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Choosing the right brush head for your Oral B toothbrush is an important decision. You need to find one that will clean your teeth the way you want them cleaned, and also be gentle on your gums so they don’t get irritated or bleed. This article goes over all of the different types of Oral B’s best brush heads available, what sets each one apart from the others, and which ones are best for different types of people.

There are three basic types of Oral B best brush heads. Compact brush heads (smaller than the full-size ones) and FlossAction, which is smaller than a compact head but bigger than an interdental head. Each type has different features that make it more suitable for certain people or their unique way of brushing teeth correctly.

When you go to choose an Oral B best brush head, you must understand the differences between these three types. It will help make your search easier and possibly save you time and money by choosing a head type that fits your needs perfectly. As we mentioned before, there are also different colors of each type of head available on the market right now. We mention this again because some people mistakenly think they can just buy any color they want – one person’s favorite shade isn’t necessarily going to be as good as another’s for them specifically, so knowing what kind might be more useful than knowing what color would look nice in their bathroom vanity or travel cup!

Oral B brush heads

Oral-B CrossAction Electric Toothbrush Replacement Brush Heads Refill, 2ct (Packaging may vary)

Oral-B CrossAction Electric Toothbrush Replacement Brush Heads Refill, 2ct (Packaging may vary)

Oral-B CrossAction Electric Toothbrush Replacement Brush Heads Refill, 2ct (Pack of 2) are available in a package containing two individually sealed electric toothbrush replacement brush heads with specially engineered bristles for optimal tooth coverage. This Oral-B refill head is compatible with the entire lineup of Oral-B rechargeable handles, except for sonic toothbrushes.

The Cross Action Bristles feature bristles set at 16 degrees to reach deep between teeth and remove up to 100% more plaque vs a regular manual toothbrush. The unique soft rubber texture provides gentle cleaning without scratching or irritating gums or delicate cheek lining tissues. Perfectly angled to clean from every angle possible, oral b’s cross action electric brush heads provide feedback on usage via blue indicator bristles that fade away as you brush to show when it’s time for a replacement.

The Oral-B Pro Health Electric Rechargeable Toothbrush is compatible with all of the best oral b brush heads, including: cross action, floss action, pro white and sensitive gum care. The oval shaped head design allows access to hard-to-reach areas in your mouth like back teeth which makes brushing more efficient than ever before!

  • Compatible with a wide range of Oral-B rechargeable handles
  • Bristles fade away to show when it’s time for replacement
  • The design might be too large for some people.
Oral-B iO Ultimate Clean Black Toothbrush Heads, Pack of 4 Counts

Oral-B iO Ultimate Clean Black Toothbrush Heads, Pack of 4 Counts

Say goodbye to oral care nightmares with the Oral-B iO ultimate clean black toothbrush head. Dentists recommend changing brush head every 3 months for best clean and ours is guaranteed to fit your device that you will feel like you’re brushing teeth at the dentist office! Choose Oral-B,#1 used by dentists worldwide.

Keeping your smile healthy has never been easier with our innovative bristles that surround each tooth; giving you up to 100% plaque removal on day 1 of use. With an exclusive round brush head pattern designed by Bayer healthcare, there’s no need for worries about where to get replacement heads because they are always readily available in this pack of 4 count only from Oral B Brush Heads & Parts Store.

The Oral-B iO ultimate clean black toothbrush head is one that you can rely on to keep your smile healthy. Dentists recommend changing brush heads every three months for best results and this product goes above and beyond to deliver the quality of service expected from a trusted brand like Oral B. With its easy installation, it will feel as if you are brushing teeth at the dentist office! This pack includes four replacement heads so there’s no need to worry about where you’re going to get replacements when they run out. Not only does this item have incredible reviews but it also comes with our customer guarantee satisfaction or your money back! What more could anyone ask for? You’ll never want another alternative again once giving these babies a try!

  • Easy installation, feels as if you’re brushing teeth at the dentist office!
  • A trusted brand with incredible reviews and a customer satisfaction guarantee.
  • Nothing!
Oral-B Charcoal Electric Toothbrush Replacement Brush Heads Refill, 5 Count

Oral-B Charcoal Electric Toothbrush Replacement Brush Heads Refill, 5 Count

Oral-B replacement brush heads are inspired by dentist tools and feature specially engineered bristles for optimal tooth coverage to remove stains such as tea and coffee, for whiter teeth. The round brush head is cup-shaped and made of an end rounded, charcoal infused material to fit most Oral B rechargeable handles without. The easy-to-install brush head features a reminder bristles that fade when it’s time to replace.

The bristles are extra-soft to protect your gums, and the round shape is designed with a cup-shaped profile that fits just below the gum line for better access. The charcoal infused material helps keep teeth whiter by removing surface stains on teeth such as tea or coffee which can discolor them over time.

