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The Aquios Full House Water Softener and Filter System

aquios full house waterA salt-based water softener was recognized as the most sufficient for softening the hard water, but even they are not necessarily the best variant for you. You might not like that ‘slippery’ feel the processed water gives your skin, or you might have a sodium-restricted nutrition and seek some other options.

Lately, salt-free systems have become “favorites” due to several reasons, and one of the most popular salt-free systems is the Aquios full house water softening and filtering system.

The system is called as the ‘all-in-one unique system that can filter, condition and remove scale without any loss of pressure’, which is a loud name.

We offer you to look through our comparison tables presented below and see whether this system is appropriate for you.

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Aquios Water Softener Review


  • Slight and indiscrete design
  • Provides double service – water softening and purification simultaneously.
  • Works with no electricity
  • Excellent warranty and refund guarantee


  • Needs filter cartridges for the operation, which need renewal and cost money
  • Can cause problems if one has high content of sediment or chemical properties in one’s water
  • A Salt-based system is better at water softening


  • Double service – a system that serves for the hard water softening and filtration simultaneously.
  • Water softening procedure – The system makes the water softer without using any salts. It uses a chemical-free natural technology that prevents these minerals from accumulating or building up in one’s pipes and devices. To see more information concerning the work of salt-less systems, click here.
  • Water filter – Operates using a carbon block filtration cartridge (which is located inside the tank and requires replacement) to filter the water after it has gone through the softening procedure. It means that all the other chemical properties (such as chlorine) are taken out of the water, and the water becomes drinkable. This is what standard water softeners are not capable of.
  • Requires cartridges for the filtration – one is given with the initial buy and is applicable for 40 000 gallons of usage (around six months of usage for the average family)
  • Slim design – a compact system. Inasmuch as the filtration process occurs inside the system, only one tank is needed.
  • Operates with no electricity.
  • 20-year warranty/60-day refund guarantee

What we find to be benefits

Thumbs-UpSalt-free system – The system runs with no salt, which helps cut down extra expenses as there is no need for the salt replacement, and also is a significant advantage if you stick to a sodium-restricted nutrition.

Thumbs-UpEasy to use – The system operates with no need for the individual inputting settings, your task here is only to install it, and change the filter cartridge in a particular period. (approximately every six-twelve months).

Thumbs-UpDecreases the amount of scale buildup –The System that works with no salt is meant to change the structure of water flowing into your pipes, which means that the scale buildup will be decreasing with time, dealing with the potential problems

Thumbs-UpSleek design – This unit is extremely compact, which is a big benefit for cramped spaces. It measures 27 x 10 x 8 inches.

Thumbs-UpExcellent warranty and refund guarantee – An appealing twenty-year warranty and a sixty- day “no questions asked” rule –  meaning you will get a full refund within the first sixty days in case the product has been damaged initially.

What we consider to be drawbacks

disadvantagesFilter cartridges require changing – There is no salt in this filter, which spares you a lot of troubles, but you must change the filter cartridge for the filtering to be efficient. Time, when the cartridge needs changing, will differ depending on one’s usage, but each is designed for 40 000 gallons. The price for each cartridge fluctuates from $59 to $69

disadvantagesWill not suit extremely hard water – If a level of water hardness in one’s accommodation is very high, this system might not be able to cope with one’s hard water issues. Salt-based filers are more effective in handling the hard water problems in this domain.

disadvantagesWay too expensive if you have sediment issues – in case you have a big quantity of sediment in your water system a more frequent cartridge replacement is needed, as its serviceableness will be over sooner, which might cost you a fortune. We suggest you have a water test done and clarify whether you fall in this bracket.

Best Suited For

  • Customers seeking a softener and a filter, but do not want to buy them separately– If you need both, purchase this one and save yourself a significant sum of money.
  • Households of the medium size – This system can work for accommodations that have 2-4 bathrooms.
  • People following the sodium restricted diets – If this applies to you, this purchase is an excellent option as it uses no salt.

Is not suitable for

  • A household with a very high level of water hardness – If your GPG is over 10, do not fiddle your money on this purchase as it will not have the desired effect. Pay your attention to A Fleck System instead.
  • A household with sediment problems – If the quantity of sediment in your water is above the norm do not spend your money on this model, the unit will always get clogged.

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