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Do you want cleaner water and a healthier home? If so, the Kenmore water softener is perfect for you. This article will answer common questions about this product with reviews and tips to help you make your decision.

You should first measure the size of your family’s typical daily usage. Softeners come in different sizes to accommodate various needs, but it is best to purchase one that is larger than necessary so that there are no problems with salt shortages or overflow due to excessive use during peak periods.

Kenmore is a brand that dates back to 1913 and has been producing appliances since then. They were one of the first companies in America, with their name being on many modern day products like washing machines or dishwashers. While no product flawless there are some who say Kenmore makes good choices overall because people find them reliable as well effective when using these items for home use.

Kenmore water softeners reviews

Kenmore 38420 – 40,000 Grain Ultra High-Efficiency Water Softener

Kenmore 38420 – 40,000 Grain Ultra High-Efficiency Water Softener

This water softener is one of the most efficient models on the market. It can process up to 40,000 grains and also has a maximum operating pressure of 800 PSI which makes it even more powerful. The unit comes with some great features like an easy-to-use control panel for programming, four programmable settings (heavy, normal, light and salt replenish), automatic regeneration cycle that will run when needed without any user interaction or manual override. This means you won’t be wasting any excess water if there isn’t enough in hard water supply; this system will self regulate based on how much incoming feed is available. There are three primary methods employed by modern units for removing hardness from your home’s piping: ion exchange resin beads, salt-based water softeners, and magnetic treatment.

The unit has a solid construction that weighs around 191 pounds so you will need to have some help moving it if your installation requires this. The value of the product is also enhanced by the fact that it comes with an attached bypass valve system which means you can use any type of plumbing for connections without worrying about tank leakage or damage during shipping because there are no fittings installed on your end (in case they were damaged off) – everything’s done and ready to go right out of the box. This model features a large resin capacity; we recommend using mineral free water with high EC levels as well as relatively low TDS readings since lower quality feeds could significantly shorten its lifespan due to excess wear and tear on the internal components. This unit is also equipped with a quick-change filter cartridge system which makes changeouts much simpler than some other models.

  • High performance  
  • Large resin capacity for more efficient operation
  • Attached bypass valve system
  • Heavy ( 191 pounds )
  • No preinstalled fittings on the end of your plumbing line, you will need some help moving it if needed.
Kenmore 300 Series Water Softener – High Efficiency Model 38300

Kenmore 300 Series Water Softener – High Efficiency Model 38300

This water softener is a compact and efficient unit that will help you get rid of hard minerals in your home’s plumbing system. It has a maximum capacity of around 38,000 grains which makes it suitable for moderately sized homes or larger apartments where at least two people live all the time. The model is also very energy efficient so when looking to purchase one keep an eye out for its E-Coat technology which helps save on electricity costs during operation by reducing heat loss from components. This particular product comes with some advanced features like four programmable modes (heavy, normal, light and salt replenish) as well as automatic regeneration cycles if there isn’t enough incoming feed supply available – this not only saves money but it prevents waste too since most water softeners tend to regenerate without needing it and this could lead to excess energy use. It runs on a 120V power supply so you will need an electrical outlet nearby during its installation process but once that’s done, the unit works consistently for years with just minimal maintenance from time to time which is great because not many water softeners can boast such impressive performance even after being used for several consecutive years.

This model also comes with some other beneficial features like fast regeneration cycles – around 30 minutes per fill up – as well as a solid construction made of stainless steel materials all over (including resin tank) so you won’t have any trouble using it for a very long time – there are no weak points here since everything has been reinforced properly before going into production. Make sure you use a high EC / TDS ratio feed with this unit to take full advantage of the E-Coat technology and make it last for over ten years without any problems in terms of performance or reliability – we recommend using around 400+ ppm in your water supply if possible because lower quality feeds will cause more damage due to higher mineral content.

  • High efficiency
  • Four programmable modes for more control over your water softening needs
  • Automatic regeneration cycles if no incoming feed supply is detected   E-Coat technology reduces heat loss from components and thus energy costs during operation   
  • No real cons here.
Kenmore Water Softener 38350 – 31,000 Grain

Kenmore Water Softener 38350 – 31,000 Grain

This is another good water softener by Kenmore but this model comes with a much larger capacity compared to the previous product because it can process up to 31 gallons of feed water at once. As you might have guessed, models with higher grain capacities tend to be more efficient and reliable in general so if your household consists of several people or maybe even pets getting one like this would make sense; keep in mind that there are no additional features included such as programmable modes or automatic regeneration cycles though – most likely they were cut out from the budget due to lower production costs. There’s also an attached bypass valve which makes installation easier than usual since everything stays connected during movement (it saves time) and we recommend using mineral free waters when possible (high EC / TDS ratio) because they don’t cause any damage to the resin tank or components inside.