This brush head has an easy installation process thanks to its reminder blue bristles which fade when it’s time to replace so you remember not only every six months but every three months too. This five pack contains one of each color: white, pink, yellow, green and light blue.

  • The variety of colors helps you remember to replace them every six, three or two months.
  • The brush heads are made with a special cup-shaped design which covers your teeth better than other toothbrush head styles.
  • None known at this time.
Oral-B FlossAction Toothbrush Refill Brush Heads, 5 Count

Oral-B FlossAction Toothbrush Refill Brush Heads, 5 Count

Oral-B FlossAction Toothbrush Refill Brush Heads. Oral-B provides you with a toothbrush head that is mildly abrasive for scrubbing away food residues, while able to remain gentle on gum tissue in order to promote healthier habits in your oral hygiene routine. Compatible with all electric handles except sonic brushes, the latex-free bristles are designed to reach between teeth in order to remove plaque buildup and strengthen dental work so long as 3 months of cleaning intervals are maintained 

Using this brush head refills package is critical when replacing your current one because it maintains its durability largely duelling decay breakers called cavity fillers over time. This package includes 5 bristles meaning you have enough replacements for up to 12 months of brushing with a single purchase.  This ensures you can keep up with your oral hygiene routine without having to worry about running out of replacements for several months.

While the bristles are able to be reused, it is recommended that they are replaced every three months in order to maintain its effectiveness over time and remove any build-up associated with decaying teeth fillers or saliva which could potentially cause damage if not removed on a regular basis. To replace this brush head refills package simply twist open the bottom of each toothbrush handle revealing where the old one should be placed inside before removing carefully through twisting motion. Once completed correctly, insert new refill into hole within base of electric toothbrush brush heads by aligning grooves together until set firmly in place at end opposite from bristles then twist bottom of handle back on firmly.

  • Designed to reach between teeth in order to remove plaque buildup while remaining gentle on gum tissue.
  • Compatible with all electric handles except sonic brushes.
  • Contains latex free bristles designed for up to 12 months of brushing with a single purchase.
  • Includes cavity fillers which prevents decay over time meaning you never have too replace this brush head refills package within your routine.
  • May cause damage if not removed regularly on a daily basis from the handle of your electric toothbrush using twisting motion. 
Oral-B Sensitive Replacement Electric Toothbrush Heads, 5 Count, Packaging may Vary

Oral-B Sensitive Replacement Electric Toothbrush Heads, 5 Count, Packaging may Vary

The Oral-B sensitive replacement electric toothbrush heads are extra soft and designed to be gentle on your gums. They provide a superior clean than a rubar manual toothbrush because the bristles are specifically engineered for optimal coverage of all the teeth, with just one swipe. These brush heads can work in any rechargeable handle by Oral-B except the sonic ones. 

Teeth will look cleaner, they will feel cleaner, and making sure they stay that way is routine with these xtra soft replacement brushes. The bristles are color-coded for easy identification. The blue bristles are designed to be extra soft for sensitive teeth, white ones are more standard and the green color is firmer. The colors also help you track how long each brush head has been used by marking when they start getting worn-out looking or stained with darkening of the bristles . Also note that these heads do not fit on Oral B sonic toothbrush models.

  • The bristles are soft enough not to damage the gums, yet they provide a thorough cleaning
  • They come in different colors so you can easily identify which is used more often. 
  • The brush heads may start looking dirty faster than expected because of the coloration of the bristles.

Which brush head should I use?

Each brush head has its own unique benefits and features, but choosing the best one for you really just depends on what your oral health + needs are. If you’re not sure which is the right choice for you though, don’t worry since all of them are compatible with any Oral B electric toothbrush so it’s easy to switch things up whenever needed!

Since most people find they need a new type at least every few months or less due to heavy use & wear & tear plus how often they change their bristles in general , this makes using an electric toothbrush especially great since each replacement brush head generally remains affordable even if bought separately too.

Oral B Brush Head Types

  • Cross Action heads

The Cross Action heads are designed with extra long tufts that extend beyond the top & bottom of every bristle row so it can access deeper into tight spaces where plaque likes to hide out. This makes them ideal for anyone who has orthodontics like braces or crowded teeth but still great even if not since they provide additional cleaning power over any standard sized brush head too! If you too have a medium to large mouth or just want more cleaning power then these are the best Oral B brush head for you!

They’re also ideal if you like using an electric toothbrush and occasionally like switching between it and brushing manually since they’ll work with both types of brushes.

