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Alkaline water is a trend that has been spreading all over the world, and for good reason! It is full of minerals and antioxidants which help support your immune system. However, not everyone knows that there are many different types of alkaline water machines on the market today. To make sure you’re making an informed decision about which machine to buy, we’ve done the research for you. In this blog post, we’ll be reviewing three different machines as well as providing some tips on how to use them properly.

Water ionizer machines increase the alkalinity of water by altering its pH.

Water that has traveled through an ionizer machine is known as ionized water. A standard alkaline water machine contains metal plates, usually titanium and platinum. These use the process of electrolysis to divide up the key ions in the water, resulting in a water with a more alkaline pH level.

So why do people prefer alkaline water? Actually, it’s more than just a case of personal preference. Alkaline water is thought to reduce impact of oxidation on the body.

It’s also said to provide key nutrients for hydration, energization and detoxification. We’ll cover the benefits of alkaline water in more depth later on in this guide.

Best Water Ionizer Models Reviewed

iSpring RCC7AK-UV, NSF Certified, 75GPD 7-Stage Under Sink Reverse Osmosis RO Drinking Water Filtration System with Alkaline Remineralization Filter and UV Ultraviolet Filter

iSpring RCC7AK-UV, NSF Certified, 75GPD 7-Stage Under Sink Reverse Osmosis RO Drinking Water Filtration System with Alkaline Remineralization Filter and UV Ultraviolet Filter

AK-UV is the newest technology in Certified Under Sink Reverse Osmosis Water Filters. Constantly producing delicious, healthy water for years to come with 50% lower energy consumption than conventional RO systems, this powerful filtration system includes 7 different stages of filtration that removes up to 99% contaminates including lead – removing 98% lead. The Alkaline Remineralization filter improves your drinking water by restoring natural alkaline balance and delivering important minerals absent from much tap water nationally. This system will clean every faucet in your home with cleaner, purer water; finally realizing refreshment like never before!

An NSF certified 75GPD reverse osmosis under sink mounted purification system designed to produce drinkable water from your tap

75GPD Reverse Osmosis System that reduces up to 99% of contaminants including lead, fluoride, chromium-VI and mercury. The AK-UV system also adds minerals for healthier drinking water with increased alkaline pH levels (between +200mV – +700mV) which you can adjust according to what feels best in your body.

The unit comes equipped with an Alkalinity Booster Pump delivering healthy ionized alkaline waters where needed throughout the home via every faucet. With 35% lower pressure drop than other RO systems on the market today, this is one of the most efficient under sink reverse osmosis units available!

  • 75GPD of filtration, NSF Certified Reverse Osmosis System
  • Alkaline remineralization filter to add minerals and improve alkalinity in the water.
  • UV light purification system with 99% effectiveness at eliminating bacteria and viruses from your drinking water for peace of mind!
  • Although easy installation is promised some customers have said they needed a plumber to install this unit under their sink.
iSpring RO500AK Tankless RO Reverse Osmosis Water Filtration System, 500 GPD Fast Flow with Natural pH Alkaline Remineralization and TDS Monitoring Smart Faucet

iSpring RO500AK Tankless RO Reverse Osmosis Water Filtration System, 500 GPD Fast Flow with Natural pH Alkaline Remineralization and TDS Monitoring Smart Faucet

An RO system that attaches to your sink for instant access to fresh, healthy water. This tankless design means you won’t have any bulky tanks taking up valuable space in your kitchen and the natural pH alkaline remineralization ensures you can enjoy delectable mineral enhanced waters straight from your tap!

Fast flow rate of 500 gallons per day, plus a TDS monitor to measure total dissolved solids and ensure your water is as healthy as can be.

As one of the most popular RO systems on the market, iSpring has quickly become known for their high quality products that provide great value at economical prices. With some truly innovative features such as auto-shutoff valves and leak detection sensors you’ll know exactly where your valuable water goes when it leaves your faucet so there’s no more worrying about wasting gallons every day! A sleek design makes this system look great in any kitchen and with front mounted LED lights giving you usage status information even from across the room! Add an automatic shut off valve if needed or install directly onto a new counter top – all hardware including flexible lines included!

