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Sonic Toothbrushes

The popularity Sonic as a manufacturer of electric toothbrushes has exploded for the last few years due to the fact, that the product the sonic company supplies has been receiving only positive feedback. The product was introduced by Sonicare long ago, but since the first release the design and the brush heads have been significantly improved. On today’s market, these brushes are estimated to be the best ones. So what are the functions the most advanced toothbrush released by Sonic fulfills today? Find the answer right below!

If one is seeking a top quality electric toothbrush, one might want to take a closer look at Sonic toothbrushes. Having done a detailed research and having compared various models with their prices and key features, we compiled a list of Sonic best toothbrushes that comprises four best models. Below the Philips Sonicare toothbrush comparison table you can make yourself aware of the advantages of the technology applied to these units as well as reviews of each of the top models.

Philips Sonicare DiamondClean


The Sonicare DiamondClean toothbrush is a premium quality toothbrush model by Philips.

This model is a top-rated product that is nicely designed and will be appealing to anyone who fancies gadgets. The model was designed in white and black colours. It has had only positive feedback from users so far; it is rated 4.4. The vast majority of those who have utilized this toothbrush have stated that there was a visible improvement in the colour of their teeth. You will start noticing positive changes in colour within a short period of time.There are tiny spaces between the teeth that are hard to reach. If these small areas are not cleaned of plaque on time, they lead to cavities in one’s teeth. DiamondClean is a toothbrush that will provide your mouth cavity with double cleaning power and will spare you of plaque even in the hard-to-reach zones between the teeth.The service of this model goes beyond cleaning the teeth only. This toothbrush will provide you with the cleaning of the entire mouth cavity. This model will take care even of your gums, improving their health and preventing them from tissue inflammation.

The model is fitted with a timer that calculates the optimal time for cleaning and will inform you when you should start moving your toothbrush to the next quadrant of your mouth.This device charges in a unique way. The toothbrush comes with a glass and a multi-voltage base. The model operates with the help of conduction technology, your only duty is to place the device in any glass base and watch it charging.The model is designed with 5 regimes that will match the needs of every user. Apart from the toothbrush itself, the purchase also includes 2 brush heads, a glass to charge the device and a travel case that can also serve as a charging device, as a toothbrush will be charging through the USB port the case is equipped with.


Philips Sonicare HX9110/02 FlexCare Platinum


51IwzglpcRL._SL1500_Flexcare Platinum possesses some of the characteristics DiamondClean does but costs less.This device lacks some beneficial features and also isn’t so equipped as the device mentioned above. Even though, this model is still a premium one and has given stunning cleaning results. The brush operates producing 31,000 strokes per minute, and the result you will achieve is drastic plaque elimination in hard-to-reach areas between the teeth as well as some other small zones that are difficult to get to.This model is designed with fewer regimes in comparison with DiamondClean, but the model has three fittings meant for various levels of intensity. Compared with Diamond this model lags behind because of the absence of polish and sensitive regimes.On the whole, this device is a good quality toothbrush that is affordable for one’s budget. It can easily handle cleaning, but is not so equipped with some additional features as DiamondClean does.


Philips Sonicare Essence


Sonicare Essence is considered to be one of the most popular models by Sonicare manufacturer. The primary performance the device carries out is proper mouth cavity cleaning, but it has fewer benefits when compared to the previous two models. This model is a perfect option for those who are seeking a good quality Sonic toothbrush but are on a tight budget, as Sonicare Essence costs significantly less. The toothbrush is also sufficient for eliminating plaque and cleaning along the gingival line.This model is designed only for a cleaning regime, and the timer is programmed for a two-minute brushing procedure but works without a quadpacer. Some of us see it as a necessity while others find a two-minute timer to be just enough.This model, however, has one distinguishing characteristic that other models presented above do not have, which is an Easy Start program. This program is a great benefit for those, who purchase an electronic toothbrush for the first time. This program makes the process of getting used to the brush smooth and gradual.The purchase includes only one brush head, a comfortable travel pouch and a brush head travel cap for hygiene preserving.Sonicare Essence is the best device amongst the basic Sonic toothbrushes. It is equipped with all necessary functions to produce good cleaning results for an average price, but those who are seeking more additional fittings and functions like a quadpacer, various changeable regimes or a more subtle design, should take the models mentioned above into account.