Don’t let their larger size fool you though because even though there’s extra bristles on each tuft, they’re still extremely gentle & flexible so no need to worry about them being rough or irritating your gums either. You can be sure that while removing up to 100% more plaque than other heads, they will never harm your teeth, gum line or cause any irritation at all which makes them perfect for anyone suffering from sensitive teeth issues.

  • Deep Sweep heads

This is another type that does not include indicator bristles like regular full-sized versions do ( below) so there’s no need to worry about when it’s time for a replacement either.

The compact size allows you get deep into your back teeth and between them where plaque often hides out of sight. The brush head itself helps with this by rotating in two directions at once – one side rotates clockwise while the other rotates counterclockwise, moving twice as much toothpaste along your gum line than most standard sized brushes can on their own! They are also great if you have braces since they move all around instead of just going up and down or side to side making cleaning behind brackets almost effortless compared to using a normal electric toothbrush.

  • Floss Action heads

Designed specifically to be used between your teeth, this brush head is perfect if you want a more thorough clean or have braces. The bristles are set at an angle that helps scrape away food particles and plaque from hard-to-reach areas while the spaces in-between the rows of bristles scrub each tooth at their gum line for healthier gums as well!

  • 3D Whiteheads

This is a great brush head if you want to maintain your pearly white smile in between dentist visits. As the name suggests, it’s designed with extra polishing cups on every tuft so when combined with any whitening toothpaste or gel can help remove stains and brighten teeth over time!

It works similarly to how an electric toothbrush would but since manual brushing doesn’t usually reach this area of each tooth thoroughly enough, using one may be just what you need for brighter teeth without spending hundreds at the dentist office or using harsh chemical based pastes that are potentially harmful to both enamel & gums alike.

  • Pro GumCare heads

If you have sensitive gums or suffer from receding gum lines, this is the best brush head for you. Not only does it feature gentle polishing cups on each tuft to remove stains & plaque but also has a special massage mode that stimulates blood circulation in your gums so they stay healthy and firm.

It’s perfect if you want healthier teeth AND improved oral health too without having to spend more time brushing every day than most people already do since it works with either an electric toothbrush OR just by manual use! It’s angled bristles are great at removing plaque while being soft enough not irritate them like some other types can which makes them ideal even if you don’t currently have any gum issues yet still want preventative measures in place for later on.

  • Sensitive heads

If you have sensitive teeth issues, this is the best brush head for you. It has extra soft bristles on each tuft to help remove plaque without causing any pain or discomfort like some others can do even if used with an electric toothbrush which makes it perfect of anyone who struggles with regular brushing too.

It works by having up to three times softer bristles than most other types so they’re not only more comfortable but also less likely to cause damage over time since there’s no harsh scraping against your enamel during use either! The angle & height of them are designed specifically so that when combined with a rotary action motion from an Oral B electric toothbrush , it reaches all areas between and behind your teeth easily every time without missing any spots.

  • Precision Clean heads

If you want a more specific clean or are simply looking for the best brush head that offers improved value over time, this is one of the best ones to go for. Not only does it have softer bristles on each tuft but also has extra polishing cups too which helps remove stains & plaque better than most other types can all while still being gentle enough not irritate your gums like some harsher options might either!

It works specifically by adding an additional 20% more bristle spacing between rows so they cover up almost twice as much surface area per tuft compared to standard sized heads thus letting them do their job properly without having to use excessive force during brushing! The flatter base design allows you get into hard-to-reach areas without having to contort your wrist awkwardly or lean forward too much since it can go just as far back on its own.

  • Charcoal-infused heads

This is one of the best brush heads if you want both a full-on clean AND improved oral health, especially for those who have either sensitive teeth or gums. It has extra gentle bristles on each tuft to help remove stains & plaque without causing any pain or discomfort like some others can do even if used with an electric toothbrush which makes it perfect of anyone who struggles with regular brushing too.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long do electric toothbrush heads last?

An electric toothbrush head should last anywhere from three to six months, depending on how often it’s used.

Do replacement heads need to be replaced at the same time?

No, not necessarily; you can replace them as needed or when they begin looking worn out instead of all at once . This will depend largely on your brushing technique and habits.

Do replacement heads need to be replaced at the same time?

If bristles are bent, frayed or ragged then it may be time for new one (or two). The color-coding helps with this because blue means extra soft while green is firm so you’ll notice if there is difference in their condition.

Do Oral B heads fit other brands' handles?

No, but some generic brands may fit.


Oral B replacement heads can be confusing for some people. The best way to figure out which brush head you need is by asking yourself what your oral care needs are and how often you would use a toothbrush if the current one were lost or broken. For example, we recommend using an Oral-B Precision Clean Brush Head with MicroPulse bristles if you have braces because it has smaller microfibers that will clean around orthodontic brackets more efficiently. If this sounds like something you’ve been struggling with please contact our team of experts!