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On the Go Water Softener

on the go water softenerBeing sick and tired of lime stains, scale, dry skin, poor soap lathering and other “bonuses” coming up with hard water on your RV or marine trips? A portable water softener can easily tackle all of the above problems while On the Go Water Softener will undoubtedly become one of the best possible choices. This lightweight, portable softener weighs no more than 18 pounds and features a convenient handle on its top making it ultimately easy to carry. It also has impressively compact dimensions with its height being only 22 inches and the diameter measuring 6.75 inches. Being that compact and light the unit features an incredible capacity of 8,000 grains and will yield about 300 – 700 gallons of cleared and softened water. Using the water produced by this unit, you will be able to increase the lifespan of your appliances, eliminate stains and buildup of scale, and you will also see how much healthier your hair and skin will become. Along with that this unit will also remove any disagreeable odors from your water and improve its taste.

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On the Go Water Softener Review

With On the Go water softener you won’t have to rack your brains where to get special softening salt in the middle of nowhere or drag it along with you. For regeneration this water softening system makes use of standard table salt, one box being quite enough for incredible results. Here we’d also like to point out at a convenient and thought-out design of this softener. One needn’t take pains to add salt for regeneration; the unit’s mouth opening is large enough for quick and easy filling. What makes it even more cost-effective and convenient is that this water softener doesn’t require electricity for its operation. One regeneration process will take all in all 15 minutes and provide a softened water supply for nearly 20 days.

on the go portable water softenerOn the Go was designed especially for marine and RV enthusiasts and will perfectly fit any vehicle. The manufacturer provided everything for its easy and fast installation, no special tools are required. All that is needed is to connect it with standard hoses between any water source and your vehicle. Since the unit boasts of high flow rates, you will hardly notice any pressure drops. At the same time in the case of high flow, it features a shut-off control valve at its inlet to allow for a slower rinse and thus greater capacity. The inlet hose can be connected next in no time due to a 360-degree swivel. And whenever a reverse connection is required you can do it easily with the back-flush adapter.

Featuring a compact design On the Go water softener definitely won’t make up bulky ballast when not in use. It occupies little space and may be kept in a storage bay or your dockside locker. For utmost storage convenience, it comes up with plugs and outlet/inlet caps for preventing any eventual leakage. The unit also includes a white 4-inch drinking hose, inlet/outlet hose adapters, hardness test strips and a full cradle base ensuring its stable and reliable setting.