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Morton Water Softeners

While Morton is generally known as the brand name for the popular and widely known table salt that some people may have been buying for a long time, that’s not all there is to this brand. Indeed, the salt aside, Morton is also a water softener manufacturer. Water softening systems by Morton are a good choice for anyone who are suffering from hard water in their apartments. We have prepared the Morton water softener reviews to help you consider the benefits of this brand.

While the water is a crucial necessity for humans, it can also contain impurities, such as calcium, magnesium, and other minerals. High level of such minerals increases the hardness of water. Hard water causes the clogging of pipes, dry skin, and other problems such as shortened lifespan of your clothes and your energy bills being increased by the lime scale.

Enhance Your Water Quality

Based on your household size, there are three Morton water softener types for you to choose. M20 is a model that’s ideal for small households. M27, MSD30D, M30 are all the suitable models for medium and large households. Finally, M34, MSD34C, and MSD45E are fitting for households of any size. As for these units, we will provide reviews in more details below

Best Morton Water Softener

Morton MSD34C Water Softener

Morton MSD34COne of the largest Morton water softeners, Morton MSD34C offers the big capacity of 34,000 grains. It is designed to work in any type of household. This softener is a must have if you must handle a very hard water in your apartment or simply have a large enough family.

The weight of MSD34C model is relatively large (91 pounds), as is its size of 18.2 x 13.2 x 48 inches. But for such size, it is able to produce a reasonable flow rate of 8 gpm. As your water usage is monitored by the system, it runs only when necessary, and furthermore is very efficient, using a salt-saving technology and removing from 2.6 (min) to 5.120 (max) grains per pound.

The installation of Morton MSD34C takes about half of a hour to complete according to the customers. An instruction for installation comes with the package.

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Morton M30 Water Softener

Morton M30 Water SoftenerWhen compared to the previous model, Morton M30 would be smaller in capacity and size, being able to remove up to 30,000 grain. It is a water softening system for the whole house that is ideal for medium or large households. Coming in dimensions of 20-5/8 x 17-1/4 x 42-3/4, it is slightly smaller than MSD34C model, weighing only 111 pounds and featuring a nice space saving design.

Similarly to other Morton water softener models, it employs a function that allows the softener to run the regeneration only when it’s absolutely necessary. It is known as Look Ahead technology. The Recharge Now and Recharge Tonight options still allow you to accommodate the system to situations when you expect to use larger amounts of water than usual. Another important feature of Morton water softeners present in M30 is its high efficiency during its operation, allowing to save as much as 50% of salt when compared to other softener brands.

There is a do-it-yourself kit included in the package. It contains necessary instructions & equipment you will need for installation of this softener.

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Morton MSD30D Water Softener

Morton MSD30D Water SoftenerDesigned for large households and families, MSD30D unit combines the capacity of 30,000 grains with a design compact enough to fit in the floor space of approximately 1.3 square feet. The Morton demand technology featured across all Morton models will allow you to use smaller amounts of detergent to wash your clothes. It will also help you to dispose of scale. Connecting to 3/4 inches copper plumbing, this water softener unit set has the installation kit included. This kit is simple enough for you to complete the installation by yourself.

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Benefits of Morton Water Softeners

Coming in single combined unit, Morton water softeners don’t have separated mineral tank and brine tank, which is useful for saving space. For those of you who don’t have much free space available, this certainly must be a great thing. These units are designed with Morton’s patented Look Ahead technology, allowing them to regenerate only at the time of necessity by analyzing your water usage. As this information is applied to your daily usage, and will be readjusted automatically each time your water usage experiences a sudden spike or drop. This will help you save salt, water, and money.

For all the Morton water softeners, the resin tank used for the ion exchange and regeneration is created from the fiberglass material, which ensures that the tank will be durable and long-lasting.

Other Products by Morton

Of course, Morton is most and foremost known for producing various types of salt, including softening salts, ice melters, culinary salts, etc. They are also known to produce whole house filtration systems. And once you have decided to buy a water softener system by Morton, and then you will also require purchasing some salt for it. With Morton supplying a wide range of salts, you will be sure to find the one you need.

System Saver II Pellets by Morton are useful for increasing the efficiency of your softener by cleaning it

Solar Salt Crystals by Morton contain no additives, making it another good option for water softeners.

Rust Remover Pellets by Morton are great to use with water that contains a high level of iron.

Potassium Chloride Pellets by Morton are useful in case you want to add more potassium while reducing sodium, making it a viable alternative to salt.

by Morton is a stronger type of salt. It is able to remove stains from clothes and the rust from pipes.