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When shopping around for a toilet, be sure you read Proflo reviews and never trust them without reading the details of these toilets. The manufacturers like to use clever advertising techniques that may seem impressive, but what they don’t tell you is that there are some serious problems with these low-flow toilets. It’s important before making a purchase of any type to carefully review all the information and talk it over with others who have more experience than yourself. This review will give you an inside look at this new craze in toilets and help you decide if it’s right for your home or not.

Proflo Toilets are the epitome of luxury for your bathroom. Installing one of these beautiful toilets in place of your old john can upgrade any bathroom to a level of sophistication that is rarely seen, but they come at a price.

These toilets are offered in a variety of styles, brands, and prices to fit any budget, but perhaps the most expensive toilet from this manufacturer is still less than half as much as an American Standard Cadet 3 Toilet or Kohler Wellworth Toilet. They also sell a variety of other products such as urinals, hand dryers, and hand soap dispensers that all go together to complete your bathroom renovation. Each unit is carefully crafted with high-quality materials ensuring many years of reliable use. These units do have a much lower flow rate than standard toilets which can cause problems if you have strong water pressure in your home. It’s important to check the recommended height before one of these premium pieces because they have a lower flow rate that can’t handle a lot of pressure.

Best 5 ProFlo Toilet Models Reviews



You don’t have to worry about unpleasant odor or wet floor for this well-designed water-conserving toilet. These fresh, gravity-fed toilets are well suited for bathrooms that are between twenty and forty square feet so there’s plenty of space left over. Undo the simple twist to remove the cover on top – no tools required! The tank has a tri-lobe cleanout which makes it extremely easy to service. It features an efficient flush using just 1.6 gallons of water which will save you 20% every time you flush versus your old standard model toilet that uses two gallons per flush! The quick trip lever is high enough for people who want to easily lift the lid to use the bathroom yet low enough for children that might need help. The overall height of the unit is just 12 ½ inches which makes it suitable for wheelchair access without sacrificing comfort or convenience to you or your family members with disabilities.



The 15.5-inch tall PF1502FWH elongated bowl toilet is expertly designed with an unfluted design for a sleek, streamlined look and is constructed from vitreous china to preserve its natural white luster. Take comfort in the 2-inch trapway and also enjoy features like a fully glazed ceramic seat that require less effort to clean and ensure it lasts longer than plastic models. When you purchase this model, you will receive Proflo’s limited lifetime warranty on the fixture and 5 years on its parts.



Let’s not get bogged down with the preamble. The PROFLO PF9412UWH is a gravity flush toilet intended for light commercial and residential use, that meets or exceeds all industry performance and safety standards. It has a 1.28gallons per flush (GPF) flow rate – meeting progressive water conservation legislation like WaterSense benchmarks – and can be horizontally laid against surfaces (tile, concrete). A trip lever on the left controls the flushing mechanism; the position of this trip lever puts it conveniently within reach for most people when sitting on the throne. The 3″ flush valve size provides reliable closing to seal in odors/gas better than competitive models at this price point. Extra features include an integrated rim round, extra thin waterway, and 3/8″ glazed trapway. This well-built toilet is constructed to last with vitreous china and is covered by a lifetime warranty.



Our PROFLO PF1402TWH toilet is designed to make it easy for you, even if you have limited mobility. This elongated bowl shape makes this ADA-compliant toilet perfect for anyone with physical impairments. With an 18″ rough-in and 10″, 12″, or 14″ installation types (depending on the tank size), this stainless steel toilet by Proflo will fit into any space in your bathroom; no need to compromise! Rest assured that our professional engineering team goes above and beyond additional quality checks so you can be comfortable knowing your plumbing fixtures are backed by a limited lifetime warranty.



No matter the sewage, The PROFLO PF1610PAWH is ready to flush it down. The PROFLO vitreous china bowl shape is round, with a height of 15.13in., and installs floor-mounted only with a pretty large rough-in dimension of 12in. The fully glazed 2 in. trapway seamlessly flushes any mess right away without ever creating an issue, unlike other toilets that make you work for your daily throne experience! Roughing out nicely at a .3 GPM max flow rate for both installations types makes this toilet perfect for homes where water conservation is important or limited by location constraints like rural locations far from city water sources or can also be installed as public restrooms in areas where conserving is key. This model has plenty of styles too, with smooth lines and a touch of curvature in its corner-mounted seat along with the uniquely designed tank and lid that will fit into any space and room decor with ease.