  • Auto shut-off valve for added security
  • Leak detection sensors provide extra protection against wasted water and expensive repairs
  • Takes up counter space
AquaGreen Alkaline Water Ionizer Machine AG7.0, Home Water Filtration System, Produces pH 3.5-10.5 Alkaline Water, 7 Water Settings, Up to -570mV ORP, 8000L

AquaGreen Alkaline Water Ionizer Machine AG7.0, Home Water Filtration System, Produces pH 3.5-10.5 Alkaline Water, 7 Water Settings, Up to -570mV ORP, 8000L

The AquaGreen Alkaline Water Ionizer Machine is the only ionizing water filtration system that provides pH levels ranging from a low of approximatelypH+/pOH -.36 to pHLow of approximately-570mV ORP (Oxidation Reduction Potential). The AG70K produces up to 100 gallons per day of clean, crisp alkaline water. It has seven different settings to produce healthy pH levels of approximatelypH+/pOH -.36 (acidic) or pHLow of approximately-570mV ORP (alkaline).

The AquaGreen Alkaline Water Ionizer Machine has a one year warranty and produces alkalized water that is free of chlorine, bacteria, heavy metals such as lead and copper. The AG70K comes with the following: A multi-functional digital control panel; an NSF certified solid carbon block filter made from food grade activated coconut charcoal powder to remove bad taste & odors which makes your ionized drinking water clean and healthy; built in ozone system for killing germs and preventing future bacterial growths on the storage tank surface.

  • Produces up to 100 gallons per day
  • Multi functional digital control panel
  • None.
Aqua Ionizer Deluxe 9.5 Anti-Oxidant Boost Water Ionizer

Aqua Ionizer Deluxe 9.5 Anti-Oxidant Boost Water Ionizer Alkaline Water Filtration System Produces pH 3.0-11.5 Alkaline Water Up to -880mV ORP 4000 Liters Per Filter 7 Water Settings

Aqua Ionizer Deluxe is a full-featured water ionizing filtration system that provides pH levels ranging from a low of approximatelypH+/pOH -.36 to pHLow of approximately-880mV ORP (Oxidation Reduction Potential). The deluxe version has nine different settings for water filtration, each with different pH levels. The Aqua Ionizer Deluxe is manufactured by Enagic®, a company that designs and manufactures exceptional water ionizing machines for over 40 years.

The Aqua Ionizer Deluxe machine produces alkaline or acidic waters depending on user preference and the specific function of use. For example: if you want to drink highly antioxidant water then set it at low anti-oxidant boost setting (ph+/pOH -.36) . If you want to produce hydrogen rich water than simply switch to hydrogen output mode (+/- 800mV ORP). These three settings are divided into four main categories: Filter Function, PH Balance Range, Output Mode & Flow Rate. This high quality product operates quietly unlike inferior models, which are very noisy.

The Aqua Ionizer Deluxe machine is equipped with a self-cleaning system that keeps the ionization chamber clean and free of calcium scale deposit automatically; therefore there’s no need for chemicals (i.e., citric acid) to keep it in good condition. There’s also an automatic shut off feature, when water tank becomes full or empty – this prevents any malfunctioning due to overfilling/overflowing of the unit itself. Other features include: Automatic deionization cartridge replacement indicator light (LED), Safe tip-proof housing design & Stainless steel HYDRO INNER LINER™ material used inside all components to avoid rusts!

  • Produces pH levels ranging between low of approximatelypH+/pOH -.36 to pHLow of approximately-880mV ORP (Oxidation Reduction Potential)
  • Produces alkaline or acidic waters depending on user preference and the specific function of use
  • Nine different settings for water filtration, each with different pH levels
  • Operates quietly unlike inferior models which are very noisy
  • None!
AQUALKA 11Plates High end ionizer Water Machine Alkaline ionizer Water Machine

AQUALKA 11Plates High end ionizer Water Machine Alkaline ionizer Water Machine PH2.8~11

Aqualka 11Plates high-end ionizer water machine is one of the most advanced in its class. It has 5 healthy water options to choose from. But it’s not just what goes into the ionizer, but also how it gets there that sets this machine apart. The Aqualka 11Plates comes with an Ionized Alkaline Mode, a hydrogen rich mode, purified tap water, acidic preset and an alkaline pH range (2.8-11) for adjusting your own preference! Not only can you enjoy all five modes of water – you can use your smartphone or tablet app to remotely control your unit anytime you desire without ever having to leave home!

The Aluminum alloy casing teamed with Platinum Titanium Plated Plate helps to produce the cleanest, most mineral rich water. It produces 100% Natural Ionized Alkaline Water with a pH of 11 and Higher ORP (Oxidation Reduction Potential) which helps your body achieve optimal hydration for cellular regeneration – giving you more energy! And it’s easily accessible on demand too without ever having to wait or press buttons thanks to its sleek digital interface that lets you select from five options: acidic pH preset, alkaline pH range of (pH of up to 11), hydrogen-enriched mode, ionized alkalinity level and tap water option.

