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APEC Water Systems

A lot of water is used every day by every person; that’s why it’s vital that it is contaminants free and clean. Still there are a lot of places all around the world where the quality of water is so poor, that we are to buy bottled water. A water filter can be the best solution to this problem, and reverse osmosis is the water system that is widely used. This water filter will provide you with clean drinking water. One more advantage is that you won’t pay for bottled water anymore. APEC is one of the most favored and most popular brands. There are different models in their manufacturing, and the top ones are overviewed in the APEC water systems reviews on our site.

APEC is the American brand, which designs a decent reverse osmosis technology for you to get both clean and tasteless water at the same time. When you filter your water with the help of the APEC reverse osmosis water filters, it is safe for cooking and drinking. Their modern technology has five stages of water purifying. This system is designed to make your water taste great and refresh it. APEC filters have passed the tests that have showed that they remove bacteria, almost a 100% of chemicals, including chlorine. The water that you’ll get from this filters is sure to be both healthy and clean.

Below you can find the main difference between the best three models and under them there is more information about how the APEC’s reverse osmosis system works, what its pros and cons are.

APEC Reverse Osmosis Models


This model will be perfect for larger homes, offices and municipal water. You can filter about 90 gallons per day with this unit. It has capacity filters providing a fast flow rate; that’s why you can get your filtered water twice faster than with some standard systems.



For homes with low water pressure, the RO-PERM model is the best variant as it’s designed exactly for them. The reason for this is that this filter comes with an increased delivery pressure at the faucet. It is achieved thanks to filling the tank many times faster. Therefore, if you have a home with the water pressure around 30-50 psi, this one is the most suitable appliance for you. The filtering capacity of this model is 90 gallons per a day.



The ROES-50 model is a more basic appliance and a more affordable option as well. While coming with standard capacity filters and having fewer upgrade options, it still provides great quality of filtered water. This reverse osmosis filter can be the best variant for smaller homes as it filters about 50 gallons per day. As the two models mentioned above, it used the same filtering process of 5 stages to purify the water.


The 5-Stage Purifying Technology

Stage 1: here the water goes through the first filter – the high-capacity sediment filter of 5 microns and 10 inches made of polypropylene. The main aim of this stage is cleaning water of rust, particles and dust. It also works for system protection and extending its life.

Stage 2: the water is purified in the carbon block filter of 5 microns and 10 inches. This stage serves for filtering the water of bad odors and taste, colors, and chlorine.

Stage 3: this one is similar to the previous one and designed for further removing the contaminants that have been mentioned in the 2nd stage.

Stage 4: FILMTEC high-rejection TFC membrane. In this stage, the membrane helps to get rid of contaminants and the water 99% TDS that stands for “total dissolved solids”. Among them are chromium, arsenic, fluoride, radium, lead, bacteria, viruses, etc.

Stage 5: Total Contamination Removal filter is made of high-quality coconut shell carbon of 10 inches. Due to this filter, any residual taste is moved from the tank.


The installation won’t be a great problem for you as each of the products comes absolutely with all the tools, which you may need for it. You’ll also find an installation manual with a comprehensive explanation of all the steps you’ll need to take to install your appliance. Also, you are free to get a local plumber to do it for you if you are not comfortable installing it yourself.

APEC Reverse Osmosis Systems’ Pros

prosAutomatic and smart design.

prosSystem upgradability.

prosNoise-free operation and solid

prosLow maintenance. You will need to change only the ULTIMATE pre-filters every 12 months.

prosThe best water purification is ensured thanks to the 5-stage filtering process.

prosTechnical support of the professionals.

prosEasy installation that will take you only about an hour.


disadvantagesNone of the major issues connected with the system are mentioned in the user reviews. Still if any issue concerning the system usage arises, the company technical support is very helpful. The only disadvantage of APEC filters may be the price that is a little higher comparing to other competitors. Still, paying the higher price you will get a system of higher quality, and that will serve you longer.