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Best Salt Free Water Softeners

Although you may have never used no-salt water softener systems before, you know what a descaler is for sure. You need one if your tap water is hard. Here, we will tell you about the advantages of these softeners and describe the best systems in this category for you to choose the best one.

It is known that hard water contains an increased level of magnesium and calcium that may affect not only your plumbing system and kitchen appliances but also your body. Forget about traditional salt based softener systems, and opt for one of the below-mentioned no-salt softeners.

 Top Rated Salt-Free Water Softeners


nuvoh2oreviews-31This system will protect your kitchen appliances as well as your body from the harmful impact of sodium that may be found in other softener systems. This saltless descaler has already won lots of positive reviews from many customers across the world.

This water softener system can soften about fifty thousand gallons of water, which is enough to be used by a small family during a year. The softening process involves utilizing of the chelation technology. In the result, the minerals contained in the hard water become soluble and don’t stick to each other.

The installation process is pretty easy. In the packaging, there is a booklet with detailed instructions. If you learn them carefully, you will install the system in less than sixty minutes.

Since the unit is salt-free, it is eco-friendly and requires almost no maintenance. After six months of use, you will have to replace cartridges.

It’s compact and reasonably priced.  The maintenance doesn’t cost much as well. Since it is salt-free, you have to buy only cartridges and no salt for it.

Although the system is highly efficient, your results will depend on how hard your water is.

Few users complained about some leaking issues. These may happen if you displace the gasket when installing the device. To make everything just right, make sure that you positioned it in place. All in all, this unit received the highest ratings among other salt-free descalers.

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Clearwave Electronic Water Softener

Clearwave Electronic Water Softener SystemThis system can be a good reasonably priced alternative to many regular salt based water softeners.

The descaler conditions water for the whole house. Its job is to send frequencies through the pipeline system to prevent mineral salt scaling. This softener system is a good purchase for the households where water has up to twenty-five grains of hardness.

Install the device on the main water line. Since the system emits electromagnetic impulses, be sure that there are no other emitting appliances within the distance of ten feet. Whether the pipe is plastic or copper, it doesn’t matter at all.

The unit doesn’t require much maintenance. To make it function, plug it in.

Take note that this system doesn’t soften the water. It only removes scale and buildup accumulated in pipes. Usually those models that make the water softer are available at a higher price.

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Aquios Full House Water Softener/Filtration System

Aquios Full House Water SoftenerThis all-in-one softener system is also among the top-rated salt-free water softener models. It conditions, filters, and removes scale, maintaining proper water flow.

It requires no maintenance and power supply. Only after every six months of use you will have to replace the cartridge that can treat about 40 thousand gallons of liquid.

The commercial strength technology introduced in this sleek and compact system eliminates sediment, chlorine, and other water impurities.

Another advantage of the device is a twenty-year warranty. Equipped with the carbon block filtration system it produces soft water for the whole house.

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PurHome Premier Saltless Softener PS-1000

PurHome Premier Saltless Softener PS-1000This unit comes with a bigger price tag than those mentioned earlier. However, it can treat about 600 thousand gallons of water. This softener is one of few models that have such a large capacity and can serve for more than five years.

Since it uses any salt or chemicals, it requires no maintenance and electricity and produces no waste water.

When conditioning the water, the system breaks down the macro-sized calcium particles into micro-sized ones, affecting the formation of scale.

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Advantages of Salt-Free Water Softeners

Since these units do not use any chemicals when running, they require less or almost no maintenance.

Most softener systems operate without electricity. Since they don’t produce any waste water with chemicals in it, they are considered to be eco-friendly devices.

If you are on a low-sodium diet, think about buying one of these systems because they reduce the content of sodium in the water people drink.

Since the units are saltless, there is no need to carry large bags of salt for them. Since these systems are compact, little space is required for their installation.

Are Saltless Water Softener System Effective?

These systems operate in a different manner than the salt-based ones. Installed in the place where the main water pipe enters the building these units send lots of electromagnetic pulses through the pipe system. The frequencies agitate molecules in the water, changing the crystal structure of calcium particles. This process prevents causing buildup.

Although these units don’t make the water softer indeed, they can prevent the damages caused by hard water. Even though they don’t eliminate minerals from the water, they do make them less adhesive to each other.