The Aqualka is designed in an ergonomic fashion making it easy for everyone at any age including children toddlers toddlers teenagers adults seniors operate with a simple one touch button that you can activate using your smartphone or tablet. It also automatically shuts off after three minutes of use which is great for safety and power consumption too! The Aqualka high-end ionizer water machine uses just 120 volts/12 watts to operate which makes it energy efficient as well – saving you money on the long run.

  • The Aqualka high-end ionizer water machine comes complete with a 14 liter (about three and half gallons) capacity.
  • It’s sleek and modern design combined with it’s functionality makes it perfect for any type white home black kitchen brown bathroom etc.
  • This product can’t get rid of heavy metals like lead or asbestos.
WUGOSU 2L Large Capacity Hydrogen Alkaline Water Pitcher Maker Machine,Hydrogen Water Bottle Generator with SPE and PEM Technology, US Membrane Make Hydrogen Content up to 1500 PPB

WUGOSU 2L Large Capacity Hydrogen Alkaline Water Pitcher Maker Machine,Hydrogen Water Bottle Generator with SPE and PEM Technology, US Membrane Make Hydrogen Content up to 1500 PPB

The WUGOSU hydrogen alkaline water pitcher is the perfect addition to any kitchen and works great in a white home black kitchen brown bathroom etc.

It can produce up to two liters of healthy, ionized and antioxidant rich drinking water, making it ideal for families with children even adults teenagers seniors toddlers. It’s one-button design makes it easy to use even for beginners. It is energy efficient and delivers the same pH levels as expensive alkaline machines without costing a fortune, so you can enjoy your antioxidant-rich water at an affordable price.

It’s also extremely portable which makes it great if you want to take hydrogen infused water with you on vacation or trips around town etc. And since using this machine doesn’t cost much money, there are no reasons not to keep one in every room of the house (kitchen bathroom bedroom living room family room den office basement laundry room garage)

Minor downsides include that some people may find the pitcher too big for their fridge door but I don’t think this should be an issue because most fridges have enough space inside anyway especially if you use the water dispenser on top of it.

  • Produces hydrogen infused water (alkaline)
  • Easy to use and clean.
  • Produces two liters of healthy ionized antioxidant rich drinking water in one hour’s time or less.
  • None.
Apex Countertop Drinking Water Filter, Alkaline, Clear (MR-1050)

Apex Countertop Drinking Water Filter, Alkaline, Clear (MR-1050)

The Apex countertop drinking water filter is a solid alternative to the WUGOSU alkaline pitcher. It is very easy to install and doesn’t require any plumbing or installation by professionals which is great because it means that you can begin enjoying ionized antioxidant rich hydrogen infused water within minutes after receiving your order right at home, in your kitchen where it is most convenient! You can also take it with you when visiting friends and family. It’s a great choice for anyone who wants to enjoy alkaline water in larger quantities than what the smaller WUGOSU pitcher filters will provide, but isn’t quite ready to invest in an under-the-sink water ionizer just yet or doesn’t have enough counter space at home.

The Apex countertop drinking water filter uses two different kinds of filtration media that combine into one unit: First there is a standard activated carbon cartridge which reduces chlorine, sediment and organic chemicals such as pesticides and herbicides found in tap water (and even well/spring waters) by up to 95%. The second type of filtering material used inside this machine is a patented ion-exchange resin that is able to filter out up to 90% of the positively charged contaminants in tap water such as metals, minerals and other ions like calcium (hardness) or magnesium (lime scale).

The Apex countertop drinking water filter works by first filling its two included 0.75 liter storage containers with regular tap water; next you turn on your faucet at full force so it will fill the upper cartridge chamber inside this unit. Once filled, an automatic shutoff device will prevent any overflowing from happening which could damage your machine if left unchecked for too long. After about 15 seconds all excess liquid has drained into an internal drip tray where it then travels through activated carbon filters before making its way back down into the lower cartridge chamber which contains the ion-exchange resin. There it is infused with extra electrons before being dispensed as alkaline antioxidant rich, mineralized healthy drinking water from its spout up top!

  • Includes two 0.75 liter storage containers with spouts for easy pouring
  • Large capacity filter, can make up to 40 liters or more per cartridge!
  • Very affordable price compared to other alkaline water machines on the market today
  • Uses activated carbon filters which are known to lose their filtering ability over time and need replacing every few months depending on how much you use it.
Water Purifier Machine Water Ionizer ORP+500 to -800 PH 2.5-11.2 Alkaline Acid Water Best Home Alkaline Water Filtration System

Water Purifier Machine Water Ionizer ORP+500 to -800 PH 2.5-11.2 Alkaline Acid Water Best Home Alkaline Water Filtration

This is top pick for the best alkaline water machine on this list. It has all of the bells and whistles you would expect from a premium ionizer without costing an arm and a leg to afford compared to other high end models out there! With easy push button operation, a sleek and modern design, a convenient digital display that shows time of day, volume of water dispensed and other helpful information.