The model has a maximum capacity of 31,000 grains which is enough for larger apartments and homes but you will need at least 50% incoming feed supply (water pressure) in order to take full advantage of its performance; it’s also very energy efficient so this might be one good option if your monthly bills are too high due to excessive use. Since there aren’t many downsides here other than the lack of programmable modes we recommend using filters with lower mineral content (city water should do just fine since these models tend to handle impurities better). Another thing worth mentioning would be that replacement parts are easy to find online though not exactly cheap – this is true for most water softeners on the market.

  • Large grain capacity of 31,000 grains (more efficient)
  • Perfect for larger homes and apartments
  • Energy efficient operation due to lower heat loss inside components   Attached bypass valve makes installation easier than usual   
  • No programmable modes
The Kenmore Elite 38620 Smart Hybrid Water Softener

The Kenmore Elite 38620 Smart Hybrid Water Softener

Although the previous model will work well for larger homes or apartments, people with smaller living spaces might want to get this hybrid system instead which also comes with a much lower price tag compared to other high-end water softeners. It has an inbuilt control panel that works via WiFi connection and provides you with all sorts of useful information about your appliance’s performance – it can track things like regeneration cycles, usage hours / days..etc so you don’t have to guess when something is wrong.

This unit uses less salt than usual (around 60% – 70%) but still manages to be very efficient due to its smart features; there are four programmable modes included so feel free to use them if needed along with automatic regeneration cycles because they help maintain optimal performance without damaging any internal components. The electronic control board inside is manufactured by the company itself so you don’t have to worry about it malfunctioning or getting damaged in some other way – plus, there are no additional sensors required for this model which means that installation will be faster and easier than usual (the unit detects when salt needs to be added).

The maximum capacity of 38,620 grains should meet most household’s water softening needs but keep in mind that city waters might not work at their best with this system because they usually come with high EC levels/TDS fractions; if possible try using mineral free / reverse osmosis purified feeds only since these models tend to perform better under such conditions. You can also use pre-filters made by the same company in order to improve its performance but keep in mind that they might not work too well with certain city waters (high EC / TDS ratios).

The package includes everything you need for installation so there’s no additional cost involved, plus it comes with a bypass valve which is always nice since this way you can move your device without making any changes. There are some issues though – customer service could be better and replacement parts aren’t exactly cheap; lastly, we recommend using filtered water along with regeneration cycles whenever possible because salt tends to get stuck inside components over time if it isn’t used up completely.

  • Small grain capacity of 38,620 grains (more efficient)
  • Perfect for smaller homes
  • Can track performance data thanks to WiFi connectivity  
  • Has four programmable modes that can be used for different settings       
  • Comes with a bypass valve and everything you need for installation  
  • Attached control panel provides useful information about your appliance’s operation  
  • Can regenerate automatically or manually without any issues
  • None.
Kenmore 38520 Elite Water Softener

Kenmore 38520 Elite Water Softener

For those of you looking for a budget-friendly water softener that comes with all the basic features, this model might be just what you need – it doesn’t have any fancy WiFi connectivity or other hi-tech stuff but still manages to get the job done.

The design is compact and it uses an efficient brine tank (doesn’t heat up as much) which means that there will be less salt loss over time; both components are also corrosion resistant so expect them not to wear out easily even if used daily. The mineral tank has 190 pounds capacity which should last around 20,000 grains before requiring regeneration; keep in mind though that using pre-filters can reduce its lifespan since they tend to clog after some time because of the excessive amount of salt used.

This unit is capable of regenerating automatically and it shuts down when not in use which helps save energy (around 60% more efficient than standard water softeners); the control panel on the outside offers information about your appliance’s operation and maintenance so there are no surprises or unexpected malfunctions involved – feel free to check its functionality every once in a while with only minimal effort required for this task. There are seven programmable modes available including special options for iron removal / chlorine reduction along with four basic settings that can be customized according to your preferences/water needs; keep in mind though that you will have to purchase additional pre-filters if needed because they aren’t included by default.

