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Pegasus kitchen faucets

Pegasus is well-known for innovative approach to faucets production. The Brand goes far beyond the ordinary designs, while the majority of competitors try to keep to a classic style. Pegasus plumbing equipment combines modern technologies and functionality in order to provide a valuable asset to the household. Every model is special and has its own advantages. Let’s take a look at the brand new Pegasus kitchen faucets 2018.

Top Rated Pegasus Kitchen Faucets

Pegasus Faucet For Kitchen Luca FS1A5067BNV

Pegasus Luca FS1A5067BNV brushed nickel kitchen faucet

The most stong feature of Pegasus FS1A5067BNV Luca faucet is the set of ½ inch inlets that provide outstanding performance. The water tap will match any kitchen interior with its generic design and brushed nickel finish. The spout resembles an arch and is 11,75 inches high. The single handle allows smooth temperature adjustment when you need a quick water splash. In addition the ceramic disc valve prohibits dripping meantime brass construction is built to last. It should be highlighted that it is made of high-class materials and boasts an extended term of service. The faucet is ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) compliant which means that it is easily accessible to people with special needs.

Pegasus 67110-7096H Traditional Vessel Kitchen Faucet

Pegasus 67110-7096H Traditional Vessel heritage bronze kitchen faucet

Pegasus Traditional Vessel faucet is equipped with an optional drain. It is required for an extra needs of some kitchen owners. The Traditional Vessel faucet 67110-7096H looks like a perfect decorative accessory but still operates as well as rival models. The tap has amazing water capacity – its flow rate is 2,2 gpm (gallons per minute), but do not worry, it will not splash over everything. This is a heavy duty faucet, which can be used regularly without any wear scars and tear.

Pegasus Lyndhurst Series 67136-2001 Two-Handle Kitchen Faucet

Pegasus 67136-2001 Lyndhurst Series chrome kitchen faucet

Durability is the most distinctive feature of Pegasus Lyndhurst Series 67136-2001 faucet. If you have kids the Lyndhurst kitchen tap is definitely your choice. It is manufactured of superior quality metal and will endure even the most barbaric treatment. The faucet requires four-hole installation as it has two handles and one separate spray head. The sprayer provides 16 inches coverage which is great even for a double kitchen basin.

Kitchen Faucet Pegasus FP0A5013BNV Newbury with Pull-Out Spray

Pegasus Newbury FP0A5013BNV pull-out spray kitchen faucet

The buyers will enjoy Pegasus water faucet Newbury FP0A5013BNV for their kitchen sink because of a plastic spray head which is very durable and will never be affected by corrosion. The water flow can be changed by a toggle on the back side of a faucet. The tap is 16-inch height and requires just one-hole for installation. The spray head matches the grasp 100%; it is very light and easy to use due to the plastic features.

Pegasus Sink Faucet 67070-4027H2 Sentio With Pull-Down Sprayer

Pegasus Sentio 67070-4027H2 pull-down sprayer kitchen faucet in Mediterranean bronze

The Pegasus Sentio 67070-4027H2 is an elegant kitchen faucet made of solid bronze. This distinguishing feature prevents any trouble with corrosion and bacteria during its long lifespan. The 16-inch spout arch allows large pans and pots slip into a washbasin. A durable ceramic disc cartridge prevents dripping even when used intensively. The flow power of Sentio kitchen tap is 2.2 gpm.


Pegasus Glacier Bay 78CR557PELFHD Faucet For Kitchen With Pull-Down Sprayer

Pegasus 78CR557PELFHD Glacier Bay kitchen faucet in chrome

The Glacier Bay 78CR557PELFHD faucet by Pegasus is a single handle model which combines incredible functionality and impressive design. Its dual sprayer covers every corner of your kitchen sink performing task quickly and effectively. A 16-inch high arch spout makes pots filling easy and convenient. Chrome finish gives an extraordinary sleek look which will match both classic and hi tech kitchen design.

Pegasus 65717N-08104 Ginger Faucet For Kitchen Sink With Pull-Down Spray Head

Brushed nickel Pegasus 65717N-08104 Ginger faucet with pull-down sprayhead

Ginger 65717N-08104 water tap from Pegasus has a brass construction which prevents bacteria and rust accumulation. The spout rises high above the sink giving perfect access to the largest pans and pots. If one is pulling down the spray head, the spout doubles a water flow to rinse dishes. The ceramic disc valve keeps faucet from dripping. This model requires just one hole for installation.

Faucet For Kitchen 67403-1108D2 1050 Series by Pegasus

67403-1108D2 1050 Series kitchen faucet in stainless steel by Pegasus

The Pegasus 67403-1108D2 1050 series is a beautiful contemporary faucet. Its minimalist style will add a sophisticated look to your kitchen. A pull-down sprayer is 14-inch height and has a stainless steel finish. It delivers 2,2 gallons of water per minute and is very simple to install. This model has a limited lifetime warranty as well as other Pegasus faucets.


Why Choose Pegasus?

Pegasus Company uses only high-class materials in the process of faucet production. The pipes are made of solid brass or copper, providing reliable and durable utilization. Moreover, you will never have any trouble with corrosion or discoloration due to a high-quality finishing.

Note! Low-quality taps may contribute metal flakes to water flow even if the faucet is recently installed, but it is not the case to Pegasus.

You will enjoy all advantages of outsourced manufacturing which means that you purchase a perfect faucet for a moderate price.

Final Thought

Whether you have a large household with a big family or you are improving your rental apartment, the Pegasus faucets will definitely meet your needs. When choose Pegasus you add functionality and exclusive style to your kitchen.

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