Philips Sonicare HX6921/02 Flexcare Plus

61-lpmXeg4L._SY679_Sonicare Flexcare Plus is one of the most costly models by the Sonic manufacturer. It does not have so many functions as DiamondClean does, but its service of sustaining oral hygiene is flawless.Flexcare Plus takes care of your gums and profoundly eliminates the plaque from your teeth surface. The positive results have proven the efficiency of the technology used by Sonic.This model can operate in 5 regimes though they differ from those of DiamondClean.The same modes are Sensitive and Gum Care and Clean. Two other models for Flexcare Plus include Massage and Refresh modes.Except for the brush, the purchase includes 2 brush heads (a standard and a compact one), the travel pouch with several travel caps, the UV sanitizer, the travel charging device and the color-coded rings for  the brush heads personalization.Its design is not so perfect as one of DiamondClean, but the model is still a powerful one and is a bit more affordable for one’s budget.


The Advances of Sonic Toothbrushes

The Sonicare company is one of the most famous brands manufacturing dental care products. The primary goods the company specializes in are airfloss and electric toothbrush.

The line of toothbrush products is powered by the sonic technology. An electric manual brush performs at a speed of 3000-8000 vibrations per minute, but the powerful sonic technology boost the speed up to 30,000-40,000 strokes per minute. This huge speed difference has an ultimate influence over the quality of cleaning.The sonic technology has been approved of by numerous medical studies and experiments and has been proven to cope with plaque removal, tartar and gum disease prevention.

The primary advantages of the sonic toothbrush technology constitute the next:

  • Plaque Elimination

In contrast with brushing with a manual toothbrush, a sonic toothbrush demonstrates incomparable results. The Sonic technology has shown to eliminate plague several times more effectively than a manual toothbrush. Since the Sonic toothbrush eliminates the plaque, it also drastically reduces the probability of tooth decay appearing as well as improves the dental health.

  • Prevents gum inflammation

Sonic toothbrushes are sufficient for fighting gingivitis. It has been proven by a medical study that has demonstrated its drastic reduction after four weeks of use. The result was twice as good as the result received from using a manual toothbrush.

  • Teeth Bleaching and Stain Removing

The extremely fast speed at which the vibrations follow each other helps cope with stains on one’s teeth. As a rule, the majority of those who have been using a toothbrush working on the sonic technology for over a week have discerned that their teeth got a shade brighter. Also, quite often these toothbrushes offer to purchase extra brush heads particularly designed to whiten and polish one’s teeth.

  • Is allowed to use on braces and other dental restorations

Utilizing a manual toothbrush on teeth that have dental restorations puts them at risk of being damaged. Sonic electric toothbrushes, however, have been proven to be safe for utilizing them on implants, crowns, fillings, braces and other dental restorations.

  • Soft Brushing

If you are the owner of sensitive gums, brushing must be a real concern for you since you must constantly be experiencing painful and aching feelings. The Sonic company provides the brush heads with soft bristles that are meant for soft brushing. What is more, these brushes have an additional sensitive mode. These are the top electric toothbrushes by Sonicare, which have been chosen according to their quality, design, fittings, technical characteristics and the reviews from the users. Before purchasing one should pay attention to their distinguishing features and to the prices, ponder on their functions and choose the one that, to one’s mind, will meet all of one’s requirements.

Toothbrushes by Sonicare company are noted for their incomparable efficient cleaning service and positive Philips Sonicare ratings and customer reviews. There is a geat variety of models by this manufacturer offered on today’s market, so in our comparison tables we have highlighted 4 models that are worthy of your attention. We hope this article is useful for you and will help you make your choice. To find the best price on Sonicare toothbrush go on Amazon, they always offer shipping service there.