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Northstar Water Softener

A water softener is a common solution for cases when the hard water is present in your home. Through the water softening, all your plumbing fixtures will be kept clean, and it will also ensure an improved functionality of your home’s appliances. One of the brands that manufacture water softening units is Northstar, and it stands in the list of those that we feel worthy of being recommended. For many years that Northstar was in this business, it has provided the products of good quality and managed to gain quite a popularity among the customers. As you continue reading, we hope that our Northstar water softener review will help you to understand if their products are a sufficient solution for your home.

Features Found Across All Models

Northstar provides few models of water softeners when compared to big lines of other manufacturers. Northstar’s softeners come with common features that can be found in all their models. These models are all designed for quick and simple set up and include efficiency selector, diagnostics, as well as patented Look Ahead technology.

-Northstar units can use a behavior-predicting function called Look Ahead technology. With its help, the water-regeneration cycles are adjusted accordingly to the regular water usage of your family (as predicted by this feature). For saving the water, this function is certainly helpful.

-The selection of efficiency is another useful feature, with which you can set the level of your choice. The efficiency should be based on the water volume that is used by your household. A higher efficiency level would be recommended for cases when your household has more people (for example during a visit of guests).

-It is possible to run the diagnostics of the performance of each Northstar water softener unit. With this, you will be able to check the total number of days the water softener is in service, as well as the number of it’s completed regeneration cycles as you view the data regarding water softener’s past processes. This feature allows you to check for possible issues with switches and turbines.

-The parameters like regeneration time and water softening levels can also be set by the user.

Benefits of Northstar Water Softeners

Using less salt and helping the water in your household is the Look Ahead technology. Two linings present with each tank make the unit intact and sturdy, allowing to use it for many years to come. The overall design is durable yet compact. Diagnostics system allows the user to check on the softener’s performance and keep track of it. The dirt and iron are prevented from getting inside the water softener unit with the help of resin bed agitator, the continuous movement of which helps to circulate the materials inside the softener.

Top Chosen Northstar Water Softeners

Northstar offers several models, which are suitable for business and home use, and can be used for different household needs.

NSC40UD1 Ultra Demand

NSC40UD1 Ultra DemandAs for the common features we already mentioned are already present in this model. Additional features shown on a backlit LCD display include the options to view hardness level, current flow, time, regeneration time, total daily usage, average daily usage, percent of the remaining capacity, and the efficiency which can be set low/high. The full capacity equals to 39,000 grains.





NSC30UDI Ultra Cabinet

NSC30UDI Ultra CabinetThis second option has the capacity of 34,300 grains, which is suitable for households that are medium sized. Also, it is useful for softening the moderate hardness water. You will not be facing the reduced water flow thanks to a high flow valve. NSC30UDI is able to identify automatically when the unit runs out of salt, as it possesses a minimal control system. If a power failure happens, there is a system restoration function, and all the memory data is retained for 72 hours, making it pretty much safe.


Customer Opinions

The feedback provided in the reviews posted by water softener users that chose Northstar models is mostly positive. Many customers managed to successfully rid themselves of any plumbing fixtures and clogging issues in their systems with the help of Northstar softening systems. In most cases, the hard water issues were eliminated or at least substantially reduced, allowing the users to witness the increased softness of their water.

The most commented on benefits are the ease of operation and maintenance, as well as the control panel settings being easily understandable and readable. Other useful features according to many users are the Look Ahead and diagnostics features, as well as an easy-to-access salt loading space.