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Oral-B Professional 5000

41p10QKxQQLOral-B is the toothbrush, which knows probably every person who takes care about his teeth. Only 1400 praising reviews is such a big number! If you are curious about it just follow the link below or save time and read our report.If you want to get a researchable, moderate price and top-end electric toothbrush, then choose Braun Oral-B Professional 5000. It got over 1400 positive surveys all over the Internet and surely can be called a top product. According to our research this toothbrush is one of most demanded in the world thanks to its functions rotating, pulsating and oscillating functions.



Oral-B Professional 5000 Review


  • A very well-known Oral-B toothbrush.
  • High speed of pulsation (over 40000 in a minute) due to the patented Oral-B’s technology.
  • It comes together with Healty Clean and Floss Action heads for the brush.
  • Prolonged two-year warranty and you also can return the product and get your money back during two months.
  • It is compatible with other brushing heads from Oral-B series.
  • Variety of modes – Daily clean, Sensitive, Deep Clean, Polish, and Massage.
  • You personal assistant – a wireless SmartGuide – will help you.


  • It comes together with one voltage charger.

Our report:

For many to choose between two wonderful models Oral -B and Sonicare of toothbrushes is complicated because they are very similar. They attract by the quality of cleaning (Oral-B 3D) or sonic technology.

For a moderate price, Oral-B has high quality and very popular. Getting a score of 1400 praising reports it becomes one of the best non-sonic toothbrushes. Its two brush heads such as Floss Action and Healthy Clean are compatible with a variety of models as ProWhite, Power Tip, Precision Clean, Sensitive Clean, Dual Clean, and Ortho.  You can customize your model using one of five cleaning modes.

Basic Features:

Five cleaning modes:

Daily Clean – 3D mode for regular use, reaches all nooks in the mouth.

Deep Clean – this mode is the best to clean stains away.

Massage – light massage during three minutes makes condition of your gums better.

Sensitive – suits customers whose teeth are over-sensitive, it is good also when your teeth are just after whitening treatment.

Polish (Whitening) – the mode to make your teeth snow white (producer says just a few weeks and your smile will be brighter).

3D cleaning, patented by Braun:

No manual toothbrush can give cleaning similar to one which Professional 5000 with its oscillating/rotating/pulsating technology.

Oral-B Wireless Smartguide:

Over 60% of toothbrush users don’t know how to clean their moth correctly. Manually they can move the brush too aggressively damaging their enamel or too lightly without a significant cleaning effect, or just can’t reach certain parts in the mouth, so bacteria are accumulated there making their destructive work. The latest solution of the problem is Smart Guide, which can make your brushing technique perfect.

The toothbrush is designed according to the ultimate requirements of dentists and with it hygiene of your mouth will be on the proper medical level. You will be informed by the device when you brushed a certain area enough (two minutes). If your brush too strong the indicator will show it to you advising to apply the toothbrush softer.

Reports and customer’s comments:

Have you ever tried Professional 5000? If your answer is yes, tell us what you think about it here!