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InSinkErator Evolution Cover Control

InSinkErator Evolution Cover Control

Being a seller I know what garbage disposals consumers buy most of all and especially I know what they appreciate in this kitchen appliance. The two main principles of people choosing the InSinkErator Evolution Cover Control food waste disposer over other models are: quiet at working and ease of installation. But of course, there are much more features this appliance can boast of.

It has a stpper that makes the unit work due to two magnets.

The secret to cover control is a built-in switch that works with the magnetic stopper to turn the disposer on when it is inserted and turned. Due to the cover control stopper in the right place there is no chance that silverware or jewelry or anything else can fall into the disposal when it is operating. It has an incredible 7-year warranty, ¾ horsepower motor, and an advanced system. Yet another advantage – exclusive sound reducing technology that’s why it is the quietest disposer you will ever be able to find.


The safest operating system ever

There exist two kinds of waste food disposers: one with continuous feed and another with batch feed. The Evolution Cover Control by the InSinkErator brand belongs to the batch feed disposers and this feature guarantees more safety. As it can’t work without drain plug and no items can get inside while it is in the working process. Also this technology has the so called Magnetic CoverStart Activation System. It is a long and nicely pronounced name and you will not be embarrassed to show it in front of your friends, on the contrary, you will boast. But in simple words, it means that while other models of a batch and continuous feed can be switched on thanks to the flick on the power switch, the Evolution Cover Control can be switched on only using the magnets – the two magnets on the cover should be placed over the chamber, that will make them align with the two magnets on the disposer, making it work. This switch on process is considered to be the safest and, therefore, the most popular garbage disposal among all.

How loud is it?

First of all should be said that some of my customers do never complain about the noise level as if they don’t hear it. Maybe they listen to the radio or watch TV while grinding the wastes. While for other it is the whole issue and they require the garbage disposal that will be as quiet as a mouse.

As it was mentioned above the Evolution Cover Control offers a special technology that’s called “sound reducing technology”. Thanks to it, you will hear the machine working 60 percent quieter than its competitors of the same size. This SoundSeal System in simple words means that there is a lot of insulation around the motor that’s why we don’t hear it working. Also the tailpipe has anti-vibration feature. Having a garbage disposal that is extremely quiet will get you only pleasure while working in the kitchen.

1066409Ease of installation

Installing the Evolution Cover Control is like taking a breath of fresh air. The only steps one should do are the following: remove the old disposer (if there was one) and then with the help of three bolt lock system and do the rest of installation. All this procedure is accurately described in the manual and instruction and will not take you more than 5 minutes.


If you have a family and, therefore, have all the possible food wastes then the Evolution is what you need. It is equipped with a two grinding stages which literally make a liquid of your wastes and that is why it easily moves through the pipes to the sewage system. Having this technology, you will never need to think about clogging. Plus remember this machine has ¾ horsepower motor that will make the job faster and easier.


This is the most amazing feature – 7 years of warranty. No other garbage disposer can boast of living that long. Moreover, 7 years it is not only for the unit itself, it is also for the part and labor.

Considering all the advantages of this particular model from the InSinkErator, we may conclude that the price for it isn’t the cheapest either. But trust me it is worth every cent.

I’m sure you got interested in it and therefore advise you to have a look at the prices at Amazon as well as read lots of positive comments and feedbacks.