This top model comes with an appropriate price tag but it doesn’t compromise on quality either! The larger capacity ionizer uses two separate filters to increase its lifespan while the smaller one only has one filter which needs replacing more often. It can heat up your alkaline water extremely fast so you won’t have to wait long at all before enjoying delicious mineral infused flavored drinking water or plain old H20 if that’s what you prefer best.

It also features a great low maintenance feature in built heating element combined with self-cleaning capability for easy cleaning after every use without having to dissemble anything manually by hand– something that a lot of the other ionizers on this list don’t have.

This is great for busy people who want to enjoy their water right away without spending too much time cleaning and maintaining the machine afterwards. The built-in heating element combined with self-cleaning capability make it super quick and easy to do so! It also has an automatic shut off safety feature that turns itself off after approximately two hours which makes using this top alkaline water machine very safe as well. Some users report having been able to get multiple years out of one filter but replacement filters are not cheap, costing almost half as much as the unit itself only every few months or so depending how often you use it daily.

  • Super quick and easy to clean
  • Great digital display showing the time of day, volume of water dispensed and other helpful information at a glance
  • Heats up alkaline water extremely fast without wasting too much energy
  • Higher priced filter replacements are expensive compared to most other models on this list that last longer before needing replacement.

How To Choose The Best Water Ionizer

Under counter vs countertop

The size of your kitchen or where you plan to place the machine will be key considerations when it comes to choosing between an under counter and a countertop model.

Under-counter water ionizers are usually more expensive but they do save on space – especially if you have other appliances in your home taking up valuable cupboard space! They also tend to be stronger, faster at filtering out impurities (which is ideal if you live in areas with hard tap water) and generally look nicer too.. If cost isn’t much of an issue for you then this option can offer better value for money overall.

On the downside however these machines require professional installation which means hiring someone else to provide that service (and paying them!) as well as the cost of the actual machine.

Countertop water ionizers are also nice and compact but they don’t usually offer as many filtering features (although this varies between models). They do look really cool though – especially if you want to show it off on your kitchen counter!

Filter efficiency

A machine with a higher filter efficiency is going to be better than one that has lower ratings. This basically means it will remove more impurities from your water at once, so you don’t have to wait as long for the filtered stuff!

Depending on how much time and money you intend to spend on filtering out harmful substances this could be worth bearing in mind when buying an alkaline ionizer.. If your budget isn’t unlimited then look for models which advertise they reduce chlorine or fluoride by up to 99% (or whatever rate is appropriate) – anything less may not give you the results you want.

pH Range

This is a pretty important factor to consider if you’re on the lookout for an alkaline water machine. In terms of health benefits, it’s generally recommended that we drink somewhere between pH=0 and pH+14 (so slightly acidic or neutral). The problem with many tap waters however is that they have a very low level in this range – usually at around pH=+11!

By increasing its acidity you can help your body absorb more nutrients within food while reducing oxidative stress too.. To get all these advantages from drinking alkaline ionized water though your machine needs to be able to increase the ph value by several points which means having an appropriate setting or capability. If yours only goes up as far as +12 for example then you may want to consider upgrading (or supplementing with another product).

There are some machines however that don’t feature a pH adjustment feature at all – instead they leave it up to the user. If you know what level of alkalinity is right for your body and lifestyle this could be an option worth considering.

ORP range

This stands for oxidation reduction potential and it’s a measurement of how much free radicals are in your water. If you have high levels of these then drinking alkaline ionized water can help reduce the damage they cause to cells – potentially reducing cancer risks too!

The higher this number is, the more antioxidants will be present so look out for machines that advertise an ORP range on their product description or website.. You should ideally aim somewhere between +200mV and +1500mV although some models allow you to change this according to what feels best for your body as well as any health conditions (such as arthritis) which may require specific settings.

Simplicity of installation

You’re not going to want to spend hours trying to install your new alkaline water machine are you? If this is one of the main reasons why you haven’t got round buying one yet then look out for models that only require plugging into a power supply and can be set up in just minutes.

As well as limiting installation time, these machines also tend to come with more user-friendly controls too (although some will still need an experienced person to do it). They might not offer quite as many fancy features or filtering capabilities but they make great starter options if you aren’t sure how much use an ionizer would actually get at home!

