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Clearwave CW-125 Salt Free Electronic Water Conditioner

Clearwave_125wcopyThe Clearwave salt-free electronic water conditioner is currently one the “favourites” on the market of water softeners. However, while making a purchase of this model a customer should understand that it is not an authentical water softener he is buying but rather its alternative (that is the reason it is called a salt-free water conditioner)

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Clearwave CW-125 Review

This model is magnetic-based and deals with water hardness in a way different from the performance a traditional water softener carries out. To learn more information about how the magnetic water softening system works, go on this page.

If your initial purpose of purchasing is to diminish (not completely dispose of) the quantity of scale deposit in your pipes, purchasing this product is an alternative choice to buying a traditional water softener. The installation process is easy to fulfil, and the product is even easier in maintenance.

We offer you to take a closer look at the Clearwave magnetic salt-free electronic water conditioner and find out whether this model is suitable for you.


ProsHas a tiny space-saving size


ProsExtra easy installation process

ProsThe quality will defray your expenses eventually

ProsIt will still make your water drinkable


disadvantagesMagnetic system reduces the level of water hardness only (does not purify the water for100%)

disadvantagesThe system is useless if the level of water hardness is above 10 GPG

disadvantagesMust be installed inside.


  • The system – Magnetic systems (aka anti-scale treatment) operates in a way that differs from the way a traditional water softener works. This model does not require neither a brine tank nor salt pellets. It uses the wires placed on the main water supply line in a customer’s house. These wires eliminate the hard water minerals and prevent them from clinging to one’s pipes or appliances.
  • space-saving size – The model is very small which is a significant benefit for limited spaces. Measures a measly 4 x 14 x 12 inches and weighs 2.6 pounds
  • Low electricity usage – This model requires hardly any power supply as it needs only 5 watts to work
  • Guarantee – The manufacturer provides an 18-month guarantee from the date of installation and money back guarantee is a customer is not satisfied with the purchase.

What’s good

prosVery small and space-saving – The model is extremely compact in comparison with traditional water softening systems. It is easy in management, replacement, and installation. Once the purchase arrives at your accommodation, you can have it available for usage within few minutes.

prosAffordable – The price of this purchase is quite affordable in comparison with other systems, and your expenses will be defrayed in the long run.

prosNon-polluting – Since the model does not require salt pellets, a brine tank or even discharging, the Clearwave water softener is an environmentally innocuous option.

prosGreat for your health – The magnetic system still makes the water drinkable and beneficial for your health. Hard water has in its composition many necessary for our organism nutrients such as calcium (which was proven to reduce hearth diseases) and magnesium. The system does not completely eliminate but rather neutralizes the minerals in the hard water to prevent them from attaching to the surfaces they touch, but the hard water still remains the hard water alongside with the necessary elements in it. If you were to use a salt-based water softener system, you would have to install a by-pass valve to see these benefits.

What’s bad

disadvantagesDoes not eliminate hard water – A magnetic based system does not specialize in elimination of the hard water, it can only suspend its effects, so if the level of water hardness in your accommodation is extremely high or the water effects are really bad do not expect the system to give a perfect result.

disadvantagesRequires inner installation – The model operates with the help of the computer system and in order to preserve it from damaging by bad weather conditions such s rain the softener has to be installed inside.

disadvantagesThe guarantee could be more long-term – The 18-month guarantee is not that excellent to our mind when you compare it with a warranty that other companies provide (which is up to 10 years!). Looking at some other truly long-term guarantees provided by other manufacturers of the similar magnetic systems, the reasont they do not offer a longer guarantee is unclear.

Best Suited For

  • A house where hard water issues are NOT intensive – The model will not tackle the intensely hight level of water hardness, and we had better you took water softener into your consideration instead.
  • environmentally conscious customers – the product is absolutely innocuous to the environment

Not The Best Option For

  • A very big household – If there are more than three bathrooms in your residence the system simply will not do its work properly.
  • A household with serious hard water problems – Only an authentic water softener can help you in this case, so you might go on this page and look for our top options.

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