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Waterpik Aquarius vs Waterpik Ultra

Since there are many different models of the Waterpik, it can be hard to know which one is right for you. We will go over the differences between the Aquarius and Ultra models–which features they have in common and which features set them apart. This article will also take a look at customer reviews and provide tips on how to choose your perfect model.

Waterpik Aquarius Water Flosser review

The Waterpik Aquarius Professional Water Flosser Designer Series is perfect for anyone looking for a way to floss that is both easy and more effective. Each purchase includes 10 pressure settings, making sure everyone can get the best version of water flossing possible. The pulsations per minute are also 1400, which make this device much better than string floss when it comes to cleaning teeth and supporting healthy gums and brighter teeth in just one minute a day. When you use this product you’ll be able to remove up to 99.9% of plaque from treated areas or 3X more effectively around braces. There are also six water flossing tips included with the device, so you can have a different one for each member of your family or team! The Waterpik Aquarius is now cordless and features an ergonomic handle that makes it easier to hold in addition to being lighter than its predecessor.


  • No batteries required; uses power from the included wall plug
  • Includes six (!) tips for different types of flossing or rinsing
  • Water capacity is 90 seconds and can provide up to 50 full water pressure treatments before needing a refill.

Waterpik Ultra Water Flosser review

The Waterpik Ultra Cordless Plus is an effective and comfortable way to give your mouth a deep cleaning. With 360 degree rotation tip for precision, the cordless design of the WP450 makes it easy to clean in small areas like back teeth or at difficult angles like when you are lying down on your side. There are four different tips that clean with specialized cleanings: classic jet tip sucks food particles from tooth surfaces, water-flossing tip removes stuck-on plaque between teeth and along gum line, orthodontic tip gently reaches around braces and other hard to get places of the mouth while features pulsing/massage mode for gentle cleansing during orthodontic treatment. Finally, there is a reservoir capacity of 45+ seconds, a water pressure control of 80-100 PSI, and seven different settings to ensure maximum comfort.


  • Cordless design with rechargeable battery pack included
  • Includes four tips for more customized cleaning options
  • Water capacity is 45 seconds and can provide up to 14 full uses before needing a refill.

Comparison of brands

Common Features of the Aquarius and Ultra


Both the Waterpik Ultra and Aquarius are designed to be used with a cord, which means it is best for people who have access to an electrical outlet. Both models offer variable speeds of pulsations per minute (PPM), allowing you choose how long each pulse lasts between 11-100 PPM.

The handles on both devices are ergonomically shaped in order to make them easier to hold while flossing your teeth or caring for braces/implants/etc. The handle also contains a water pressure control that lets you adjust the force at which the device delivers its jets of water into your mouth–this can help if different family members prefer higher or lower pressures than others do.

Pressure settings

Both the Waterpik Ultra and Aquarius are designed to be used with a cord, which means it is best for people who have access to an electrical outlet. Both models offer variable speeds of pulsations per minute (PPM), allowing you choose how long each pulse lasts between 11-100 PPM.


Interchangeable rotating tips

Both Waterpik Aquarius and Waterpik Ultra come with a standard tip. However, both units also have interchangeable tips that you can use to target specific areas of the mouth or for special purposes such as braces.


Both devices are made by Waterpik, one of the most reputable companies in oral care. The Aquarius has been around since 2002 and is still widely used today with an average user rating on Amazon at over four stars out of five.

The Ultra was released in 2014 but still maintains a high customer satisfaction rate too with many happy users returning for another purchase or recommending it to family members after testing it themselves.

Key Differences of the Aquarius and Ultra

Massage mode

The Waterpik Ultra has an additional massage mode which can be helpful for users who are looking to loosen plaque or stimulate the gums. The Aquarius does not have this feature but it is available on two other models in the range, making them excellent options too.

Both devices also come with a 30-second pressure control system that allows you to adjust how strong your water stream will be depending on if you’re trying to clean between teeth or get rid of stubborn stains that won’t budge.


