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How to replace kitchen faucet

When getting a new kitchen faucet, you also have to pay for the installation. The better model of the faucet you have got, the more money you will have to spend on installation. It sounds ridiculous, but setting some of kitchen faucets costs a few hundreds of dollars. So, you may buy two faucets instead!

Actually, you can do it yourself. You do not require supernatural skills to install any kitchen faucet on your own. What you definitely should know is how to turn off the water supply in your house/flat. After, you can at least try to pull off the existing kitchen faucet and install a new one.

Should we start?

  • So, once you turned off the water supply (both hot and cold), you must know how many holes your old faucet has got. At least you will need only one whole to install your new faucet. Check many holes a new kitchen faucet has. If it has one and only, but your old faucet had 3, you can cover them with base plates. Some models of modern kitchen faucets come with them, or you can buy them in any sanitary engineering shop. Another idea is to cover the whole with a soap dish or a bottle of detergent
  • Before taking an old faucet off and after turning a water supply, you will have to release the pressure from waterlines. Just switch the tap on and off a few times
  • The tools that you will need for the replacing process are wrench and screwdriver. If you do not have them, ask for help men/neighbours. Also, do not forget to take a bucket, just in case the water drops and use safety glasses
  • Unscrew the nut that holds the old faucet on the sink with screwdriver
  • Now you can install a new kitchen faucet, so start with rubber gaskets that you need to put on the nuts
  • In the end, fixed the new faucet with a special nut and a wrench

Of course, you will find the instruction for installation a new faucet together with the faucet itself, but the manufacturers have their own professional terminology, which is quite tough for ordinary people. So, by following these tips on the easy language you can install a kitchen faucet. In the case, these rules sound scary and you still have no idea what you should do exactly, find a video and follow the instructions. Oh yes, you will have to stand on your knees, crawl a bit and bend, but in 20 minutes maximum you will do the job without paying!

Good luck!