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Badger Insinkerator 5

If you stop by now looking for the economical solution of the food waste disposer, then the hard working Badger 5 from the InSinkErator brand will be the right choice for you. It has a half horsepower motor, and that gives it the power you need to grind a disposable most common food waste easy and quickly. The manufacturers made it of a galvanized steel grand components, which in its turn gives it an ability to serve you for a long time (2 years limited warranty). Plus there are many other advanced features included, such as: ease of assembling, it is durable, reliable and always ready to start the work.

What’s badger?

We all know the meaning of the word badger but it has nothing to do with the Badger 5 model food waste disposer.

But there was a situation in the company where I work and I have no right to not let you know about it.

Once the installer from our company went to assemble this particular disposer to customer’s house. It had to be a surprise for a wife as she was complaining of the amount of garbage/waste they were producing and simply threw out instead of recycling. The wife had to come home later, so the husband and the installer were not worried about anything and were simply doing the job.

But as it usually happens the wife arrived earlier and entering the house heard such words: “Badger” and “Under the sink”. Of course, the reaction was predictable as she ran into the kitchen. But instead of seeing an expected wild furry animal, she saw her new almost installed under sink InSinkErator Badger 5. They were all laughing for the next few minutes.


1066409Possible to dispose food

Comparing with other models, that are not able to grind particular food particles, the Badger 5 is capable of grinding everything from fruits or vegetable peels to bones and coffee grounds. It does this action very fast and easily even though it operates with only ½ horsepower. The process is very interesting as it is kind of makes a liquid from all the wastes and in this way letting this liquid go to the sewage system. This process will never result in clogging. Above all, it is designed to work with a septic tank.

1066409Strong and powerful

As it is made of galvanized steel – it is very sturdy. Moreover, it is turned on only with the help of  a wall switch.

1066409Energy friendly

This model as almost all the models produced by the InSinkErator consume less than 1 percent of average household amount of water

1066409Friendly pric

People with limited budgets always worry about the price (and in our case the installation was included), but the wife seemed to even smile having heard the price.

Ifyou  have got an interest in this food waste disposer than you can check the prices on Amazon. But I would also advise you to consider the model with the same features or even better but for 10 dollars cheaper – Waste King L-2600. Also, consumers and users say that it is much more reliable than the Badger 5 (tendency to leak) and moreover the Badger 1 (tendency to produce noise while working).

But if you pay additional + 15 dollars you can get an amazingly powerful Waste King L-3300. It operates with ¾ horsepower (compare with ½ of the Badger 5).

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