The Waterpik Aquarius also has a built-in timer that beeps every 30 seconds to let you know if your time is up or not. This feature can help with ensuring that you’re brushing for the recommended two minutes, particularly useful when used in conjunction with the pressure control system.

In addition to this, both devices have been clinically proven to do an excellent job of plaque removal and gum health improvement without causing any damage to teeth or gums. All in all, they are solid products from a trusted company – it really does come down to personal preference!


Waterpik Aquarius has a streamlined design that is easy to use and looks good in any bathroom.

The Ultra, on the other hand, offers an ergonomic grip for easier handling which can be useful if you have arthritis or struggle with small movements due to pain.

There are also three color-coded rings included so you can customize your device depending on who’s using it – children shouldn’t share adult units after all! This makes it perfect for families where each member wants their own color code.

Both devices come with seven different tips including one classic jet tip (which isn’t interchangeable) that should meet most everyday needs while offering additional options like orthodontic treatment too.


Waterpik Aquarius is slightly more affordable than the Ultra. However, this does not mean that it isn’t a great product or less effective – some users may prefer to save money on their purchase while others will enjoy having an extra massage mode and ergonomic grip in addition to all of the other excellent features included with both devices.

Pros and cons of each model

Waterpik Ultra


  • Ergonomic grip
  • Massage mode
  • Pressure control system to adjust intensity of water stream from gentle cleaning all the way up to flossing power


  • No 30 second timer built in so you have to keep track yourself or rely on a wall clock.


Waterpik Aquarius


  • Less expensive
  • Two pressure options (pulse and stream)
  • Seven color options


  • Small reservoir tank holds only thirty seconds of water at a time (you must refill often) and sometimes can cause leakage if not handled properly.

Which one would we choose?

If you are on a budget and cannot afford the higher priced Waterpik Ultra then by all means go for the Aquarius. It functions as it should, is long lasting, and has some nice features. However if you can stretch your dollar to get an even more superior product we would recommend going with the new Waterpik Ultra model .


Which is better Waterpik Aquarius vs Ultra?

While both Waterpik models provide excellent flossing, many claim that the Aquarius is a better product. That said, it just depends on what you’re looking for in an oral irrigator!

If you want added features—including a third pressure setting and Bluetooth compatibility—the Ultra might be perfect for your needs. If all you’re after is a simple device to use at home or while traveling, then perhaps the basic design of the Aquaire will do perfectly well enough.

Regardless of which model suits your purposes best, though, each one comes with two types of tip so can certainly get nice clean teeth no matter where you go!

What is the difference between Waterpik Ultra and Platinum?

The Platinum model is a newer design, which will appeal to those who have been using the Waterpik Aquarius for some time and are now ready to upgrade.

However there doesn’t seem to be any major improvement in functionality or features with this latest version of the Ultra over what was available previously from Waterpik . It’s more an example of ‘the same but better!’

In addition, it comes with Bluetooth connectivity so you can monitor your progress via smartphone app as well as a handy travel case that doubles as a convenient charger when you’re on the go.

The Platinum also has three pressure settings (seven total) vs two on older models like Aquaire and Aquarius , including massage mode for your gums, and a thirty-second water tank.

Where are Waterpik products made?

All Waterpik products are made in the US, with a focus on quality design and safety.

Do Dentists recommend Waterpik?

Yes, many consider Waterpik to be the best product for oral care . It is recommended by dentists everywhere including Dr. Wendy (our Dentist!)


If you’re still wondering which water flosser to buy, we have a few thoughts for you. The Waterpik Aquarius is the more affordable choice with its lower price tag and fewer features than the Ultra model. But if it seems like your teeth are in need of some serious dental care, consider investing in the Ultra so there’s no chance that plaque can build up around them or cause gum disease. You’ll be able to get every nook and cranny clean without breaking out your toothbrush! Whichever one suits you best, just know that they both serve as an excellent way to keep your smile looking good enough to eat cookies off of (or whatever).