best American water heater for you? The answer to this question varies depending on your needs and budget. When it comes to American water heaters, there are many different types of water heaters available to choose from. This blog post will help you decide what type of American water heater is right for you!

American Water Heaters is a company that manufactures, R&D’s and employs people across America. They offer many models for residential or commercial applications using natural gas as their main ingredient – all made right here in the USA!

Several models from tank-type and even more from new energy sources are high efficiency, Energy Star awarded. These types of water heaters make for a good choice in eco friendly installations – LEED recognized!

LEED is short for Leadership in Energy and Environment Design, which means that American hot water heaters are built to meet their requirements. These green buildings require high-performance heating systems with an emphasis on energy efficiency!

American Water Heaters Models

American GT505PI Indoor Tankless Water Heater

American GT505PI Indoor Tankless Water Heater

American GT505PI Indoor Tankless Water Heater helps make this winter cold. The GT505PI heats up your home’s water for cooking, washing dishes and taking showers before you can even notice it getting too cold outside. Highly affordable and easy to install under the sink or in the garage, no matter where you place it, hot water will be on your way as quickly as you need it! Once everything is set up there is nothing left for you to do but enjoy a nice long restful night or go run some errands with ease knowing that come December 1st you have all the hot water readily available for whatever needs to get done.

American GT505PI Indoor Tankless Water Heater is the best choice for everyone who likes to save time and money! It has a sleek design, it’s small but powerful enough to provide your home with endless hot water no matter how many people are taking baths or showers at once. The unit is easy to install so you can have it set up in minutes without having to call any professionals which saves not only on costs of labor but also makes installation very simple. You will love this product because even if all family members take long showers at the same time there won’t be any problems with running out of hot water supply as American GT505PI Indoor Tankless Water Heater provides just that – unlimited amounts of hot water.

  • Energy Star certified
  • Energy efficient and saves money on monthly bills
  • Easy to install, no need for hiring a plumber or other professionals which means you save not only your time but also the price of installation. You can do everything yourself in just minutes!
  • The warranty is short.
American GT 540 NIH Hot Water Heater

American GT 540 NIH Hot Water Heater

American GT540NIH is the best choice for everyone who wants to purchase a product that can keep up with their busy lives and never lets anyone down. It’s small but powerful enough to provide your home with endless hot water no matter how many people are taking baths or showers at once while still being able to adjust according to your needs. The unit is easy to install so you can have it set up in minutes without having to call any professionals which saves not only on costs of labor but also makes installation very simple. You will love this product because even if all family members take long showers at the same time there won’t be any problems with running out of hot water supply as American GT540NIH provides just that – unlimited amounts of hot water and adjustable temperatures for your convenience!

  • Easy to install
  • No need for large tank storage capacity
  • Good flow rate and pressure
  • Price might be too high for some people.
American GT705NI Indoor Tankless Water Heater

American GT705NI Indoor Tankless Water Heater

The sleek, elegant design of this natural gas-powered tankless water heater makes it the perfect fit for upscale homes and businesses alike. While the price may be slightly higher than other less capable natural gas powered models, its reputation can’t be beat. Nearly every American GT705NI Indoor Tankless Water Heater review praises its high-performance while maintaining energy efficiency. It has a remarkably high delivery rate-nine gallons per minute-while offering continuous hot water flow at four points. With its excellent reputation and top-tier performance, this natural gas powered American water heater review is a must have for anyone with an upscale home or commercial business.

American GT705NI is an indoor tankless water heater that works great in any small homes and studios. It’s a powerful, compact unit with advanced features such as temperature control and pre-heating which allow you to save money by adjusting the temperature according to your needs or purchase “tankless mixers” so when someone turns on the tap they will get hot water instantly without having to wait long minutes for it.

  • Great power and delivery rate
  • Great price for the quality of this water heater
  • Easy installation even if you’re not a professional.
  • Not recommended to be used in larger households or buildings with more than four bathrooms as it might turn out too small for them.
American Water Heater PG10 34 100 2PV

American Water Heater PG10 34 100 2PV

PG10 34 100 2PV gas water heater is among the top quality American water heaters in the industry. The heater comes from the Polaris line, and provides reliable and efficient hot water for your family or company all year round. It’s made of 444 stainless steel to remove anode corrosion and minimize corrosion on tank and heat exchangers, and employs a 10-year warranty for peace of mind use. This model also has helical thermal heat exchanger to provide energy efficiency with properties that are ultra quiet so it won’t  disturb you when it’s heating water. The best American water heater review states that the unit is efficient, durable and easy to install making it a great choice for anyone looking for an effective tankless gas water heater at affordable price!

