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Electric water flossers

If a person wants to keep his dental health in a good condition, he brushes his teeth minimum two times a day with one of the best-quality toothbrushes on today’s market. Such person will have a good fresh breath, and his teeth will look healthy and pearly as well, but when you pay a visit to your dentist, he will highlight those parts that still require even more delicate caring.

Do you follow the flossing procedure every day?

Any highly qualified dentist will inform his patient how necessary it is to floss his teeth at least once a day. It is essential to take a proper care of one’s oral hygiene as even the first rate toothbrushes cannot get to the hard-to-reach  spaces like those areas between one’s teeth and along gumline (while water flossers do reach them). These small areas seem to be insignificant, but it them that are the best places for bacteria and plaque to accumulate. In fact, the plaque accumulated between the teeth areas is a problem worse than the plaque on the teeth surface. The water flossers will match everybody’s needs, especially needs of those who wear bridges, crowns or implants or braces.

Water powered flossing model versus dental one. Which model to opt for?

Productivity: More than 30 medical studies have shown that a water floss model has higher productivity than a dental floss one. A water flosser will dispose you of more than 50 per cent of plaque on your teeth and does it in a way far more effective than any dental string.

Time-saving: One of the most usual factors that make us neglect proper teeth care is the lack of time. The time required for utilizing a dental string is around 3-5 mins, but it requires less time with a water-powered model. Flossing teeth should be done on a regular basis by everyone and become a good habit of everyone who cares for his teeth health.

  Simple to utilize: No one likes flossing, it’s as simple as that. The advantage of oral irrigators is a better user experience and easiness of use that make our habits improve.

Which one is the best?

The Braun and Philips brands are taking the leading position in today’s market of electric toothbrushes, and yet, Waterpik brand is reasonably considered to be the winner. Waterpik is a company with a reliable reputation, fifty years of experience and more than five hundred patents. Waterpik puts the quality of its products in the first place and constantly involves the world’s best technical innovations for their products manufacturing.

Waterpik Ultra


Those who seek the most reputable flossing model on the market might take into consideration Waterpik Ultra model that has been receiving only positive feedback from users so far. The model has over six hundred thousand reviews and testimonials and is a perfect option for those who want a top-quality model to take care of their dental hygiene and health. This device reduces the plague on one’s teeth by 93 per cent more than a string floss and cleans those hard-to-reach areas between one’s teeth. A string flossing procedure cannot produce such results. This model comprises 10 various water pressure fittings and matches the needs of everyone, even those whose teeth require extremely gentle cleaning.


A brief review:

  • The device has the most positive feedback amongst all flossers on Amazon
  • Reduces the plaque by 93% more efficient than any ordinary flosser (proven-in-use)
  • 1400 pulsations per minute
  • 10 various water pressure regimes
  • 6 tips included in package (2x Classic Jet, 1x Plaque Seeker, 1x Orthodontic, 1x Pick Pocket and 1x Toothbrush Tip)
  • Compact and comfortable design
  • To get more details and information about the price go on this page

Philips Sonicare Airfloss HX8211/02

Philips Sonicare HX8211/02 Airfloss electric water flosser review

Sonicare airfloss efficiency cannot be compared to the effectiveness of the previous model, but it has its advantages. The biggest benefit of this model is its portability, but apart from it the device is simple in utilizing and with the auto-burst regime the cleaning procedure can be completed within 30 sec. Airfloss operates with the help of pressurized air bursts and micro-droplets of water. This combo has shown to eliminate plaque between one’s teeth and along gum line 5 times more efficient than simple tooth brushing. The device operates using rechargeable lithium batteries that allow the device work without charging for 2 weeks. This makes this model a perfect option for traveling.


A brief review:

  • Simple in utilizing (one button operation system)
  • 5 times more sufficient for dealing with plaque between the teeth areas
  • Auto-burst option boosts the cleaning procedure to only 30 seconds
  • The device operates on lithium batteries
  • Improves the health of gums within 14 days
  • Not as messy as Waterpik
  • To get more details and information about the price go on this page.