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Big Berkey water filter BK4X2-BB

Clean, Fresh Glass of water for all family members

berkey BK4x2-bbI guess I should start with the phrase that I had been working hard on my project – for quite a long time and now when it is finished, I’m putting all the efforts to bring it to the www (Internet) and as you realize, it is pretty hard task. But meanwhile, if you are looking through this review now, it means only 1 thing –  you are in search of a good Water Filter Pitcher. Aren’t you? And I’m absolutely sure, that it is not the first or even second review you are reading as there are quite a lot on the Internet. But the problem which exists, deals with the understanding of what the author is trying to say. Some reviews are so technical and with so much data and information that it is almost impossible to absorb and understand it all. Therefore, I’m here to help and assist you, to make the perception of the material much easier. I will try to avoid difficult technical words and particular “jargon” of this industry.

I have dared to do this because of 1 simple reason –  many guests left comments, where they described, they had no clue/idea what the author was talking about. No worries I will do everything I can and write this particular review as simple as it is only possible, so you have a real chance to understand the qualities of this or that water filter pitcher. And will start with the Big Berkey Filter-2.

Big Berkey water filter BK4X2-BB Review

What types of water does the big berkey clean?

My research starts from the point of finding out the information about the types of water it cleans. And it turned out to be that this machine is an excellent choice for medium or small sized families. But nevertheless if you have a big friendly family you can still consider buying it. The manufacturers also propose a special unit, which will clean the water even when the environment is harsh. But what does “harsh environment” mean? For instance, if you decided to climb the mountains or planned a trip in tents somewhere in the forest around beautiful nature. The environment there is harsh as it is difficult to find/get clean filtered water and exactly at this moment you will be in need of the Big Berkey water filter.

Now, we are slowly moving closer to the system itself, and it is the part which I will try to do as simple as it is only possible (exactly as I promised). There is a word –  contaminant, I’m sure you know it and consequently will want to know about the kinds of contaminants. Below you can see several points which describe the water cleaning process. Here they are:

proswherever you are, near the rivers, lakes or ponds, there is always a chance to get different bacteria, cysts and parasites into the water which you are going to use. I know you are aware of the fact, that if you drink this water, the results/consequences might be very dangerous.

But there is a special advanced filtration technology that will not let it happen. This advanced filtration will kill every little “creature”.

prosYes other dangerous “creatures”, which can affect your body and health are: VOC – volatile organic compounds and TOC – total organic carbons. All these and more (pesticides, radon 222, herbicides) will not be found in the water after it is filtered thanks to the Big Berkey. Your health is the most important, that’s why the Berkey’s manufacturers designed this water filter pitch.

prosBe careful! Trihalomethanes are here! What is that you might think. In simple words, it is a by-product of chlorine, which is added into the drinking water, to make it clean. But again, no worries, the Big Berkey water filter will cope with it too very fast and without any harm to you or your family members.

prosAs you know lead is poisonous, such elements like harmful minerals and nitrates will be no good for your health either. And in our case the water filter will simply reduce their amount.

prosAnd finally, all the elements that influence badly on people’s health will be removed due to the Berkey water filter pitcher.

All this information is very important, but I can understand if it is hard to understand all and at once. But apart from all these mentioned above criteria, you should remember and know that this water filter was made in purpose to filter the raw water.

Finally now, you know all types of water the Berkey works with. To be precise – it deals with all kinds of water. But there are still a few factors left, which should be definitely mentioned. Let’s move on to them.

Is it easy to use?

The Berkey water filter is extremely easy to use. Plus it is very durable as it is made of steel and therefore you will never ever have any problem with cleaning it. When you want to get some water, you should only take the spigot off and the perfect fresh water will run. BUT DO remember one thing – this water filter isn’t for home usage. It is counted for long trips or going to places with the harsh environment.


When going on a trip, almost no one thinks of taking a water filter and that is a big mistake. But I DO really understand them – luggage usually takes a lot of space and there is no place for a water filter. But having Berkey, it will not be like this. First of all, because it is size is only 13 inches high, when it is packed. Second because it can hold up to 2.5 gallons of water. And third – it filters 3.5 gallons of water per hour. Therefore, no matter how many people are going on a trip, there will always be enough water for everyone.