Polaris line of products are known worldwide as one of the most reliable among other American made hot water heaters on the market today. This model has all people need in good quality product-reliability, ease of installation even if they aren’t professional plumbers, durability and very high thermal efficiency with low energy consumption due to their unique design which allows them to save up to 40% on energy costs compared to older models.

  • Highly durable stainless steel construction
  • Doesn’t consume too much energy
  • Reliable and high quality product.
  • Price might be higher than other American water heaters depending on the store where you purchase it from.
American Water Heater PG10-50-130-3NV

American Water Heater PG10-50-130-3NV

It carries a high thermal efficiency of 96% which translates to minimum emissions. It has an all stainless steel alloy that guarantees durability and no corrosion, made for users with sensitive ears who don’t want to be awakened by the sound of combustion during night hours. An ultra-quiet burner and blower are built into the heater while its touchscreen offers quick control over water temperature without having to leave the comfort of your chair in the living room while reading a good book. The 12 year coverage plan ensures you’re not left in darkness after it runs out – provided service is available in your area!

A venting system can be installed easily through CPVC, polypropylene or PVC pipe, so handling the exhaust fumes emitted from this top quality furnace doesn’t become a hassle.

The most high quality American water heaters reviews at this moment are mentioning that their customers are very satisfied with the performance of PG-Series gas furnaces and recommend them to anyone who wants to improve the look, feel and comfort level in their house or business premise.

  • Highly durable made from stainless steel alloy
  • Low energy consumption
  • Ultra quiet burner & blower included for convenience during night hours!
  • None.
American Water Heater PG10-34-100-2NV

American Water Heater PG10-34-100-2NV

The PG10-34-100-2NV is the best choice for those looking for a reliable, high efficiency natural gas heating model. With up to 96% thermal efficiency, this product not only meets the national codes but also provides value by slashing monthly utility bills. The touch screen allows for easy temperature control and you can never run out of fuel with its efficient consumption valued at 8.1 GPH even when it has been running up to 65 hours without turning off! It has an aesthetically pleasing design that will last years because of its corrosive resistant materials like stainless steel and glass which make sure your home or business will have an attractive look for years to come. This high quality American water heater review states that the gas furnace is very affordable, compact, powerful and it can be installed in a variety of locations within your home or office depending on where you need extreme heat!

  • Highly efficient natural gas heating model with up to 96% thermal efficiency
  • Touch screen control panel allows temperature regulation without leaving the comforts of your living room couch
  • Efficient consumption valued at .81 GPH when running 65 hours nonstop!
  • None.
American Water Heater PVG62-40T42-NV

American Water Heater PVG62-40T42-NV

Owning a water heater today is not the same as it was many years ago. There are so many different types to choose from these days that are tailored for each individual’s needs. The products have become smarter, more efficient and much more modern looking. From stainless steel to brass or copper-coated models, we offer something for everybody who wants an efficient and reliable product with plenty of power and lifespan.

The American Water Heater PVG62-40T42-NV has a powerful 40 gallon capacity and promises you several warm showers before needing to refill your tank again due its energy-saving design! We use only top quality materials in our water heaters; this includes invisible heated insulation on the outside surface (2x thicker than the industry standard) and a thick-walled stainless steel tank that ensures quality, durability and rust resistance.

A great feature with this particular product is its energy factor which is an impressive 0.82 – not only saving you money on your monthly gas bill but also bringing down potential carbon dioxide emissions to minimum levels (minimum emissions). The water heater has been designed for easy installation through either PVC or CPVC pipe systems; it can be installed anywhere in any home where heat may be required! This high end American water heater review states that the unit’s controls are very simple to use, even if you aren’t particularly familiar with these types of appliances – simply turn up the temperature control knob!

  • Energy factor of .82
  • Energy savings through thicker insulation on the unit’s outer surface and a stainless steel tank that ensures quality, durability and rust resistance.
  • Easy installation with either PVC or CPVC pipe systems
  • None.

What Are The Things To Consider When Buying An American Water Heater

Source Of Energy

American water heaters are made to provide maximum performance in a variety of residential settings  but the most important thing to consider when buying one is how much usable energy it has stored inside its tank. This also pertains to how long that supply will last before running out – which is usually determined by factors like your household’s size, daily activity levels and preferred temperature setting too!

