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Oral-B Professional 7000 Precision Black

Rechargeable electric toothbrush Oral-B Pro 7000 SmartSeries with bluetooth


This ultimate offer of the Oral-B series is one the most attractive non-sonic toothbrush among many. The fact is confirmed by a large number of praising comments on Amazon from the side of customers and recommendations from the side of dentists. You’ll become convinced this is really so after reading of this review.

In the collection of Oral-B the Precision Black is a pearl. It is of stylish black color and keeps your mouth clean in all corners. Avalanche of positive testimonials on Amazon reached 110 reviews and continues to increase. Precision Black can compete only with such outstanding products as Sonicare DiamondClean.

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Oral-B Precision Black 7000 Review


  • Worldwide dentists ardently recommend the brush.
  • Variants of cleaning of Oral-B’s3D include rotation and pulsation.
  • Two times better cleaning than if done by a manual toothbrush.
  • Unique technology of Philips.
  • Compatibility with other Oral-B brushing heads.
  • Six variants of cleaning.
  • Possibility to clean the tongue.
  • Teeth whitening mode.


  • More expensive than other toothbrushes of Oral-B.
  • To make a choice between Sonicare and Oral-B is not easy and all depends on your likes and dislikes. If you are a fan of Oral-B brand, then take Precision Black 7000. It is the best non-sonic toothbrush and latest development of Oral-B.
  • Sophisticated six modes of brushing and compatibility with other Oral-B brush heads make this toothbrush very handy. For your convenience a brushing timer is included, you can install it on a wall in front of you.

Main features:

Six handy modes for brushing:

Choice of six cleaning modes allows you to pick up the one, which works the best for you.

Cleaning modes:

Daily Clean – cleans whole mouth in 3D style.

Deep Clean – use it if you want to get rid of stains.

Whitening – it whitens the teeth enamel removing the stains from it. The whitening effect is proven.

Massage – you can invest in your gums making them healthier via this mode which during three minutes massages your gums.

Sensitive – your gums experience lower speed vibrations, which gently massage sensitive teeth. If you whitened your teeth, and they became sensitive you can use this mode to clean them.

Tongue cleaning – remove bacteria and non-fresh breath caused by them, don’t forget about this hygiene procedure.

3D cleaning, Braun’s patent:

Braun’s technology for cleaning used by Precision Black includes rotation, pulsating and oscillating. It can remove two times more dental plaque in comparison to manual toothbrushes.

Modern timer and pressure sensor:

Precision Black 7000 is provided with modern timer and pressure sensor as well as other sophisticated electric toothbrushes. Your teeth and gums will be saved from damage thanks to the pressure sensor, which shows when your brush treats the gums too strong. The timer helps you to control if the recommended brushing time.

With the Quadtimer you will know when it is time for you to clean the following quarter part of your mouth.

Smart Guide:

Have you ever had an individual brushing guide? No? You will! Wireless Smart Guide of the Precision Black 7000 will make your cleaning procedure ideal. You can calibrate it with two toothbrush handles and place it on the wall for your convenience.

If you have tried Oral-B Precision Black 7000 you can share your opinion with us here at this site or view more reviews right at Amazon.