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Fleck 5600 48 000 Water Softener 

fleck-5600-softenerRunning a household usually requires large amounts of water. No need to explain how much it costs for a house owner when it comes to repairs. 85% of users receive hard water, which is usually a reason of many malfunctions in equipment. However, a solution exists. You just need to have a water softening device installed.

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Fleck 5600 Review

The Fleck 5600 SXT is one of the best selling water softener models on the market. The model is meant for medium and large households and is very easy to operate.

The device comes with a very convenient and well-designed digital display. The term water softener means that it uses a salt-based system to do the job and thus, requires regeneration at times. But Fleck has taken care of everything, the regeneration process is automatic. You can just ‘set and forget’, leaving all the duties for the system. Let’s view some specifications of the product now.

The 48000-grain capacity system provides the most efficient way to soften hard water. To make it simple, it uses salt pallets and resin beads to soften the water. As you may guess, the resin beads need to be cleaned from time to time. The model comes with a meter-based control system for that purpose and provides an automatic maintaining. You just need to replace Salt pellets once in a while.

When purchasing a product, you get the softening system and a large brine tank. You will need a drain and a 120v outlet to install the device, so make sure you have them. Though, you can always apply for a qualified DIY installer to assist you with the matter.

The model is designed for a medium-large house, as the total size of the tank is 10″ x 54″, with a 14″ x 17″ x 33″ brine tank. It requires a large room, mind it before purchasing.


ProsOne of the best devices in terms of softening water.

ProsComes with an excellent warranty (five years on system, ten years on tank)

ProsHas an automatic regeneration system.

ProsConvenient LCD with touch-pad controls.

ProsHas large tank capacity.

ProsSaves money in an extended use.


disadvantagesRequires much space

disadvantagesExtra spends for salt pellets (average price is 5$-8$ per 40lb bag)

disadvantagesNot suit for small houses

The water softener is best suited for the families of 7-8 people, with 2-3 standard bathrooms, who face the problem of hard water and look for a ‘set and forget’ system. It is unsuitable for small houses or bigger households with more than three bathrooms. For those, we would recommend the other models in our stock. If you are on sodium diet, this device may also be inappropriate for you because the sodium level in the water will be higher. Consult with your health professional first.

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