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WaterBoss Water Softeners


Minerals occur everywhere in nature and luckily so as they are essential for life. However, water with high mineral content known as hard water can be incredibly harmful to household appliances. It’s one of the reasons for skin and hair dryness and it also leaves stains on surfaces washed with it. The buildup of scale is inevitable if you use hard water. To remedy said problems various water softening systems are used, and if you are looking for one, we recommend you to consider WaterBoss softeners. WaterBoss is a reputable manufacturer having gained multiple positive reviews for its water softening devices. Below we shall tell you about key features of the four most popular models manufactured by WaterBoss. First and foremost, we would like to emphasize that each of the suggested models will be most suitable for the needs of a certain household because of their different capacities.

WaterBoss Water Softeners Review

waterboss 950WaterBoss 950 will be ideal for you if you are a big city, dweller. This unit doesn’t only make your water softer; it also improves its taste due to removing chlorine and other odors. It can be installed so that to provide softened and filtered water for the whole house. Thus, you will benefit from much softer water for your pipes and appliances and drinking water with better taste available from all taps in your house. Its capacity being 22,000 grains is enough for the entire household, and it will soften about 35 grains per gallon. For regeneration process, the unit requires 2.5 pounds of salt and 15 gallons of water. The process itself will take no more than 19 minutes. The filter of this water softening system is self-cleaning, and it spares you the need of cartridge replacement.

For medium-sized households, WaterBoss 700 will be the best possible option. It was especially designed to soften water for the whole house of an average family. Featuring the capacity of 22,000 grains it easily softens 70 grains per 1 gallon. About 18 minutes are required for it to get done with the regeneration process. For efficient regeneration, it also needs 2.5 pounds of salt and no more than 16 gallons of water. This system features a high-capacity built-in self-cleaning filter, and no cartridge replacement is ever required. Along with water softening function, it will filter dirt and provide you with the benefits of iron water filter so that sediments and ferrous iron in your water will be reduced up to a maximum of 10 ppm.

product_waterbossFor larger families, WaterBoss offers WaterBoss 900 model with its capacity being 36,400 grains. It’s also recommended for households dealing with very hard water. This unit softens about 90 grains per one gallon and is ultimately cost-effective. It will finish the regeneration process in only 20 minutes. Moreover, it also allows using less water and salt, requiring 14 gallons of water and 3 pounds of salt. Along with that this system will also work as an efficient water filter, reducing sediments and dirt amounts in your water and leaving no more than 10 ppm of ferrous iron. Safe and flawless operation of this water softener is secured with automatic shut-off and factory pre-installed bypass. The unit is programmable and easy-to-use. Due to high water-flow rates maintained by the unit, pressure drops, if any, will be hardly noticeable, no matter whether you take your shower or switch some large appliances.

waterboss365Another excellent choice for large families will be WaterBoss 365. The model features a high capacity of 36,400 grains along with compact design. As a result even if you do not have much space for a water softener you will be able to cope with softening of significant amounts of water. This unit will also do you a favor of water filtering, clearing your water from sediments and dust and reducing ferrous iron content up to 10 ppm. Sediments will be reduced to twenty nominal microns. Using WaterBoss 365, you will get softened 90 grains per gallon. With the use of 6 pounds of salt, the regeneration time of this softener is only 38 minutes.