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NuvoH2O Review

Among the saltless (working without the use of salt) water softening systems, the NuvoH2O water softener may be one of the best-rated systems as of now. If we are to believe the claims of the manufacturer, the life and performance of your plumbing system will be renewed with the help of this softener. NuvoH2O allows you to use healthy, salt-free water that will prevent as well as remove the scale buildup. This is important because the scale buildup is what clogs and corrodes your home’s plumbing fixtures and appliances. Our NuvoH20 reviews will help you to learn more about the various benefits of this water softener.

This unit is suitable for small areas, condos, and small apartments, as well as big homes, due to its compact and small design.

According to some experts, the sodium is required for softening the water, therefore succeeding without the use of salt is hardly possible. But the water produced by the NuvoH2O salt-free system shouldn’t be called softened, but more precisely it is “conditioned water”. By conditioning, the pH of water is reduced, and this prevents buildup. Instead of sodium, a citric acid is used by the system to produce softened water.

Which the science might be questionable for some customers, the majority of them are happy with using the NuvoH2O and satisfied with the results and performance this system displays in their homes. According to the reviews, Nuvo water softener makes the water taste and feel better, the users also note that the hard water spots are reducing. Only a few customers claimed in their reviews that they saw no changes. The possible reason for Nuvo H2O not being able to help them would be a very high water hardness level in their household.

No magnets, electricity, or even salt are required for this water softening system, and it’s able to work without wasting water.

High magnesium and calcium (as well as other hard minerals) concentration is what causes the water hard. Crusty deposits that are slowly forming by the hard minerals over time end up creating the buildup of scale. The end result is the clogging of home appliances and plumbing fixtures, as well as corrosion.

The chelation process used by NuvoH2O water softener helps to deal with hard water. The FDA approved chelant used is called Citryne and is food-based. It’s effect on the hard minerals lies in turning them soluble. Once the hard minerals become soluble, they no longer deposit themselves onto the surface of pipes, and the creation of scale is effectively eliminated.

Top Rated NuvoH2O Water Softeners

Three different models of NuvoH2O water softeners are available on the market, and depending on the size of your apartment they are coming in the different sizes:

Less than 1,000 square feet home areas – NuvoH2O Studio System



1,000-2,000 square feet home areas – NuvoH2O Home System (5 x 24 inches)



100+ square feet home areas – NuvoH2O Manor System (8 x 29 inches)



nuvoh2oreviews1The installation of the whole thing can take an hour max if you don’t have any plumbing experience, meaning that it’s relatively easy to set up. Alternatively, the company can provide an experienced plumber to help you with installation, in case you would still like it being installed by a professional. The more detailed information about them can be acquired via a call to company’s customer service, for now we will just say that these plumbers work throughout the Canada and the United States.

Everything necessary for the installation (including a detailed installation manual) is included with the package. The water softener unit is easy to install in any place of your choosing, seeing as it does not require floor space, calibration, drain, or any electronics.

Manor and Home softening systems require the citrus-based cartridge to be replaced every six months, while the Studio water softener will need a replacement twice as often – every three months. The systems, as well as cartridge replacements, can be purchased at Amazon (which is also a good place to check for more Nuvo reviews), and the cartridges for different types of Nuvoh2O water softeners have different prices. The replacement itself is fairly easy thanks to a built-in bypass featured in all the NuvoH2O systems.

Pros and Cons

ProsThe pros of this water softener are its compact size, relatively easy installation that can be completed without professional help, availability of models of various capacity (fitting for households of different size), ability to eliminate the scale buildup without using any electricity or salt, and being environmentally friendly. It also has a lifetime warranty.

disadvantagesThe cons include a cartridge replacement, which must be done every six months but when your water is extremely hard you might need to change the cartridge more often (which is costly).