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Portable Toilets

If you have ever spent a weekend camping, or enjoyed peaceful hours in your boat, or dived into work in your small workshop, there is always a mundane part of the day next to the emotional and inspiring one. And there can be nothing worse than having to spend your time and nerves on looking for a bathroom nearby instead of continuing to concentrate on your work or leisure. Now, imagine how easier the routine would become of you had a nice portable toilet hidden somewhere in the corner of your RV, workshop, or even boat!

Best Portable Toilet Models

Characteristics that a Good Portable Toilet Should Have

The number one characteristic and benefit of a good portable toilet of high quality is its ability to provide you with the comfort of a traditional toilet in the circumstances where no bathroom is available. You cannot but agree that using a hole in the ground or something similar is not a pleasant experience, and you would rather do your business in a more civilized manner. With the help of our comprehensive and unbiased reviews, you will finally be able to make an easy choice of a portable toilet with the desired design and price tag to perfectly fit the location you keep in mind, be it a mini-camper, a campsite in the woods, or a boat. To let you choose from most various models that the market has now to offer, we have covered not only chemical toilets but also other types of portable toilets that you might like.

Advantages of Using a Portable Toilet

The most obvious advantage of owning a portable toilet is the possibility to comfortably use the toilet in a traditional way in the locations and situations where no bathroom is available. Even if you are using the simplest model, which basically consists of a 5-gallon bucket with a seat on it, the construction will recreate the experience you are looking for. If you have chosen a more complicated and thus more comfortable type of a portable toilet, you will be able to feel yourself at home even in the middle of nowhere. Some of the models can even boast of traditional water flushing that has become possible with the dual storage bins.

One more undeniable benefit of these portable toilets is their small weight, which makes it easy and trouble-free to take them in any trip. If the lack of privacy is among your concerns, you will be amazed to find out that there are even models including screens and tents that will let you create a separate toilet area at the campsite and enjoy the privacy you got used to. What is more, a good portable toilet is a device that will on top of everything help you take care of the environment by allowing you to neatly pack and get rid of the waste.

Many of the modern portable toilets offer an incredible ease of managing the waste. An ingenious design includes a specialized spigot. Whether requiring installation or being built in the toilet, the spigot makes allows quick and easy removal of waste that is first broken down to a liquid state by the chemical additives designed for this purpose. What is left for you to do after using such a portable toilet is to simply let the liquid waste out of the black water basin with the help of a valve.

Problems You Can Face When Using a Portable Toilet

In short, the main problem you might have to deal with is the unpleasant odor. The majority of portable toilets you can find in the market today are all designed for the obvious purpose of short-term waste storage. For this reason, you will have to endure the strong smells of waste each time you open up the toilet lid. Fortunately, there are some more sophisticated portable toilet designs that include extra strong seals and dual basins for more efficient repression of the bad smells. The problem of toilet odors can be also somewhat solved by thorough cleaning and maintenance.

One more problem that some of the users can face is the level of usability and comfort. The simplest and most affordable models have quite a generic design that might feel a bit unusual in comparison with traditional home toilets. Besides, the necessity to use the plastic bags and liners can cause some inconvenience and irritation (which is often the issue with the cheapest models), especially when the user has never had any experience of handling such a toilet.

Choosing the Best Portable Toilet in Accordance with Your Needs

The easiest way for you to make a good decision of a portable toilet is to study our unbiased reviews of various portable toilet models. In these reviews, we did our best to cover all the benefits and drawback of each model, so that you could get a clear picture of what it will look like to own it. A comprehensive list of features that each of the toilets possesses will enable you to make a well-thought-out decision.

Your personal comfort is probably the most important criterion that you should focus on choosing a portable toilet. It is true that for some people using a toilet that consists of a bucket and a seat is not a problem at all. Others would rather opt for a portable toilet that allows getting rid of the waste using the plastic liners or bags. Naturally, there are people who would under no circumstances compromise on their established level of comfort, which leads them to the choice of portable toilets with double basins bringing the process of its usage as close to the traditional experience as possible. Decide which type of portable toilets will be in tune with your comfort requirements, and you can confidently continue your searches of the best portable toilet.

The next equally important characteristic that should rule over your choice is the materials that the particular portable toilet is made of. Practically all of the portable toilets you can find in the market are made of plastic. What you need to be careful with is the grade of plastic that has been used. Naturally, the high-grade plastic will guarantee a longer period of trouble-free usage of your portable toilet in comparison with the basic-grade plastic. If you need a portable toilet for regular use, considering the high-grade plastic models would be a wiser decision and a better investment.