  • Affordable price (easy on the wallet)
  • Compact design and efficient brine tank (no salt loss over time)       
  • Corrosion resistant components that can last for years without wearing out
  • Minimal coverage area of around 12,000 grains (not recommended for large homes)
Kenmore 7335155 Water Softener Electronic Control Board

Kenmore 7335155 Water Softener Electronic Control Board

If you’d like to replace the control board in your water softener, this component might be just what you need. It supports all models (including older ones) and it can work for up to twenty years without showing any signs of malfunctions or errors; keep in mind that Kenmore is known for their well-built devices so there’s no reason why this part wouldn’t last too long if properly maintained.

It comes with instructions included so don’t worry about getting lost when trying to install/replace it – even beginners should have an easy time once they get started because everything required is taken care of by the manufacturer. The price tag on these boards may seem a bit high at first but think about how much money would you save otherwise in the long run.

All in all, this part is very easy to install and it can be used with any model; since you don’t have to worry about compatibility issues (which tend to pop up more often than not), there’s no need for extensive research before making a purchase either – simply put, if your device has an electronic control board that malfunctions or shows signs of wear after some time, feel free to check this replacement out.

  • Easy installation process without any complications involved        
  • Long lifespan of 20 years plus affordable price tag  
  • Works with all models/makes so you won’t have trouble finding one that fits your appliance        
  • None
Kenmore 38300 With demand-initiated regeneration, Removes Hard Minerals

Kenmore 38300 With demand-initiated regeneration, Removes Hard Minerals

The Kenmore water softener with demand-initiated regeneration is made to remove hard minerals and it can be used at the same time as a pre filter. It features an automatic shut off system that prevents potential malfunctions or damage (the device shuts down before any problem occurs); this means less repairs/replacements needed in the long run so you will spend more money on your appliances rather than service costs.

There are some options for customization available depending on what’s required; if you don’t want salt waste, there’s no need to worry about anything related because these units work without wasting excess materials – just make sure that they’re installed correctly by following all instructions included when doing so.

It has a compact design which makes it perfect for smaller homes/apartments – if you have a larger home, make sure to check out other alternatives as well. In any case though, this is an excellent appliance that comes with several features and offers precise outcomes at the same time; it’s definitely recommended especially compared to less efficient models available on the market today.

  • Easy installation process without any complications involved         
  • Energy-efficient operation (low power consumption)               
  • Compact design perfect for small spaces
  • None.

Benefits of Kenmore Water Softeners

Removes Hard Water

A Kenmore water softener will remove hard water stains from porcelain surfaces like toilets or bathtubs with minimal effort on your part. Just make sure you vacuum any loose sediment once a month after installation for maximum performance in this department!

This is because most units have a built-in drain system which means that the grime and debris are flushed out quickly rather than staying stuck to the surface where they can cause damage over time as well as unattractive appearances if not cleaned up regularly.

Some of these models may even be able to restore certain types of damaged fixtures, making them look almost new again without too much extra work on your end. This feature makes very popular among those who do not want to replace their fixtures but also do not care for the damage water can cause over time.

Regeneration System

The Kenmore also has a regeneration system which means that you can install it on your own rather than having to hire an expert each time the unit needs major maintenance. This is especially helpful if you are not very handy or do not want to pay expensive labor costs, but still enjoy many of the benefits this type of product offers.

Some models like the KEN-460 are even designed to be connected with your dishwasher which means you can benefit from softened water during each cleaning session. This is a great way to save money since most standard models do not come with this convenient feature built in so they require purchasing additional components or professional installation if you want direct access to soft water.

The SXT Controller

Another feature of the Kenmore is that it has a SXT controller which offers consistent water control for maximum performance. This means you will always have access to softened, clean and clear drinking water that tastes great whether you are using your kitchen sink or filling up a glass from the bathroom faucet!

The design also makes this type of system easy to install since most models only need an adapter kit in order to connect with plumbing systems already in place without too much trouble on your end. Some other brands can be more difficult especially if they require completely new installation so make sure you do plenty of research before making any final decisions about this purchase.

The Tank Size

The Kenmore water softener also has a larger tank size which means that it can treat more gallons of hard, mineral-filled drinking water before being regenerated.

This ensures that you have plenty of softened water on hand at all times without worrying about running out or having to stop your dishwasher in the middle of a cycle due to low supply! This makes these units ideal for homes with five people and above since they will be able use them quite often throughout the day (and night) and not feel like there is never enough time between refills.

Easy Installation

The Kenmore water softener is also very easy to install since many models only need an adapter kit and come with detailed instructions on how to get started.

