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There are so many toothbrush brands in the market today, and it can be difficult to choose which one is right for you. There are also different types of toothbrushes, such as rechargeable or manual. The Oral B line has a variety of electric brushes that have varying features and benefits. In this article, we will compare the Oral B 2000 vs 3000 models to help you decide which one best suits your needs!

Oral B 2000 review

-The Oral B 2000 is the most basic electric toothbrush in the line. It has two speeds and an on/off button, like manual brushes do.

-The brush heads are cross action with tufts of bristles in between to effectively clean teeth in hard-to-reach places around crowns, bridges, implants and braces. There are also rubber ribs along the side for polishing away surface stains from fillings or caps.

-It comes with a Smart Travel Case that can be recharged via USB cable so you can charge it up while traveling without taking too much space!  This case will keep your brush head sanitized when not being used as well.


  • Brush Head Included: Yes
  • Charging Method: USB or Rechargeable Battery
  • Cleaning Modes: Two Speeds, On/Off Button
  • Battery Life Indicator: Yes *Requires a minimum of 24 hours charging before first use.

Oral B 3000 review

-The Oral B 3000 is a step up from the 2000. It has two cleaning modes and an on/off button, like the 2000 does, but it also comes with a smart timer to help you brush your teeth for the dentist recommended time of two minutes.

-This model cleans both in circular motions as well as back and forth motions too!  It features SmartRing technology that indicates when each 30 seconds have passed so you can focus brushing in different sections of your mouth without missing any spots. The color changes from blue to green at every thirty second interval starting from when you turn on this electric toothbrush until all four quadrants are done being brushed – top left then bottom right, then upper right then lower left. This feature is very helpful for those with braces or other dental work.

-It comes with a Smart Travel Case that can be recharged via USB cable so you can charge it up while traveling without taking too much space!  This case will keep your brush head sanitized when not being used as well.


  • Brush Head Included: Yes
  • Charging Method: USB or Rechargeable Battery
  • Cleaning Modes: Two Speeds, On/Off Button and Smart Timer with Indicator Lights.

Oral B 2000 vs Oral B 3000: Brand Comparison

Similarities & Common Features

Both Oral B 2000 and 3000 brushes are compact (smaller than most rechargeable toothbrushes), light, with rubber grip that is easy to hold. They both have soft bristles for gentle cleaning.

  • They come in different colors – blue/green handles on the Oral B 2000; black handle on the 3000 model.  The two models look almost identical except for these distinguishing features!
  • They both charge via USB cable or charging base (included with purchase). The brush heads do not need any replacement parts like some sonicare models require their own special tool to switch out old ones when new ones arrive…it’s just a matter of snapping them into place onto the brush handle.
  • All Smart Travel Cases can be recharged via USB cable.
  • Both are waterproof and safe to use in the shower!
  • The brush heads are interchangeable between both models. They come with one regular sized head when you first purchase them, but additional ones can be bought separately on Amazon or at your local retailer (any Oral B brand brush head will fit). The bristles look very similar too…just make sure not to buy offbrand options as they might damage the electric toothbrush handle!  

Oral B 2000 vs Oral B 3000: Key Differences

Cleaning Modes

The Oral B 2000 has one regular cleaning mode.  It is a simple push-button to turn on and off, with no options or choices in between like the 3000 offers.  

The Oral B 3000 has two different modes : Daily Clean (for everyday use), and Gum Care (for gentle gum stimulation). It also features an On/Off button as well as SmartTimer which counts down during your brushing session for dentist recommended time of two minutes . There are indicator lights that show you when each 30 second interval begins…starting from blue to green at t he first thirty seconds , then orange, red until it turns back to blue again after 120 seconds!

Toothbrush Colors and Designs

The Oral B 2000 and 3000 look the same, but the color is different:  2000 model has blue handle;  3000 comes with a black one.  