For example, larger homes with multiple bathrooms or people might need more hot water on demand than smaller households where fewer activities occur during each day. In this case, you’ll want to choose an American heater capable of providing high quantities of continuous heated liquid for longer periods without having any downtime due to overheating once it reaches max capacity! Buyers who are particular about their preferred temperature settings may also want to consider purchasing a unit which allows for that specific control too!

Location of Your Heater

This unit can be used in a variety of different locations within your home. It is best suited for places that would benefit from having endless supplies of hot water such as:

  • Laundry rooms and utility spaces
  • Bathrooms with multiple showers

American tankless heaters are available in all kinds of sizes  so it’s important to find one which matches the dimensions of your room or specific location! Once you purchase yours, simply place (or mount) the heater wherever you like and plug it into any standard electrical outlet to enjoy its services immediately. This model comes with adjustable temperature control too, making it even more versatile than other models on the market today!

The Starting Groundwater Temperature

The starting groundwater temperature is another important factor to consider before making a purchase. For example, if you have an area of your home that isn’t heated naturally or has poor insulation, then an American water heater would be best used as a supplementary supply for those locations instead!

In other words, the ideal setting for this unit will operate at its maximum capacity when it comes in contact with colder temperatures than normal  which means homes located in environments where there’s little need to heat up incoming water (such as places near bodies of saltwater) can get away with using less energy during each day too! On the flip side, buyers who live in spaces where their hot water needs are already met by existing heating sources may want to invest more money into an American heater with higher quantities of usable energy instead!

The Amount Of Hot Water You Need

The amount of hot water you need varies depending on your household’s size, daily routine and preferred shower temperature! For example, larger families with kids or people who work long hours might use more hot water during each day – which requires the purchase of additional supplies to meet those needs.

In addition, buyers who are particular about their preferred shower settings may also want to consider purchasing a unit that provides for that specific control too! Once you’ve decided how much usable energy is enough for your family or group, then simply find an American tankless model capable of providing it without overworking itself in the process (which means opting for one with lower storage capacities) regardless if everyone showers at once or not due to its adjustable temperatures controls which can be set according to your preferences too!

Main Features

  • Strong Construction

All American water heaters are made of sturdy and durable materials. The tanks for these types of units can handle high pressure and temperature, and the materials used to create them will withstand corrosion that other models might not be able to withstand as long.

The company uses a special coating on their tanks called Tray-Max to prevent corrosion and keep the water inside of them clean, fresh, and ready for use! This means that you won’t have to worry about harmful bacteria being present in your hot water supply – which can lead to illness or discomfort if consumed!

In addition to this special coating, American wares are built with great insulation materials that help transfer heat from the heating element into the tank without any loss of energy. They also come standard with safety features such as pressure relief valves designed to release excess vapor when it builds up too high within a unit’s chamber. The vents ensure safe operation by venting out all hazardous gases before they cause damage or injury due carbon monoxide poisoning!

  • Energy Efficient

American hot water heaters are energy efficient and eco friendly. They use natural gas as their main source of heating, which is a much more environmentally sound option than using electricity or fuel oil to keep your household’s water warm!

This model uses the latest in green technology for keeping our planet safe while also maximizing savings on monthly bills by being able to reduce how often you need to run your heater due its efficiency at transferring stored energy into useful power that heats up what you want it too without waste! You can save big bucks every month with an American tankless water heater .

When compared to other types of units, these models produce less greenhouse gases when they’re operating properly – which means no harmful carbonoxide emissions either even if they failating!

In addition to being good for the environment, these units have been found by leading industry experts to be one of the best performing heaters on the market when it comes down energy efficiency and cost-effectiveness. In other words, they provide a lot of bang for your buck!

  • Smart Features

American water heaters have a lot of smart features that help make them easier to use in your home. For instance, if you’re looking for one with an easy-to-use interface, the company has units designed specifically for this purpose – but all their products are pretty simple and straightforward when compared to other brands!

In addition, their models come standard with safety features such as gas shutoff valves or pressure relief vents which prevent injury from occurring due to dangerous conditions. These options protect both homeowners and renters alike by keeping us out of harm’s way even during emergencies where we might forget how hot the water is getting under high amounts of pressure! This means no more worrying about burns or scalding injuries while bathing our children or pets either!

Before these units are shipped to buyers, they’re thoroughly tested in the company’s own factories. This ensures that you won’t be receiving any faulty products – which keeps expensive repairs and replacements from happening when your heater does eventually break down! You can feel at ease knowing that American wares provide years of worry free use once they arrive on time and as expected!

