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What is better to buy a water softener or rent?

water softener or rentThere exist many problems, homeowners face with and hard water that runs from the tap is one of them. Hard water causes problems to such equipment as washing machines, dishwashers, water heaters and many others, it simply makes their life shorter. And you are capable of replacing the machine with a new one or repair the old one, which in both situations means – spending money. Consequently, people start thinking of avoiding this problem in any possible way and the best among all is to use a water softener. It is easy to find it everywhere, it is not expensive, shows good results and therefore it is so popular among customers. But though it is so widespread, there are options where you can rent a water softener instead of buying. There are many dealers, who propose such deals.

Therefore, the only question that arises is the following –What is better: buying or renting?

The pluses and minuses of purchasing and renting deals will be described below. But one should say that the decision always depends on each and every person. And a lot of factors should be considered, for instance: number of people living in the house, type of property, its size etc. Therefore, there is no equal solution for everyone. But the only idea that is clear and exact is that – buying and using a water softener reduces your expenses on repairing and maintaining issues caused by hard water. If to be precise, every month you will save about 100 dollars (you can easily spend them for something more necessary). Finally, it is obvious that having a water softener is a must as thanks to its benefits and results it will make your life more comfortable, and doesn’t matter if you rent it or buy.

Advantages and disadvantages of renting

Let’s start with discussing the advantages of renting a water softener:

ProsFirst of all if you are renting an apartment and you are not sure how long you will stay there, of course, the renting option looks much better and attractive. When you decide to rent a water softener, you always have a possibility to give up this idea without explaining the reasons and moreover without losing the money if the local or national laws have changed. Whereas if you bought it, there is no way back. Perhaps that’s why many people opt for the renting solution.

ProsThe second reason why people prefer to rent instead of buying is- the financial side. It is .understandable that renting is cheaper. Let’s look at an example: the approximate sum for the water softener is about 1000 dollars and not for all people it is affordable. On the contrary, it is much easier to divide this sum of money into months, and as a result it will be much lower. Plus having not enough knowledge about the system, the person can easily make a mistake by choosing the wrong one – waste money and, therefore, regret it. Because of this situation, a lot of companies started proposing to have trial offers, so people have a chance to try and test it and decide if it suits them or not. By proposing a few variants, they, of course, attract consumers and potential buyers. And looks like it is a positive alternative for both sides.

ProsThe third plus – is that you can find an installation of the water softener system for free. It can be included in the rent (then it might be a little higher) or companies propose this service for free. But in most cases they, of course, charge for it and the cost/fee depends on each company individually. But doing it once, you will not have to do it again. Plus you should pay some extra money for the salt, to make the device work. Which way is better – it is up to you.

ProsYet another advantage – all the problems connected with the rental, will be solved by the company, without charging any money as it is not your equipment. When signing the agreement, you will see that the majority of companies DO include repairing, maintenance or replacement. Therefore, you will not have to worry about anything, as all the costs will be covered by the rental supplier/company.

Advantages of buying a water softener

prosSpeaking about homeowners, of course, it is better to pay once some even big sum of money rather than cut it into months. The concept is – the longer you use the water softener system, the more financially profitable it will be for you. Yes, at first the cost may seem too big, but with the years, you will actually see that you saved a lot of money.

prosComparing it with renting option, if something happens, then you will have to solve the problem as it is your appliance hence your responsibility. This may include maintenance, repairing, replacement of some parts etc. Though some companies give and guarantee the warranty. And if the warranty isn’t over, all the issues will be covered by the company according to the agreement. For this, you need to make a research and find the best company/supplier, where the conditions will satisfy both sides (it will not take much time). It is better to not risk and be tempted by cheap water softeners as the result might be disastrous. Spare no expense for a proper water softener and you will be happy with it for many years. That’s what is always recommended.

prosThe companies DO perfectly understand the fee people pay for such services and, therefore, propose a variety of perks and benefits, for instance: free salt delivery right to the door of your house, free installation, warranty etc. It shows their attention and care about the customer. In terms of short rental, all these “surprises” don’t seem tempting and attractive. But nevertheless with the years all these benefits will result in a good capital saving.

prosWhen you purchase a water softener appliance, you are 100% sure that it is new, whereas in case with renting it goes from one person to another and that resembles second hand (will be a need to repair it frequently – costs money and time). Whereas your new advanced system will show its great performance during the years with a huge variety of softeners that you can personally choose. In case, if one day you will wish to sell your house, don’t forget that the water softener system is installed and, therefore, the house should cost more than the ones that don’t have such an advantage. In the area where the water is hard, the customers always pay attention to such details, consequently you have more chances for the house to be sold.