Why buy a ProFlo Elongated toilet?

A ProFlo Elongated toilet is a great replacement for your old unit, but it can be used as a primary fixture in brand new construction as well. They are ADA compliant and meet all local building codes to ensure they comply with current regulations and laws that apply to residential units around the world.

The ProFlos also comes with two different seat options: standard height or ADA-compliant. This makes them accessible even for people who have mobility concerns and need help sitting down and getting up from the seat without assistance. The low profile design helps children learn how to position themselves over the bowl which is an easier transition after they begin wiping themselves on their own as older kids do already.

Features And Benefits

  • The major benefit of these toilets is the low water usage. A single flush uses only 1.28 gallons of water or about half that of a standard toilet. They are manufactured to meet strict guidelines for conservation and efficiency so you can feel good knowing your purchase was not wasteful.
  • Another great benefit is their ability to conserve space with every flush. The smaller tank size allows for up to 30% more usable space inside the bowl because it’s designed with an angled surface to hold more soil before needing a refill. This reduces wasted movements needed to clean each time saving you valuable time on one of your busiest days of the week

With nearly every part being replaceable if it fails on your Proflo toilet you can save money by simply buying parts instead of a new unit. This makes the toilet affordable because you can save hundreds of dollars each year by simply fixing it when something goes wrong instead of replacing it.

Flushing system

A Flushing system is a vital part of any toilet’s function, but with these units, it is one of the best-designed components. The ball valve system ensures years of reliable use without problems from sticking valves or leaking water. This can be an expensive replacement on most toilets, but not this one. It’s important to always use special tools when servicing these units because using standard plungers can cause damage to the tank causing it to crack or break under extreme pressure.

The height requirement for these units is extremely low making them extremely accessible even for people with mobility concerns. They are ADA compliant and satisfy local building codes around the world including New York City for maximum usability in any bathroom situation. A lower seat height also helps children learn how to properly position themselves over the bowl for easier bowel movements and a cleaner experience after they begin wiping themselves.

Flush Capacity

4 to 5-gallon tanks are the standard for household products these days and Proflo Toilet is no exception. They do offer a 6-gallon version, but it’s only available in certain markets such as the UK and Australia where 4 gallons is not enough water to get rid of all waste after a single flush.

Bowl Shape

The bowl shape of the Proflo Toilet is designed to provide efficient water usage while minimizing wasted movements on your busiest day of the week. The angled bowl holds more soil before needing a refill while its small profile conserves space inside your bathroom.

Water Usage

One of the primary concerns for any family is water usage, especially in areas where water costs are on the rise or limited resources are an issue. The Proflo Toilet has a bright blue dye strip at the top of the bowl to let you know when it’s time to refill it with fresh water. Because of its small profile, it needs less water per flush, meaning you use half as much as your standard toilet making it more economical for your household budget.

Ease of installation

The Proflo Toilet is designed with the end-user in mind. It comes ready for quick and easy installation without any additional piping or other tools you may need to buy separately from a complete installation kit.

Another thing that makes these units stand apart from their competition is they are available in a variety of colors including blue, red, tan, black, and white all at no additional cost. This helps keep costs low while still allowing you to express your own unique style throughout your bathroom.

Frequently Asked Questions

What should I look for when buying a new Proflo Toilet?

You really should look for a toilet that will work best in your current bathroom space. That means you need to find a model with the right style and size. Beyond that, you simply want a reliable unit with a 5-year warranty on parts and labor to cover issues as they arise during those first few years of heavy usage.

Is it possible to install this myself?

Absolutely. The Proflo Toilet is one of the easiest toilets to install because of how simple its design is. You may require an adjustable wrench or crescent wrench depending on which type you buy but nothing more than that otherwise.

How does it compare to other brands?

The ProFlo Elongated is designed for maximum efficiency compared to most elongated bowls. This is thanks to a water-saver design that allows you to use half as much water per flush as other units on the market today. It’s also smaller than its competition which conserves space in your bathroom and provides better access for wheelchair users.

How can I tell if this will fit into my current bathroom setup?

In order to ensure the Proflo Elongated Toilet will work, measure from the floor to the middle of your toilet tank and make sure it is no more than 32 inches (81 cm) tall before buying it. If any part of the unit hangs over your existing setup, it may not be compatible and you should look at other models instead.


Thank you for reading our Proflo Toilet Reviews and we hope it has given you a better understanding of what these units can bring to your home. They are designed for easier installation while providing all the features that make using them more enjoyable than ever before.