  • High and Continuous Water Delivery

American water heaters deliver a lot of hot water to homes that use them! They come standard with plenty of smart features and safety precautions – but the main feature they’re designed for is providing endless quantities of heated liquid on demand.

In addition, these units are more efficient than other types at transferring stored energy from their tanks into useful power which means you don’t have to worry about running out after only getting one or two showers done before your tank runs dry. American models can provide high amounts of continuous hot water flow up until it’s switched off manually by the homeowner when its cycle ends without any interruptions in service like what happens with some cheaper brands made offshore! This model provides both reliability and longevity while still being affordably priced to make it accessible for buyers of all income levels to enjoy!

  • Safety Features

American water heaters are designed with safety in mind. They have a number of features that prevent injury from occurring while still being eco-friendly and energy efficient for your home too!

For example, these units come standard with gas shutoff valves or pressure relief vents which protect homeowners by preventing scalding injuries due to dangerous high temperature conditions. In other words, there’s no need to worry about getting burned when you’re bathing children or pets because the heater automatically shuts off before overheating occurs.

Some models also come equipped with an easy-to-use interface (or control panel) which makes them perfect for homes where multiple people like family members might use it during their daily routines – but all American tankless heaters work well in a variety of residential settings!

In addition, their products are tested thoroughly in the company’s own factories before being shipped to customers. This ensures that every product is built with durability and long lasting performance – which makes your purchase worth its weight in gold when it comes time for replacement parts or repairs later on down the line too!


How Long Does An American Water Heater Last?

An American water heater can last up to ten years depending on how it is used, its cost, and the quality of materials that are used.

Most people find that they need a replacement after seven or eight years if their lives have been busy with children who constantly use hot water for baths, showers, clothes washing machines etc. However, if you live alone or only use your home sporadically then an american water heater may never require repairs.

Can a leaking water heater explode?

An American water heater cannot explode, but it can cause the house to flood. If a leak is detected in an american water heater then you need to shut off its power source and call for professional assistance as soon as possible.

American water heaters are pressurised which means that they contain dangerous amounts of hot steam or gas that could severely burn someone if it’s exposed due to leaking etc. Water leaks from an american water heater also pose severe health risks because untreated hot-water can release toxic gases into your home such as carbon monoxide poisoning.

If you smell rotten eggs or notice condensation on windows near where the appliance is installed than this usually indicates signs of bacteria growth inside your heating system which may be harmful for humans.

What are the signs your hot water heater is going out?

If you notice any of these signs than it means that your american water heater is either close to or past the point where repairs can fix its problem.

*It’s constantly running even when not in use (this usually indicates a leaking propane tank)

*The temperature fluctuates; this could be caused by sediment build up inside the heating system which reduces efficiency over time and increases risks for serious accidents with scalding hot steam!

*Water takes too long to heat up once it has been turned on; if only cold water comes out then there may be an electrical fault, but excessive noise from fans etc. often occurs when sediment build-up blocks vents instead causing components within the appliance to produce loud noises while operating!

What Warranty Does American Water Heater Offer?

General Electric Company offers a warranty on all of their products for at least one year from the date that they were purchased by a customer.

Contact your local appliance store to learn more about how long an American water heater can last and if getting replacement parts is difficult or expensive! If you have any questions then ask before purchasing because there are many types with different features which could be better suited for your home depending upon its size, occupants etc!

Can you still shower if your water heater is leaking?

No! If your American water heater is leaking then you must turn off its power source immediately and call for professional assistance. You are also at risk of sustaining an electrical shock if the appliance’s electric components come into contact with water when it isn’t shut down properly!

Water damage due to leaks can be costly, but the risks associated with using appliances that have faulty heating systems are far more serious which means that you should hire a plumber without delay in order to prevent any accidents from occurring.

How much does it cost to replace a hot water heater?

The cost of replacing an american water heater varies depending upon the make and model that you choose; some are more expensive than others.

For example, gas tankless models have become very popular in recent years because they provide endless hot-water while using less energy compared to traditional heating systems! However, they’re also more costly which means that there is a need to consider how much it will ultimately cost before making any decisions about getting one installed at home.


American Water Heaters has been a leading manufacturer of residential and commercial water heaters. With the highest customer satisfaction rating in the industry, you can be sure that when it comes to your home’s hot-water supply, American offers dependability at an affordable price point with features found on no other product! Whether you are looking for a tankless or traditional gas unit, these top quality units will provide endless hours of heated water with minimal maintenance required.