For those who prefer more modern sleek design of white or silver-colored toothbrushes – both models will blend in nicely as they are not colorful like some other models such as Sonicare for Kids. Both come with rubber grip that makes them easy to hold onto (even when wet). They feel sturdy and well built too!

Pressure Sensor

The Oral B 3000 has a unique feature that the 2000 does not have – it comes with an indicator light for when you are brushing too hard or pressing your toothbrush too much against teeth. The red light will turn on to let you know this is happening, and then it will automatically adjust pressure sensitivity so that there is less of a chance of damaging gums by applying too much force while cleaning them!

This helps if you are new to electric toothbrushes since they can take some getting used to…it’s easy to press down harder than needed at first until you become accustomed. This pressure sensor gives added safety features so no matter what oral hygiene level anyone using these brushes might be at – beginners or long-time users .

Battery Life

The Oral B 2000 is powered by a rechargeable battery that lasts up to seven days with regular usage. If it’s left sitting out on the charging base, you can expect about two weeks per charge. This makes for an easy travel toothbrush since no batteries are required!  It takes one hour to fully charge completely…from dead or low battery before using it for first time .    

The Oral B 3000 is also totally cordless and uses AAA alkaline batteries (included). It has not just one but two different ways of powering this brush: either use four AAAs in its removable plastic cradle or attach USB cable via computer system or wall-charger adapter which comes included as well when purchased brand new – these can be used interchangeably so you have options to choose from.  Either way, it lasts for about a week and half with regular usage before needing new batteries inserted or charged again .

Toothbrush Heads

The Oral B 2000 comes with one brush head, the Pro White.  It also takes any regular sized toothbrush heads (any model) which can be purchased at your local retailer or online via Amazon and other retailers. There are different kinds of replacement brushes to choose from for specific needs , such as whitening, sensitive gums, etc….just make sure it fits this electric toothbrush handle!The 3000 has two options: Precision Clean which is best for daily use; Sensitive brush choice if you have receding gum line or dental work done that causes sensitivity issues when brushing normally so super gentle massage mode cleanses teeth gently

Price and Value

The Oral B 2000 and 3000 are both in the same price range:  $50-60 (give or take depending on retailer) brand new. However, there is a way to find it cheaper…make sure you check your local ad circulars for sales.

Oral B 2000 vs Oral B 3000: Pros and cons

Oral B 2000


  • Two speed settings for those with sensitive teeth
  • On/Off button so you don’t have to cycle through all the modes just to turn it off


  • No pressure sensor and no quadrant timer.

Oral B 3000


  • Pressure sensor to let you know if brushing too hard
  • Quadrant timer that beeps at 30 second intervals so each section of your mouth gets equal time being brushed.
  • Two different ways it can power itself: either with AAA batteries or USB cable for charging on computer systems.


  • None.

Which one would we choose?

For our personal preference, we would choose Oral B 3000.  We like the pressure sensor and quadrant timer features on it which are lacking in the 2000 version.

The Pro White brush head works great for us so there is no need to buy extra ones…although you can if needed!

It’s pricier than most electric toothbrushes but that fact that it lasts up to two months with regular use of one charge (or about a week-and-a -half using rechargeable batteries) makes this product worth every penny .    As long as you keep an eye out for sales, coupons or discounts at your local retailers then go ahead and pick either model of these brushes since they both get outstanding user reviews online!


Which model is quieter?

The Oral B 3000 is a little bit quieter than the 2000.

Which model has more cleaning modes?

They both have two basic speed settings: daily and massage.  There are other oral care functions built-in but no specific “cleaning” modes like sensitive teeth or whitening, etc… besides what you get with brush head choice (more on that in next question).

Are these models non-slip?

Yes, both are non-slip.


The Oral-B 2000 and 3000 are both great models, so it can be difficult to choose which one is best for you. Luckily, we’ve reviewed the two side by side with a detailed comparison of their features as well as real customer reviews that will help make your decision easier! Finally, whichever model you end up choosing we hope this blog post has been helpful in answering some common queries like “what’s the difference between an Oral B 2000 vs 3000?”