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Aquasana Water Filters

Aquasana is a well-known American brand that produces water softeners and filters. It manufactures all sorts of home filtration appliances from filters for one faucet to whole house water treatment systems. We prepared this Aquasana water filters review to help you better understand what products does this brand presents, how these filters can make our life better and how do they work.

Aqauasana EQ-AST-WH Whole House Water Softener

The Aquasana EQ-AST-WH is a water-filtering appliance that softens water and prevents the appearance of scale in your plumbing system. It doesn’t use salt or harmful chemicals in the process of filtration and, consequently, no waste of harsh chemical compounds get to your water and the sewerage system. As we see, it is friendly to the environment and good for your health.

This device consists of a dual tank system. You can connect it to the whole house water filtration appliance or use it as a standalone water softener.

This water softening system uses the NAC technology, which means the salt-free Nucleation Assisted Crystallization. It protects your plumbing system from wearing out and doesn’t allow scale to form inside the pipes and appliances. As a result of water softening the structure of minerals is changed. They can no longer bind into scale but maintain a crystal structure.

The absence of scale in your water is not only healthy but also considerably prolongs the life of all household appliances that use water and maintains your plumbing system in good condition.


Aquasana Water Softener for Tankless Water Heaters

This appliance is used to soften water for tankless water heaters. As well as other Aquasana SimplySoft devices it does not use any harmful chemicals or salt. It does not demineralize your water and does not add chemicals to it.

The innovative NAC technology fights scale and reduces the excess amount of iron in the water. This appliance will be very helpful if you have a tankless water heater in your home. Not only will it give you the advantages of softened hot water but also prolong the life of the heater and the pipes.

Rhino Whole House Well Water Filter + SimplySoft Whole House Descaler

This appliance provides you with purified and excellent tasting water. The unique NAC technology removes chlorine together with other harmful elements like rust, herbicides, pesticides, industrial solvents, salt, and water soluble metals.

Using the water filtered with this appliance will create fantastic health results. Your skin will no longer be dried by chlorine and other chemicals. Your hair will also look perfect and lively because it will not be harmed. With softened water, all your water-using household appliances will be protected from damage caused by scale. One more advantage you will get from a water softener is that soap, shampoo, and other bath products work much better in soft water. You will use a smaller amount of them compared to what you need to apply with regular tap water.

The Rhino system is designed to work successfully for six years and after this period it should be replaced.

Aquasana EQ-1000 Whole House 10-Year Water Filter

This is a filtration system that will supply your house with clean, excellent drinking water for ten years. It can successfully filter one million gallons of water.

In this appliance, the water goes through three stages of filtration. The first is a five-micron filter that reduces the amount of small particles that are present in the tap water. On this stage dirt, rust, and other particles are filtered away. The second stage is pushing the water through the layer of crushed minerals combined with copper-zinc oxidation. This also reduces the amount of chlorine, purifies and softens the water. The final stage of filtration is performed with the help of activated carbon.

The system contains a pre-filter, the main filter, and a shut-off valve.


Aquasana AQ-5300.55 Under Counter Water Filter

This product uses highly efficient three-stage filtration. It’s capable of filtrating 600 gallons of water. With NSF-certified Claryum filtration method, this system can remove from water up to 97% of chlorine and the same amount of chloramines. Of course, it removes many other contaminants like pesticides, herbicides, lead, and others. The filters preserve in the water elements that are beneficial for health, like potassium, calcium, and magnesium.

Other benefits of the product are the all-metal construction of the system and a brushed nickel faucet that looks fantastic. This filter can be easily installed under the counter, and there will be no need of buying water in plastic bottles anymore. You will always have fresh, clean and healthy water at home.


Aquasana AQ-4501.56 Premium Under Counter Water Filter

This system removes a high percentage of chloride and a large number of other contaminants from water, leaving many healthy minerals. The innovative process includes efficient carbon filtration, sub-micron, and ion-exchange filtration. As a result, clean and healthy water is produced.

The appliance can work for six months without changing the filters. It’s cartridge is designed to filtrate 500 gallons of water.


Aquasana Aq-4000W Countertop Water Filter System

This Aquasana filter is the best choice for you if you prefer countertop models. This high-quality water-filtrating system like many other Aquasana products removes a high percentage of chlorine, chloramines, and other contaminants, leaving all the healthy minerals dissolved in the water. With this filter, the water in your kitchen will always be clean and healthy.

It performs the Aquasana’s best three-stage filtration that consists of sub-micron, ion exchange and carbon filtration.

The system is relatively small and takes little space on the counter. You will need to install new cartridges every six months.


Aquasana AQ-4601.55 Premium Under Counter Water Filter

AQ-4601.55 uses the same three-stage technology as other Aquasana under counter models. It has the same high-quality, three-stage filtration that removes lead, chlorine, organic contaminants and other harmful additives. The appliance comes with a tap. It is easy to install this device and to maintain it.


Aquasana Shower Filter Reviews

Aquasana AQ-4100 Deluxe Shower Water Filter

Aquasana filters are proven to remove more that 90% of tap water chlorine together with other harmful contaminants. Taking a shower with such water is much healthier than using usual tap water, and as a result you will have healthy soft skin and strong shining hair.

This device has two stages of water filtration. The first stage of filtrating with copper-zinc material enhances the pH balance of the water and removes chlorine. The second stage removes harmful synthetic chemicals and dangerous organic compounds from your water. If not dealt with, those contaminants will not only harm your skin but also get into the air, into your lungs and then right into the blood flow, causing various health problems. Using filters, you can guard yourself against the hidden dangers the usual tap water holds.

Aquasana AQ-4100 is easy to install following the instructions in the manual. The package includes a deluxe shower head. You also have the option to purchase the filter without the shower head if you wish so. Most standard shower heads fit the device.

On this device, you need to replace cartridges every six months, the same as for other Aquasana models.

This shower filter has received many positive comments. Users definitely notice the difference between usual and filtered water. In a couple of weeks, they are able to notice a healthier look and texture of their hair and skin.