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Under Sink Water Filters

To drink water free from chlorine taste and rust, you have to buy and install a specially built water filtration system under your sink. These systems are very popular with many families as they have excellent filtration abilities and allow for proper water flow. In the long view, such a filter will save you much time and money as you won’t have to purchase bottled water anymore. Thanks to a multi-stage filtering process the quality and taste of water get better. Read the following reviews to get more information on the best under sink water filter systems that are available in 2015.

Filtrete 3US-SP01

filtrete 3us-sp01Most families are happy to have the Filtrete 3US-SP01 under their sink. The excellent filtration abilities of the filter won it enormous popularity and brought lots of good reviews.

The treated water is free from chlorine, sand, rust, and sediment. Moreover, the filter can capture airborne allergens by using electrostatically charged filter media.

To install it, you will need a wrench, screwdriver, and less than a half an hour. After six months of use, you will have to replace it.


New Wave Enviro

new wave enviroAnother under sink model that is worth your attention is New Wave Enviro that uses a ten-stage filtering process. You can attach it to the faucet or assemble under your wash-bowl with a conversion kit.

Reducing different contaminants contained in water the filter makes it taste just great. With it, you will forget about the aftertaste and smell of chlorine.

You can use it to treat 1500 gallons of liquid.


Watts Premier 531130

watts premier 531130Certified by NSF the filter uses a three-stage filtering process to reduce the content of chlorine, chemicals, herbicides, sediment, volatile organic chemicals, and pesticides in tap water.

Thanks to a pushbutton assembly the process of filtration doesn’t require much time. The filter comes with everything that you may need to set it up.

Filter replacement will not take much time as well. There is a valve-in-head that shuts the water off automatically allowing for easy filter changes.


Culligan US-EZ-1

culligan us-ez-1The filter reduces the content of chlorine, bad odors, particulates, lead, sediment, VOCs, and cysts in water.

It comes with a twist-on and twist-off mechanism for you to install it with ease. In the packaging, you will find everything needed for its installation, including a lead-free faucet.

It can treat up to 500 gallons of water. The NSF certified filter produces water that can be used for drinking.


Aquasana AQ-5200

aq-5200upg_360aThanks to the NSF certified Claryum technology the filter removes more than 97% of chlorine. Moreover, it reduces the content of cysts, VOCs, mercury, pesticides, herbicides, asbestos, lead, and Giardia in water.

The filter is easy to set up. It will let you drink clear water in less than no time. There are two-stage as well as three-stage Aquasana AQ-5200 filter systems.


Crystal Quest Mega

crystal quest megaAlthough it is a fluoride removal filter system, it reduces the content of other contaminants as well. It uses a seven-stage filtering process to produce clear water for drinking.

It comes with an innovative Eagle Redox Alloy technology that works on the electrochemical and spontaneous-oxidation-reduction principles.

One should install the abovementioned filter systems to the cold water pipe under a sink. While some of them require installation of a separate faucet, others can be fit up to the existing one.



Thumbs-UpThey don’t need much space.

Thumbs-UpThey maintain proper water flow.

Thumbs-UpThe multi-stage filters remove lots of various contaminants.

Thumbs-UpThese filters serve longer than faucet and countertop ones.

Thumbs-UpThey produce clear water for drinking.

Thumbs-UpThey almost do not waste any water.


disadvantagesOne may need professional help to install them.

disadvantagesThey cost more than faucet and countertop ones.