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Eddy Electric Water Descaler (Magnetic System)

eddy electronic water descalerAt the current moment, the Eddy Electronic Water Descaler is claimed to be the best alternative option for a traditional water softener system. These models might work in the ways different from each other, but the result is almost the same.

The system operates with the help of magnetic fields that are dealing with the effects of hard water, but this is the only performance the system carries out. It cannot eliminate the source that brings around scale deposits, but can only suspend its effect, meaning you will be spared of hard water issues for eighty four hours. If you want to get yourself more acquainted with the way a magnetic water softener operates, go on this page.

Even though the Eddy Descaler is a famous brand on the market of water softening systems, users’ opinions differ. The model has positive feedback and many satisfied users as well as criticism and haters. We suggest you to look yourself at the flaws and benefits we have discerned and compared.

Our Rating: 4 out of 5 stars


ProsHas a tiny space-saving size


ProsExtra easy installation process

ProsIt will still make your water drinkable


disadvantagesA magnetic system can only ‘suspend’ the negative effects of hard water (does not eliminate 100% of hard water)

disadvantagesThe model is inefficient if level of water hardness is above 10 GPG

disadvantagesMust be installed inside.


  • The system operation – works with the help of magnets wrapped around the main supply line in a customer’s house, and this magnetic field ‘restrains’ the scale from piling up and the sediment from clinging to pipes or devices.
  • Space-saving size and light weight – 6.7 x 1.6 x 3.5 inches in size and round 2 pounds in weight
  • Low electricity usage – 110 volt system which runs on 5 watts.
  • Refund – The manufacturer provides his customers with a money back guarantee in case the product has arrived damaged.
  • Long-term warranty– lifetime repair and replacement warranty.

What we think are advantages

  • Extra compact – in comparison with many other water softening systems, this one is tiny and is a perfect choice for limited spaces. In addition, the installation process is so easy to complete that the user will manage it on his own.
  • No extra expenses to run – inasmuch as it runs of 5 watts, and there are no extra fittings or components to splash on (no maintenance, filters, salts required).Your only task is to install it and enjoy the water of excellent quality. Since there are no wastes to get rid of, you’ve made an environmentally innocuous choice.
  • Nutrient benefits of hard water remain –hard water contains many necessary for our organism minerals and nutrients such as calcium (which was proven to reduce hearth diseases) and magnesium. The system does not completely eliminate but rather neutralizes the minerals in the hard water to prevent them from gravitating to the bottom, but the hard water still remains the hard water and the healthy elements are still there.
  • Money back guarantee – The manufacturer provides its customers with a twelve-month, 100 per cent refund guarantee, and lifetime warranty.

What we think are drawbacks

  • Not a lasting salvation – The main flaw of this system is that its effect is not long of duration. The water will recur to its initial condition within forty eight hours, and all the negative effects will emerge again.

Many clients who had a high level of water in their houses did not benefit from this purchase, as it was completely ineffective. Just in the same way, the deposit in your pipes will not be eliminated-just suspended with the help of a magnetic softening system

  • Is not suitable for lead/ iron pipes –Pipes made of these materials are rare to meet these days, but they are still widespread in very old houses. Since the magnetic system cannot influence such materials as iron and lead the system itself is absolutely useless.

A twelve-month money back guarantee might seem to be very attractive, but read the fine print! You should make yourself aware of all the information contained in a manual. If you return the product within 30 first days, you are safe, but over 30 days, and you will find yourself to be a subject of ‘amazon restock fee’.

A Great Choice For

  • A House with the water hardness level does not exсeel 8 GPG – if it does, only an authentic water softener can help you solve this problem.
  • Eco-friendly customers – the planet will be very grateful to you.

Not The Best Option For

  • A very big household– if you have more than two bathrooms-this variant is not for you!
  • A household with water hardness over 8 GPG – only a salt-based softener can cope with that level of hardness. To see what options you have to choose from, click this to page out.