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Fleck Water Softeners

One should choose the type of water softener depending on the hardness of water in one’s accommodation. We have listed and provided a review of several Fleck water softener models below and suggest you to make yourself aware of them.

Top Rated Fleck Water Softeners

Fleck 5600

fleck-5600-softenerToday the most reputed among the other Fleck water softener units is Fleck 5600. Its manufacturing development holds the capacity of 48,000 grains and can handle a water flow rate up to 12 gpm. This model would be an appropriate option for the houses with the medium and high level of water hardness. The capacity of this model will fit the houses with 3-6 residents.

There is an electronic regulator on a backlit LCD display that comes with Fleck 5600. Due to the touchpad control system programming this water softener will be easy. In this particular model, the process of ion exchanging is applied for water softening. During this process, magnesium and calcium ions (the ones that harden the water) are being removed from it. The regeneration process of Fleck 5600 SXT is based on meters counting, so it will only regenerate when there is such necessity, measuring the rate of your water usage. The unit brine tank is constructed in the shape of a square and can hold up to 250 pounds of pelleted salt (in case you an eco-conscious kind of person, you might consider using potassium chloride pellets, but consult with the manufacturer first). The unit also has a floating barrier system and an overflow drain to make sure cases of overfilling will not take place. Fleck 5600 SXT warranty comprises two particular kinds of guarantees: the ten years on the tank guarantee and the five years on the head guarantee. People have given Fleck 5600 SXT positive reviews so far, mentioning they are content with the sufficient impact the filter has had over the quality of water in their houses.

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Fleck 7000

fleck 7000This Fleck model will serve for a bigger water capacity, and can cope with approximately 64,000 grains. It works using one of the newest Fleck’s 7000 valve. The 1.25 valve allows high-pressure watercourse and can handle a water flow rate up to 35 gpm.

The Fleck 7000 water softener control is based on the integral microprocessor, which you can program for high-efficiency regeneration with salt consumption at the lowest rate. If you wish to read more customers reviews and get an idea of the feedback clients give to Fleck 7000 sxt- jump to Amazon.

The Fleck 9100SXT model was equipped with a twin tank system to get the best possible performance. The alternating tanks will supply you with never-ending amount of soft water. This model is a true salvation for hard water that has high mineral content.

The resin for each tank has a 1.5 cubic feet capacity. The ultimate watercourse this unit can handle is 12 gpm.

The Fleck 9100SXT also features the On-Demand Flow meter. It calculates your water operating ratio and regenerates only when there is such need.

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