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Water Distillers

If you adhere to a healthy lifestyle and care a lot about the quality of your drinking water, you definitely can’t do without a high-quality water filter. Water distillers reveal some of the best results in water filtering and purification, efficiently removing most harmful substances, like heavy metals, arsenic, and sodium. Those ingenious devices are convenient in use and capable of providing you with the purest water. Their operation principle is quite simple and natural: the water is boiled, and the purified steam is then collected. As the steam condensates, your purified water is ready for use. Having analyzed multiple customers’ reviews we’ve selected three compact and high-quality water distillers with the best ratings for your attention.

Best water distillers

Waterwise 8800 Water Distiller Purifier

Waterwise 8800Waterwise 8800 Water Distiller Purifier features a lovely design and is made of high-quality materials with a stainless steel boiler. This device is programmable, so if you want to have ready purified water in the morning all that you need to do is to program it using its electronic monitor. Using it is ultimately convenient, just pour water into its boiler, turn the unit on and leave it. For the best purification results, the device utilizes both steam distillation and carbon filtration. A carafe included with the device may be kept in the refrigerator so that your purified water will be fresh and cool whenever you want it. You can also use this device as a portable water filter due to its compact design. It’s capable of distilling nearly 6 gallons per day.

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MegaHome Water Distiller

MegaHome Water DistillerMegaHome Water Distiller is yet another excellent distilling device. It features one-gallon capacity and gets done with distillation in 5.5 hours. The system is ultimately user-friendly, add one gallon of water to the boiling chamber and switch the device on. You needn’t worry when the distillation will be finished as this distiller will switch off automatically. This unit comes with one-year manufacturer guarantee, but you will hardly need it, as the device has been designed to be really durable. It’s made from the best materials featuring high-quality stainless steel condensing coils and high-grade glass. This unit is guaranteed to deliver the purest water with its CSA and UL certification. It’s rightfully deemed to be one of the best drinking water distillers.

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 Mini-Classic II Distiller

Mini-Classic II DistillerMini-Classic II Distiller is very much popular as a reliable and durable water distiller. Using it, you can be sure that your water won’t contact with plastic. The unit is made from the high-grade stainless steel and glass. For water purification, this device also makes use of a carbon filter. Its glass water collector is suitable for cooling in the refrigerator. Within 3.5 hours, it will distil 0.8 gallons and will turn off automatically as soon as it’s done with distillation.

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