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Rotadent PLUS toothbrush review

Rotadent is one of the alternate options to Oral-B and Sonicare products. Plus design was created already in 2010, nevertheless it is still marketed for the same cost compared with most recent high-end gadgets from Braun as well as Philips. Should you purchase it or not? Discover it in our guide following!We seldom create an evaluation of any kind of electrical toothbrush that is not made by Philips and also Braun. Could possibly Rotadent Plus break this pattern?



Rotadent PLUS Review

Plus is among the most well-liked Rotadent electric powered toothbrushes. Even though it is not as popular as Sonicare and OralB, it’s nevertheless advised by a lot of dentists all over the globe (many of them market them at the same time). Despite the fact that it was created at the end of 2010, it is continue to be offered for the similar cost (and even higher) as leading 2 products worldwide – Precision Black 7000 as well as DiamondClean. Yet is it as great or perhaps better? Discover it in our analysis.


  • Lifelong guaranty in selected instances
  • Trademarked microfilament brush tips
  • Clinically tested to minimize up to 92 Percent of tooth plaque as well as gingivitis
  • Three cleaning settings (delicate, orthodontic and regular care)
  • Traveling bag bundled in package
  • Timer


  • Negative ratings on
  • Over average cost
  • Louder as compared to most electric toothbrushes
  • High-priced brush heads
  • Out-of-date nickel metal hydride electric battery

We are encouraging healthy contest in each field and it would be excellent to find one more manufacturer stepping up as a serious competitor to Braun or Philips. Rotadent Plus provides effective cleaning expertise and plaque elimination, yet, unfortunately, it is lacking in quality. We have gone through all negative opinions (1 – 2 stars) on and number of disadvantages simply continues growing. Regretfully even having some excellent characteristics that might make Rotadent really competing to Sonicare or OralB high-end products, it is difficult to ignore the shortage of quality.


Most customers state it has a pretty limited lifespan and it can stop functioning after one to twelve months of use and it is one of the major issues.

List of downsides:

Caution! Guaranty is solely valid in case it is purchased right from the dentist so a lot of consumers have thrown away their funds for a toothbrush with brief life-span. Several consumers state brush heads quit functioning after 1 month or 2, which makes entire toothbrush worthless. Taking into account Rotadent brush heads are amongst the priciest of them all, it is an extra charge that will make it even more high-priced.

One more disadvantage is that retailer will not take returns when the package was previously opened. In case it is not enough, some users declare they were offered a fake replicate of Rotadent Plus, which has an even shorter lifespan.

From style factor, it appears to be excellent. How could not it, if its design is very much the same to Sonicare?

A further disadvantage is its battery. Provider says it’s brand-new and enhanced in comparison with versions from earlier designs; nevertheless it is not significantly better. Previous products had Nickel Cadmium battery and Plus includes Metal Hydride electric battery, which is also 10 degrees under lithium battery which are put to use by Sonicare as well as OralB toothbrushes.

How about the great things?

It is true that most consumers are not fully contented with Rotadent Plus toothbrush, yet there are a number of them who really adore it. In case you manage to come to be one of the fortunate few who do not have difficulties with it, you could feel exceptional cleaning performance. Numerous satisfied consumers have mentioned it has enhanced their gum health as well as whitened their smile in only couple weeks of usage.


When you compare Rotadent Plus to various electric toothbrushes in the same cost range, it could very well be a good fight, and however, it is not. Taking into account Plus is a four years old design as well as Rotadent still have not created an innovative and better model, we think there will hardly ever be one. In case you truly desire to get it, do not purchase it on the web since you will not have a guaranty.

Best Choices:

Here are two of the greatest alternate options from Philips and also Braun. To make it even more painful for Rotandent Plus, the two are less expensive: Philips Sonicare DiamondClean and OralB Precision Black 7000.