Maintaining Your Portable Toilet

With the majority of models, all your portable toilet maintenance experience will be narrowed down to handling the plastic liners. Costing around $2, these liners can be easily purchased either at Amazon or at the sporting goods shops owned by major retailers. Keep in mind that regular substitution of the liners is the best way to prevent the risks of the waste odors coming out of the toilet. It is not only the smell from the liner but also from the toilet itself that might emerge in case of irregular change of plastic liners. Even the high-grade plastic is still capable of absorbing the unpleasant smells due to its porous structure so make sure you change the liners as often as necessary.

Unfortunately, the odors still build up between the regular changes of the plastic liners. However, there is a great trick that will let you keep the unpleasant smells to a minimum. Believe it or not but it is the regular kitty litter, which combines such benefits as effectiveness, affordability, and availability. Simply put some kitty litter at the bottom of your plastic liner after you have placed it in the toilet basin, and enjoy the odor-free portable toilet experience. If you feel that a particular session might cause stronger smells, just add some more kitty litter to the liner.

Is it Expensive to But the Best Portable Toilet

The cheapest models of portable toilets that basically constitute a 5-gallon bucket and a seat serving as a lid will cost you less that $20 at Amazon. Of course, the design is the simplest you can find although when combined with a plastic liner it turns into a 100% workable portable toilet that fulfills the basic requirements of such type of an appliance. If comfort and high usability are among your search criteria, you can consider more sophisticated design costing up to $200. The average price tag for a nice portable toilet of high quality sticks around $125.

The Luggable Loo


The design of this toilet is probably the simplest you can find in the portable toilets market. In fact, it would be more correct to call it a loo bucket than the portable toilet. Nevertheless, it is indeed a toilet that you can take in your trip.

This portable toilet is essentially a 5-gallon bucket with a simple round seat and a lid that you put on top of it. The lid is basically the only thing here that does not let the nasty waste odors spoil your trip in case you do not have the possibility to get rid of the waste right away after using the toilet. Despite its ultimate simplicity, this portable toilet is quite a good solution for spending time in a small boat without a hunt.


Reliance Products Hassock Portable Toilet


If you would like to get an effective solution for your hygienic needs away from home without compromising on comfort, this Hassock portable toilet is just what you need. A Reliance Products model, this toilet possesses a number of beneficial characteristics.

Apart from its small size and weight that grant high portability, this portable toilet offers the benefits if an inner splashguard. Owing to this design solution, there is no chance of anything that goes inside the toilet making an unpleasant return. This model presents a nice combination of high effectiveness and attractive price. Whether you want to escape from the dirt and mess of public toilets on camping sites or be independent from the circumstances while driving in your own vehicle, this portable toilet will give you the experience you have been long looking for.


The Thetford Porta Potti


What makes this portable toilet immediately stand out is its regular height that makes the whole experience much more comfortable. At the same time, this model offers an extremely high level of quality. With its water tanks filled, the toilet keeps a balanced position in a hard surface. What is more, it does not require much water to function: you can enjoy up to 50 flushes before it is time to change the water tanks.

One more great advantage of this portable toilet is robustness that makes its usage possible for people with large weight. The only detail that we have hesitations about is the toilet lid. Its reliability definitely could be improved. Therefore, if it happens that you need something to sit on, and this portable toilet is the only thing you have nearby, we would not recommend using it as a chair.


The Sanitation Equipment Visa Potty Model


Choosing your first portable toilet might be an easy experience. However, choosing a new one will definitely make you take into account all the difficulties with toilet maintenance that you have faced in the past.

With this portable toilet, you will experience no troubles in the tiresome task of maintenance thanks to the special latches for a quick waste release. At the same time, the well-thought-out construction eliminates the risks of any accidental hatch release during transporting. Such high levels of effectiveness and quality bring this portable toilet experience very close to the one you got used to at home.


The Camco Portable Toilet


Although this portable toilet cannot boast of two separate tanks, the capacity of its single tanks is something to be mentioned. The 5.3-gallon tank is capable if keeping a larger amount of waste than you could have expected from a comparatively small portable toilet. Besides, a well-engineered design of this toilet makes the usually troublesome process of waste disposal from the tank very quick and easy.

An extremely usable feature that this portable toilet possesses is a sealing slide valve lock. It is the detail that has made the maintenance of this toilet so easy and thus has brought popularity to this model among the users. It takes only one simple sliding movement of the latch to detach the tank from the toilet or to put it back in place.


Having chosen the best portable toilet that suits your peculiar requirements, you will finally experience all the benefits of combining comfort and mobility. Determining your preferences and looking through our reviews of the best portable toilets that the market can currently offer is basically all you need to do to become competent enough for making a good choice.