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Inline Water Filters

Sometimes installed side-by-side with the reverse osmosis filters for simultaneous water filtration, Inline water filters are commonly used directly (be it on the home appliance or on the water line itself), helping the user to save space. When used with the reverse osmosis system, an Inline filter would act as the final polishing filter and the final stage of water filtration. Because of this, these filters are also known as “inline post filters”. The home appliances that can benefit from Inline filters are typically the various small appliances that exhibit the low flow rate – such as coffee makers and ice makers.

As there are perhaps too many different models to choose from, we have made a decision to help you to choose the optimal inline water filter for you. For this, we made a selection in the form of best inline filters list, based on parameters such as price, quality, rating, uses and the reviews of each water filter.

Inline Water Filters of Our Choice

Watts 5YR Premier Filter Inline Ice Maker Water Filter

watts 5yr filterThis model would be our top recommendation, or at least one of them. It truly has a variety of uses – Watts 5YR Premier works great as washing machine filter or refrigerator water filter, as well is a perfect fit for water coolers, coffee makers, RVs, ice makers, and even water fountains.

This filter can last about five years, filtering up to 20,000 gallons of water over this period. The system uses a special filtration media, which helps it to achieve bacteriostatic properties. This extends filtration life. The filtered water has its taste and clarity improved. The filter reduces scale buildup and is certified for reducing chlorine. It is also NSF testing that guarantees quality and safety of the filtration.

The maintenance and the installation are both very simple, and the connection adaptors allow the user to install the filter directly in line with current plumbing. This filter has received many good reviews and is currently one of best-selling filters on Amazon, in this category at least.

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Culligan IC-EZ-1 EZ-Change Icemaker and Refrigerator Drinking Water Filter

culligan ic-ez-1Culligan EZ-Change inline water purifier will provide you with a supply of water that is both fresh and clean. As it is designed to be connected to the water and ice supplies, it is best suited for using with refrigerator water dispensers and icemakers. Use of Culligan EZ-Change successfully prevents unwanted particulates from invading the water inside the refrigerator. This removes any bad odor and taste caused by things like chlorine.

The filter will fit into the drinking system of your refrigerator quite easily, meaning that your family will have access to fresh water and clean ice after fairly quick installation process. The filter is securely kept in place via quick-connect fittings until it needs replacement (which is approximately after filtering up to 3,000 gallons of water). The replacement itself is easy and fast thanks to a twist-on and twist-off mechanism, as well as the filter itself being lightweight.

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GE GXRLQ SmartWater Inline Water System

GE gxrlq smart waterAnother filter that is ideal for a refrigerator, GE GXRLQ filter is designed for inline installation behind your refrigerator. The taste and odor of ice and water will be considerably improved just as with the previous filter.

Users who only have a tight space available should have no problems with fitting GE filter since it has a compact design.

This product comes with everything necessary for installation, so setting the filter up is easy as well. A Twist and Lock mechanism the system is equipped is will allow you to unscrew old filter and screw back a replacement one when it’s due.

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Whirlpool 4378411 Inline Refrigerator and Water Filter

whirlpool 4378411 RB4378411 filter model by Whirlpool is able to remove bad odors and tastes, chlorine, rust, dirt, and lime scale buildup – which results in fresh and clean water and ice. You will be able to use this filter model with any refrigerator made by one of major brands – proven that you have filter access in the back of your fridge,  The sediments and other types of particles in the water are successfully reduced to 5 microns.

The installation of this unit is easy and quick. The push-up connectors help to keep the water filter in place, and it will need replacement approximately every six months.

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Filtrete Under Sink Advanced Water Filtration System

filtrete 3wh-std-s01Filtrete filter allows you to drink clean water right from the tap, as its design allows this filter to fit right under the sink. Developed by 3M engineers, it has a filter media that helps to clean the water as it passes through the filter. It attracts different microscopic particles with the help of mechanism that acts like tiny magnets powered by an electrostatical charge.

An adjustable wrench and a screwdriver are all that’s required for installing this unit directly to your faucet. The whole thing must be connected under the sink, where the cold water supply is located, and there is no need to install an extra filter afterwards.

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