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Kitchen Faucet Styles

To be totally sincere, it would take me ages to make a list of that great variety of models for you to purchase, there is truly a wide choice of them on today’s market. The companies that specialize in kitchen fixtures manufacturing have come up with a conclusion that customers these days are more sophisticated than before. They are not any more satisfied with appliances that would sit in the background performing a service only when it is needed.Today’s market offers a great variety of models in different styles that will match your needs and cater for any style of decor in your accommodation. On this website, I decided to categorize all the faucets I have made reviews on into different sections. I hope they will be beneficial for you and you will pick up something that will perfectly suit your taste and interior decoration.

Different Styles of Kitchen Faucet

Be certain that these sections comprise numerous models that come in a wide range of colours and styles, and whether you want something modern and stylish, something ethnic and traditional or something unique and outstanding, you will definitely pick up something right up your street. Yet, I have made a decision to create a central page that would provide basic reviews on some of the styles I have, and add some links if you feel like learning more details about the models and their designs.

Pull Out Faucets


This faucet was designed to be managed with one hand, which means you can regulate the flow of a stream and its temperature operating with one hand only (which is an extremely beneficial option if your other hand is occupied with something else). Also, this model is equipped with an integrated spray head that enables you to shift from the sink to your cooking area. To put it simply, if some of your saucepans are too big to fit them into a sink, it will take you little effort to fill them with ease away from it.

Pull Down Faucets


The design of the pull-down faucets bears a resemblance to the design of the pullout ones. However, if the first model enables you to shift from the sink to the cooking area, this one is designed with one fluid movement (downwards) which is an essential option to have if you are the owner of deep and big sinks.

Commercial / Fusion Style


Long ago this design was considered to be a business-like decor that was meant to be installed in commercial kitchens. Since then tastes have changed a lot, so I have decided to put this one on the list as well. This style will enable you to add some sense of “professionalism” to your kitchen. Even though it is not that important in which part of a kitchen you are intending to get the appliance installed, I am inclined to believe that this model is an excellent option to serve as a “decorative” element in case your sink is in the center of the room.

Separate Spray

4My work experience has shown me that the vast majority of clients prefer having a spray, inasmuch as it simplifies the tasks around the kitchen, especially if there is a need to rinse food or dishes pretty often. No everyone, however, will find this integrated style suitable for him. That is why I have also prepared the articles on models that are not featured with a separate spray function.

Motion Detection/Touchless


The models I have presented in this category reveal that the latest technological developments were applied to design these faucets. These models don’t only look smashing but are also equipped with the most up-to-date settings. No matter whether you want to impress your family members, a circle of your acquaintances and friends or just to make your life cleaner and simplify the tasks you have to deal with at kitchen, I suggest you taking these models into account.

Two Handle Faucets


I bet you must thinking at this moment that I am sticking to the traditional options, and I have no intentions to deny this fact, as it is true to some extent. However, even if I do return to older models, I return only to premium quality ones. To be frank, I have a great number of clients who opt for this design as they find it more convenient to have the cold and hot watercourse controlled by 2 separate handles.

I have given a brief explanation of all the designs of faucets described on my website. I hope my articles will assist you in making your choice and you will pick up the option most suitable for you!