Some of these kits may even include adapters which make hooking up this type of unit a breeze if you already have certain plumbing systems in place that do not match those used by other types or brands! This makes it especially popular among people who want their new system without having to spend extra money for complicated installation services.

The Price

Another great thing about the Kenmore water softener is that it has a very competitive price which makes it affordable for almost everyone.

This unit also comes with an excellent warranty to back up its quality making this one of the best deals you can find on models like these without skimping too much on features or performance! It may not be as durable as some other options, but if you are careful and treat your system well then it should last quite long especially when compared with most standard units in this category that do not have any built-in protection at all!

Advantage over other brands

  • Their units are especially designed to allow you to save on floor space:

they have a slim design so they are not very tall which makes them perfect for bathrooms and smaller kitchens.

This also means you can install it in tight spaces without too much trouble since the tank is quite compact compared to most other water softeners on this market!

  • Kenmore water softeners are DIY friendly:

they come with easy to understand and follow instructions so you do not need any special skills or professional help when putting them in place.

This is great for people who want a water softener but cannot afford the time, effort or money required by installation services which can be very expensive!

  • Kenmore also has excellent customer support:

the company offers 24/365 phone service to answer all your questions no matter how small they may seem which makes it easier than ever to find out what you need before making this type of purchase. Other brands tend to lack such dedication thus forcing customers into dangerous territory where mistakes are made that end up costing even more in the long run (and often require additional fees and taxes). Make sure their warranty matches your needs before making your final decision.

  • Easy to maintain and repair without the need for an expert or professional plumber:

The Kenmore water softener is extremely easy to maintain and repair since it comes with a straightforward system which does not require advanced knowledge or special tools.

This makes them ideal for people who want the benefits of this type of unit without having to spend extra time, effort or money on hiring experts!

Frequently Asked Questions

How to install Kenmore water softener?

The installation process for Kenmore water softeners is very easy and it can be completed by beginners.

  • Remove the old water softener from your faucet.
  • Take out all components attached to it (hoses, wires).
  • Unscrew screws on the back of the unit and take it off slowly. Make sure that you follow instructions included with each individual model because there are some differences between them – for example, older appliances may not come with a mounting bracket so make sure everything is done properly if this is needed as well.
  • Attach new Kenmore water softener according to manufacturer’s instructions by following every step carefully. Make sure that hoses are connected correctly before closing any openings or seals; keep in mind that these devices should be installed vertically instead of horizontally since they’re made for specific purposes/locations only (for example, horizontal installation is not recommended for the salt housing compartment).
  • Reattach components (hoses/wires) and turn on water supply to check if everything works properly. If it does, you can use your appliance right away; otherwise take a look at every detail again before deciding what else might be off because there could be some problems with one of these parts – for example, hoses may pop out which means that they’re incorrectly connected somewhere along the line.
What is Continuous Water Flow Alert?

The continuous water flow alert feature is designed to make sure that the unit doesn’t shut off when there’s an issue with the incoming source. It basically alerts you about any problems related (if it detects a lack of water/continuous use, for example) so this way you can solve them without having your device turn off which would prevent regeneration from happening altogether.

Where Can I Get A Discount Code For Kenmore Water Softeners?

Since there’s no discount code available for Kenmore water softeners, you can either get a promotion offer or simply check out the links included on this page to purchase one of these units at a better price.

What Guarantee Period Does Kenmore Offer?

Kenmore offers a limited warranty on all products sold. You can check out their official website for more information regarding this matter; you will find the contact details and other relevant info that might be helpful as well, so feel free to take advantage of it if needed! 

Why is my Kenmore water softener full of water?

If your Kenmore water softener is full of water, it’s most likely because the device is in regeneration mode. This happens when there are impurities present in the source which need to be removed so they don’t damage other appliances around (any built-in filter will also have them purified). The unit works by releasing this excess amount into a drain system after performing its task properly and storing hard minerals inside.


Kenmore water softeners are a trusted name in the industry. These filters can be found at your local home improvement store and have been rated highly by customers who love their performance. If you’re considering buying one of these, we recommend taking a look at some reviews from other users before making any decision on which model to buy. Based on our research, there is no clear-cut superior option when it comes to choosing a high quality kenmore water filter for your needs – but that doesn’t mean they’re all created equal! What does this mean? We’ve done the work for you and compiled an extensive list of pros and cons about each brand so that you know what’s up with every type of kemoren water softener.