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Oral-B DeepSweep Triaction 1000

71ouVrd56RL._SL1500_Oral-B DeepSweep Triaction 1000 is one of the cheapest electric toothbrush models on today’s market which is a combination of good quality and an affordable price. This model has a personalized regime – DailyClean, which is a convenient mode to use on a constant basis.



Oral-B DeepSweep Triaction 1000 Review


  • An extremely appealing price (go on Amazon and look for the details)
  • Dental B 3D cleaning (pulsating and sweeping back and forth movements)
  • Brush heads can be used with the majority of other models from Oral-B manufacturer
  • You will receive 100% more effectiveness from this device than from any other manual toothbrush
  • The device is rechargeable. Batteries can operate without recharging for a week (this device has a longer period of battery work than many other models at a much higher price)
  • A limited two-year guarantee
  • A 60-days refund warranty


  • 20000 vibrations per minute (less than half of the speed at which premium and more costly devices from this brand operate)
  • The device has only one regime of cleaning (though the head of the brush can be replaced with one of the same kind)
  • A travel pouch is not included in the purchase


The device has over two hundred positive reviews from satisfied users, which makes it one of the best devices on today’s market and an affordable price is a great benefit too. Many purchase this model as a secondary toothbrush for traveling.

3D cleaning action with sweeping and pulsating movements guarantees 100 per cent more effectiveness than a manual toothbrush would give. Oral-B company ensures premium quality of its products; that is the reason the company provides a two-year guarantee on this device.

Key features:

Oral-B Daily cleaning Regime: The brush heads of this model were designed to clean one’s teeth in a more effective way than a manual toothbrush. With the help of the unique 3D technology, the device can operate at a speed of 20000 vibrations per minute. Devices that are not powered by electricity cannot give such considerable results. It has been proven that the DeepSweep Triaction 1000  sweeping and pulsating motions eliminate the teeth plaque in hard-to-reach areas three times more efficiently than manual toothbrushes do.

Even though this particular model is featured only with one cleaning regime, one can personalize one’s brushing experience with a vast diversity of compatible Oral-B brush heads.

  The effect of teeth bleaching:

If you use this device on a constant basis, the stains you have received from smoking or drinking certain drinks like coffee will be removed from your teeth surface. The majority of users have stated that they have noticed positive changes in colour after 2-3 weeks of usage, this is the reason electric toothbrushes are considered to be significant facilitation to bleaching goods.

Pressure sensor:           

Intense brushing may be hazardous to our fragile enamel. This device is featured with a sensor alert that gives you a signal when brushing becomes too hard.

List of toothbrush heads from Oral B that can be used to replace the DeepSweep Triaction 1000 head:

  • Floss Action
  • White
  • Precision Clean
  • Sensitive Clean
  • Deep Sweep
  • Dual Clean
  • Power Tip
  • Ortho-Care