Manufacturer support

As with any product it’s always a good idea to check out the manufacturer before you buy in case they have been known for providing faulty or low-quality products. This is especially important when buying an alkaline water machine because there are some that don’t actually work as well as advertised!

If possible, try and find reviews from people who have bought these machines yourself – most review sites will allow you to filter results by brand if need be.. Also make sure you read up on any warranty information offered (in terms of both time and money) although this varies between brands too so do your research beforehand.

Water ionizer maintenance

  • How to know if a water ionizer needs cleaning?

If you store your ionizer in a cabinet, it is important to remember that when the door opens and closes every time, particles of dust can get into its system and cause problems over time. This will not be an issue if it’s kept out on top of your countertop or under the sink instead! Also make sure to clean any mineral deposits from inside all removable parts regularly as well since they may affect calcium levels dispensed by this alkaline water machine once accumulated over time which might lead to unpleasant tasting drinking water after some point.

You’ll know when cleaning day comes around because scale build up will start happening at a faster rate than usual but don’t worry– most units come with built-in reverse osmosis technology included so they can be safely rinsed out with water so there’s no need to get any special cleaners or chemicals involved at all!

  • Maintaining your water ionizer – do’s and don’ts

Remember to unplug your ionizer before cleaning it and use only water on the parts of this alkaline machine that can be rinsed with water. Special chemical or cleaners should never be used because they could damage the unit’s internal components!

Make sure you don’t leave any containers under its spout for an extended period of time since leaving them there too long might cause leaking, overflow or other problems down the line so make a habit out of checking what is underneath every few days to avoid such issues from ever occurring in your household.

Also keep in mind that if left sitting unused for longer periods each day it’s best not to put anything but plain tap water inside until ready to go again as distilled drinking water will lead up scaling up much faster than tap water alone which can lead to extra cleaning needed before getting back to enjoying the ionized alkaline benefits of this machine.

  • Cleaning instructions for a water ionizer

To clean the system, first unplug it and then take off all parts that can be removed for cleaning. Do not use any harsh chemicals to descale as they may damage this alkaline water machine so instead just brush out mineral scale buildup with a toothbrush before rinsing thoroughly with hot tap water until no more build up comes off easily.

Allow those parts to dry completely before putting them back together again and plugging in the unit once again after which you’re ready to start enjoying great tasting alkalized drinking water from your own home without having spent too high an electric bill at end of month!

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I still use my normal tap water when I connect my faucet to an ionizer?

While it is best to use neutral or purified water when using an ionizer, tap water can be used but will require more cleaning after some point. However this alkaline machine’s benefits are still worth the extra effort in most cases!

What are some harmful contaminants that a water ionizer can remove?

Water ionizers can remove fluoride, chlorine and other harmful contaminants from your drinking water so if you have any of these around the house it is best to get rid of them before using this alkaline machine!

Can I use a water ionizer for my pets?

Many water ionizers can be used for pets, but it is best to double check that the one you buy comes with a pet drinking fountain feature if this is what you’re going for since some do not have them and may require an extra product purchase.

If your machine does come with a special bottle for your furry friend or other animal in your house, make sure you clean it regularly so that your pets can continue to enjoy healthy drinking water from this alkaline machine!

What advantages does a water ionizer have over a standard or reverse osmosis water filter?

Water ionizers have many advantages over standard or reverse osmosis water filters including the fact that they are able to remove more harmful contaminants, produce alkalized drinking water and may require less maintenance overall.

Why do some water ionizers let me change pH levels?

Water ionizers that let you change the pH level of your drinking water to a higher or lower number can be beneficial depending on what you’re looking for. If you’d like to make antioxidant rich alkaline water with this machine, then it’s best to go high in pH since most antioxidants are very sensitive and will deteriorate at different levels causing you to miss out on their benefits if the pH is too low!

Can I store alkaline water?

Some alkaline water machines have features to allow you to store the water that is made inside them for a longer period of time, but it’s important not to keep any ionized drinking water in this machine overnight or over a long weekend since distilled and ionized alkaline drinking water can lose many benefits overtime.

Do different people need to drink water at different pH levels?

Different people may have different needs for their drinkable water depending on what they’re looking to get out of it. For example, antioxidant rich alkaline drinking water is best at a higher pH while other types might be better off lower in pH!


Water ionizers are a great way to make tap water healthier and more alkaline. An ionizer is an appliance that attaches to your faucet and produces high quality, pH balanced drinking water on demand by removing the acidic heavy metals from regular tap water. Ionized or alkalized water has been shown in studies to have many health benefits including increased energy levels, weight loss success, better sleep patterns, improved skin health and reduced risk of chronic illnesses like cancer.